Random thoughts that just wont go away…..

Scooter is doing marvelous with the ‘shoeless’ technique the farrier has been using on his hooves. I am very happy with the results! 

Sometimes Scooter seems like the only one who is glad I am around, even if I do not have food, he is still happy to just see me.

Lets just say, if I ever had to choose between him and people who arent my children……

You know who’d come out on the losing end.

I think each time I treat our pool, I slightly poison myself.

Because after I add those chlorine tabs into the little floaty thing that swims around the pool and into the filter thingy attached to the pump, I get a bleach smelling stinging sensation in my nose that lasts for a few hours. Probably not good for me, eh?

But damn, my pool is sparkling clean!

After swimming my 50 laps around our pool, I come inside and run 25 times thru the house while playing with Marvin, I burn off MUCHO calories.

When it is my turn to play with Marvin, I meant.

I want to sell my rings and buy a new horse. I am sure hubs would freak if I mentioned it. The price they’d bring would buy me a very nice trail horse…

My mother-in-law gave me her wedding ring set because she can no longer wear it due to her rheumatoid arthritis. I’ll keep her set until I croak or am ready to pass it on to some family member.

The platinum set is probably worth more than my car, which isnt a cheap one. Im half scared to wear it out in public.

Oh well, I’ll never sell my original ones because it’d probably hurt hubs feelings.

My new addiction. This vitamin enhanced water rocks. It is loaded with really good stuff including vitamin B6 and B12.

I can skip that 3rd cup of coffee in the morning if I drink a 16 oz of this delicious water.

The weather this summer in Oklahoma is the strangest I have ever witnessed. This time last year we were in the hundreds and tired of the heat.

I should email Al Gore and see what he’s got to say about it. Oh, he probably doesnt have time for my inane questions. He’s too busy bailing out his drug addict son from the jailhouse…….


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20 responses to “Randoms

  1. Propel water ROCKS! I like the grape, orange and peach flavors best. Did you know that you can buy the lemon flavor (and I think the berry, but I like the lemon) in the little packets that you can add to a regular bottle of water? They taste -almost- like the already made kind. I keep the packets around here all the time for when I don’t have any of the regular kind in the house!

  2. Both my horses always seem glad to see me. Isn’t it great?

  3. Ya, I thjink that smell in your nose isn’t good even if your pool is clean. Oh ya, maybe you should tell Gore to duck next time you mention him! lol

  4. btw, I could easily sell my wedding rings if it would get me a horse I wanted! poor Dave……..

  5. Rebecca

    Cherish the rings even if the marriage isn’t cherished at the moment….Take it from em the loner!

    Spend more time somehow with scooter. Pets are awesome. So much better than humans at times. REALLY—HONEST—I MEAN IT!!!!

  6. barbara

    HI there, thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed your musings! My daughter currently is interested in horses and I guess we will both take some riding lessons soon. She is 7.
    My pool is currently green…long story of broken pumps and such!
    Keep the rings 🙂 just my opinion. Take it from a lonely widow.
    The weather here in texas has been great also, just a bit too much rain I think

  7. Oh by the way I am texasgal…

  8. We bought some plant based pool purifiers and cleaners, it still keeps it clean but is suppose to be more natural. We had to have that with Braden…major downside is of course expensive.

  9. Wow awesome pic
    Whether cloudy or bright
    simply breathtaking – day or night

  10. Aniin BG,

    Let me know if you want a loan instead of hocking your rings. I mean, gold is forever. 🙂 Still, I can see how a horse would be very tempting.

    Not much else today, other than… it’s WEDNESDAY!!!!

  11. sighs… i wish I had a pool, and some time to go riding, or swimming during the day. have you tried wearing a mask while you put the tablets in the pool?

    Yea, that is a gorgeous picture of Oklahoma, even though it may rain. I miss rain.

  12. Gorgeous pictures as always—I wish I had a pool in but I know the upkeep involved and that often has me rethinking things.

    Our animals are our best friends—they are always around for us and never judge us.

    Enjoy your week.

  13. Yup – every time I clean my bathroom with Clorox Clean-up and then smell bleach for the rest of the day, I wonder about the poisoning too…but….I’d rather have that than some nasty germs, you know?

    Great photos….I love the horse shot…the green and the brown together are gorgeous.

  14. As a widow, rings have great value to me. I would only sell to feed the kids, or keep the one grandchild in college another year. Been lucky so far ! But, it is a personal choice, what’s right for some, is not for others. I’d be more worried about hurting Scooters feelings than hubs, tho. A six pack, new Victoria’s secret outfit and a ballgame, hubs probably let you sell his soul !
    The pics are really great…as always. I’ve never seen you post a photo that wasn’t fantastic …please tell me that you do have bad hair days like other mortals ??? 😛

  15. today was one crazy day. too busy. I appreciate all the comments. Tomorrow, I hope I can be around to visit!

  16. That last photo is beautiful.

    The bleach smell is definately bad for you. Protect your nose! I have almost no sense of smell due to bleach. When I lived in an apartment building my apt. was right by the washers and dryers. One lady would use a lot of bleach with all her loads, and the scent was very strong in my apt. Ever since living there, I can hardly smell at all.

  17. I agree that your last photo is awesome!

    I would keep the rings. They sound gorgeous. You’ll find another way to get your trail horse.

    You did inspire me to take some horse time. I’ve taken Skipper without Summer to the other pasture, lunged him and then ridden him on a walk through the woods where he can’t hear his sister calling.

    Just being in the woods is a tranquilizer.

    I love the picture of Marvin with the cat following right after him. They look like good buddies!

  18. i love your pics 🙂 Video up of my house on my blog….chapter 2 coming tomorrow afternoon 🙂 have a nice night:)

  19. I heard a report that global warming is bringing about flooding as it melts the polar ice caps and that we’re due for a mini Ice Age…..

    I call dibs on the wooly mammoth burger!

  20. The ring thing would be a hard decision for me.
    The Bleach smell is a problem! I took the kids to a water park last weekend and the water had a strong chlorine smell. By the time we left, my little guy was hurting! His whole face hurt him.
    Take care of yourself…

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