Arrests Made In Connection To Jarret Clark’s Death


This gelding is beautiful. I wish he’d come and live with me and Scooter. Scooter might not think this paint is gorgeous but I certainly do!

I check my blog stats about once a week or so.

Earlier today I glanced at my stats to see who google was sending my way.

Blog Stats:

Total Views: 34,398

Best Day Ever: 444


Posts: 542

Comments: 6,254

Sometimes the name BarnGoddess, can send over some freaks but none this week-yipeee.

The majority of the traffic was for these posts:

 Jarret Clark,Beaten & Missing

Jarret Clark’s Body Found

Justice For Jarret Clark

There have been 2 arrests and another arrest warrant waiting for a 3rd man.

Jarret Clark was found dead at Fort Gibson Lake 1 week after his high school graduation last summer. Foul play is suspected, but has never been proven, now authorities have made two arrests in connection with his death, and are looking for a third person. All three men failed to show up for court ordered questioning. 

Authorities arrested 19-year-old Jason Maples and 23-year-old Anthony Wallen for failure to appear before the multi-county grand jury on Thursday. The court had ordered them there for questioning. Clark’s parents believe those men are trying to hide from the truth, something they say they’ve known all along.

“It tells me they’ve got something to hide, in my experience,” Johnny Cannon, Wagoner County Sheriff said.

Cannon says there wasn’t enough evidence in the initial investigation to charge anyone with a crime. But now maybe there will be.

“Obviously if they’ve got something to hide, not everything was discovered during the investigation, somebody’s not telling the truth during the initial investigations.” “And like I said somebody’s got something to hide, not only one person but many,” said Cannon.

Meanwhile they’re still looking for another man who never showed up to court, 19-year-old Brandon Hargrove.

Where is Brandon Hargrove and why is he hiding if he is not guilty of a crime?

In fact, if everyone involved the night of Jarret Clark’s murder is as innocent as they claim, why did 3 of them hide instead of testify in front of the grand Jury?

Their actions speak volumes. I hope this case is bound over for a murder trial.

I believe the Sheriff is on the right road to solving this crime and to a conviction.

I was beginning to wonder there for awhile what was taking Sheriff Cannon so long.

 I have to remind myself occasionally, the wheels of Justice turn very, very slowly.


Justice for Jarret Clark!


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12 responses to “Arrests Made In Connection To Jarret Clark’s Death

  1. I hate to say that doesn’t surprise me that “barngoddess” might send some kooks your way! Not that I think there’s anything wrong with it (bg), but that there are just so darn many kooks in the world looking for whatever it is they’re looking for.

  2. lol BarnGoddess,
    looks like you still enjoy wide open spaces out your way, so is this fella just across the road?

    Sorry, don’t know about the other story
    Here in Cambridge we’ve got another beautiful sunshine day
    Though the rest of England seems to be brazing themselves for yet more rain and floods.

  3. thats one murder I don’t recall reading about.

    as for Barn Goddess… no wonder you don’t get more kooks. I read that some of the farms in Denmark (I think) are making money ‘renting’ their animals to other european travelers, coming from countries that still have laws against renting.

    Plus, you see it all the time in the newspaper. last year there was a guy who died of internal injuries after courting a horse in a small town (close to where I was a child) in the Seattle area.

    I tried to use nice words to describe a despicable practice

  4. you are one popular chick!!! And I have been wondering why the 3 men/boys went into hiding as well. Very suspicious….

  5. Rebecca

    I hope Justice finds herself and quickly.

  6. I’m afraid I haven’t heard about this either, but I do know that justice is sometimes swift, but more often than not it’s slow.

    That is a very beautiful horse!

  7. They do turn slowly but I prefer slow and methodical to the joke the OJ case turned out to be…

  8. Hope justice is served as well.

  9. I started coming here for barngoddess’s crime and missing children stories before I hardly knew what a blog was. Let alone, had my own. I like the way Barngoddess writes and she always had an interesting take on what was happening.

    Your numbers don’t surprise me. You do a really good job with your blog.

  10. Barngoddess,

    It sounds like you were correct with your initial suspicion.

    I hope there are answers soon.

  11. Sounds a bit fishy to me. The guilty ususally hide.

  12. Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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