Worm Burgers

The Bug-Man came. We havent had any problems with bugs but I believe in prevention.

The guy that came was not our usual Orkin Man. I am not sure how well I liked this new guy’s services. I’ll let you know…

Wee One is easily entertained with Bubba’s fishing bait (earthworms).

The worms have since been ‘saved‘ from Wee One torture. We let them go in the back yard in the ‘worm garden’ to use the next time Bubba goes fishing.


maybe I get the urge to cook Earthwormburgers . 

He has no qualms about touching them with his fingers. eww

This is where Marvin lays when I am on the computer. Since I banished him from on top of the desk, hes had to find a new spot so he can be by me.

The other evening, Wee One and I came home from town the long way. Scooter was out in the back 40 of his pasture.

We whistled and he was suprised to see us.



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20 responses to “Worm Burgers

  1. Oh, gross!!! Earthwormburgers?!!!

  2. Yum, yum. Protein! Hey, if it’s good enough for fish, it should be good enough for us. 😛

    That Marvin is one handsome fella. As is Scooter and Wee One and son #1 and hubbs.

    Love you. 😀

  3. Kat

    When my daughter was little she loved to go fishing with my mother and step dad. She had to kiss EVERY meal worm goodbye before they could use it…and then she would kiss the fish before they were thrown back in (A MUST!! no exceptions…we fished for sport only..and visitation) The pics are so cute!!!

  4. Not even going to look at wormburgers. Trusting I will never have to resort to eating worms. no matter how “succulent” they may seem.

    I love the pool floats behind wee one. I would love a day by the pool or at the beach, alone!!!! 😉

  5. Ewwe, wormburgers….It is not so much imaging the taste that is getting me down – it is the smell. I’m not sure why..

  6. Yuck for the wormburgers—The Wee One always brings a smile to my face—Thank you for sjaring such a special one with us.
    Enjoy your day.

  7. Well if he were a tweetie bird
    mamma bird would be telling him
    “the early bird catches the worm” – lol!

  8. Ewww worms,yuck.
    I love Marvin’s fuzzy head…

  9. pavel-haha want one?

    brian-eww. would you eat a wormburger?

    kat-awww, she sounds like a sweetie

    memsahib-you and me both-ick

    giveitatry-Im sure the smell is nasty. ew


    Q9-haha, I wouldnt dare, Wee One is sometimes willing to try new foods!

    lael-Marv’s been a pain today, wants to play, he usually just sleeps and eats (a lot) but today hes been following me with that stupid string..

  10. Rebecca

    You see Marvin loves you!!!! I’m glad he’s with you!

    Wee one looks a bit too excited for me on the worm aspect!


    Or should I say, I am glad that they are at your house and not mine, although my kitties would have some fun with them.

  11. is the countryside greener than usual?

  12. That second photo cracked me up!

  13. Back when I was a wee one, my parents had a small boat that they’d take on the lake. I used to sit under the bow and play with the bait…aka worms.

  14. EEeewwwW is right! My face is all scrunched up. Glad you had to rescue them and not me.

    What is it about kitties and the puter. Mine has to be in my lap if she can’t be on the keyboard. Geez!

  15. Your grass is as tall as mine in the backyard. Just like my dog Reagan, Scooter looks like he could disappear into the grassy greens.

    So could Al Gore’s son.

  16. rebecca-yep. Marv likes me and only me 🙂

    pamela-weve had a lot of rain, so I guess so. I live in a fairly green/hilly part of OK but I can take a short drive and see praire for miles and miles.

    momto3cubs-easy entertainment for Wee!

    dhw-do you still like worms as an adult?

    risingrainbow-lol, I just threw them, dirt and all under the board that covers the ‘wormfarm’ out back. If the worms were smart, they’d move from here!

    ewbl-lol, Reagan thinks he in his own private jungle! Al Gore’s offspring would probably be cultivating pot if he lived out in OK, it’s our states #1 cashcrop

  17. WOW green! Yuck worms! Awwwww Marvin loves you.

  18. Not too many things that grosses me out but big fat earthworms are one of them! Ack!!!!!!! I have given up fishing as I don’t like baiting the hook, the poor squirmy things are probably screaming in worm language.

  19. celeste-yep, were green 🙂

    MM-omg, screaming in worm lingo-ack!

  20. Earthworm burgers – so weird you brought this up….I was at the grocery store and for some reason this topic came up between me and the check-out person. (Her son had just gone to play at a friend’s house and his friend’s mom made them – strict vegans or something…..I don’t think I could eat it).

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