A Message From Mother Nature

The atmosphere prime for mayhem.

The sky pressed down like an anvil-dark and ominous. Violence raging high in the heavens above.

The air was still, as if the day was holding it’s breath in anticipation of what was to soon come.

Dead calm across the plains. A hot, humid, heavy feeling.

The building drumroll of thunder. A flash of jagged lightening ripped across the horizon.


Mother Earth reminding us of who is really in charge…




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11 responses to “A Message From Mother Nature

  1. Aniin BG,

    Beautiful and stunning picture. Wonderful poem to go along with it.

  2. Beautiful—that says it all.

  3. katie

    Very powerful.. and beautiful! Now, if the rain would just stop! 🙂

  4. well said, well said.

    (ps. I saw a rice krispies commercial today and I could have sworn it was wee one)

  5. I love it when She does that.

  6. Beautiful poem and picture. Did you take that picture? It’s so beautiful.

    I’m out of town until tomorrow afternoon. I will post tomorrow when I get home. Have a nice day!! I’m going to Tahlequah for a Partay!!!

  7. Wow, I loved that photo! The poem is good, too. Send some of that rain this way!! Then I won’t have to wash my car!!

  8. Yeah….send rain here, too. Puhleeeeeze !
    I would sell my granny to have that photo in a large frame. The words say it all.
    I should have stopped with WOW !

  9. Barngoddesss: Two girls were talking excitedly in a restaurant and I couldn’t help but overhear their discussion about rain. But then the other girl said she volunteers at an animal shelter and 16 Cats were adopted in 3 hours! :)!!!

  10. SailorMoon

    Mother Nature is definitely in charge and has made that very clear this summer. What strange weather we have had. Most evenings I turn my window a/cs off for the night at 10pm. Not a usual event for summers in Dallas!!

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