Before bedtime last night, Wee One and the kittys were playing in the Sponge Bob tent. We all went to bed. I just left the tent out because I was too tired to care and Wee One was asleep in his bed, didnt want to disturb him.

About 1am, both cats woke me up, they were so loud: running, jumping, wrestling in/out of the tent.

I was ready to choke both of them.

Marvin was awake most of the day, he usually sleeps good at night, I have no idea why he was awake. Kitty on the otherhand, she sleeps all day, then wants to rough-house at night. She better quit or she’s gonna be finding herself a new home.

I need my sleep. I get very little at it is. 

We had thunderstorms with tons of rain yesterday afternoon. More chances of t-storms again today. It is hot and humid, it feels like a sauna outside.

I am thankful for my central AC.

Son #1 gets enrolled in school a week from today. He has already started football practice.

It is hard to believe the summer is almost over. Since we had such crappy weather for 1 and a 1/2 months, it feels like we havent had much of a summer at all.

My friend Russell invited us out to the ranch to see all the babies they have had this year.

So many horses!

They are all fat and happy. I did not want to leave.



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27 responses to “Monday

  1. Those are great pictures. I have troubles sleeping through the night myself. I go to sleep quickly, but from 2 AM on, it’s just a few catnaps if I’m lucky, and I seem to be totally wide-awake at 4.

  2. Kat

    Again..I love the pics on your posts!! I can relate to the cats at night…the two I have used to run across my face when they were playing/fighting at night…LOL

  3. My 2 boys( cats) sound like a herd of elephants at night.Half the time the little dog wants to get in on the “cat crazies” but can’t, because she can’t get off my bed. I should trade them all in on a horse. 🙂

  4. donna-me too. Im the last to bed, the first to wake up.

    kat-thnx. Luckily, my cats stay off the bed, or else, I’d probably get the same treatment as you.

    magz-haha, Ive had some horses that if not put in at night, will run and run, and carry on like a bunch of youngsters in the dark, young ones who see things then spook eachother-crazy!

  5. Aniin BG, the water bottle squirter works wonders on cats. Diane always complains that I sleep through all the ruckus anyway. I went to bed at 6:30 last night, very tired.

    Been very busy at work. A full moon Monday!!! Yikes! Very hot and muggy, no rain yesterday, better chances this week.

    Other than that… I will be posting a poetry meme on Thursday revealing eight things about me. 😀

  6. yea, loud cats at night are a pain… lock them in a closet somewhere.

    wonder what his feed bill is? yikes! How many times can I say that I miss rain?

  7. Barngoddess: I am always in awe of your photography here! Especially the Cats who caused some commotion and of course, your beautiful horse and those of your friend on his ranch! Have a nice weekk!

  8. Sorry about kitty keeping you up. Especially since your “wee one” has to keep you awfully busy during the day.

    We are lucky. Our cats wait until morning before scratching our bedroom door and yelling for breakfast.

  9. Oh, how I want to be fat and happy right now too, instead of just fat.

    It rained yesterday, it’s supposed to rain today….and tomorrow…and well, you know.

  10. brian-Marvin loves the water, I have to lock him out of the bathroom when Wee One takes a bubble bath

    memsahib-Im sure the ranch has a HUGE feed bill but they also have over a thousand acres and they bale their own hay…


    jolynna-yes, Wee One doesnt give me much opportunity to ‘rest’.

    ewbl-me too!

  11. I love the pic with all the horsies! I need to print it and frame it:) I love horsies!!!! Have you seen the new, yet dorky, special k commerical? Wee One is much, much cuter than that kid and should have done the commercial:)

  12. I, too, am in a bit of a daze over the fact that school is fast approaching. Although for some reason we’re actually starting AFTER LABOR DAY! Can you believe it? Or maybe you can… But for years our schools have been starting in August.

    What fun to be able to go to visit that ranch. Darling and I are planning such an escape here soon…

  13. Rebecca

    Kitties think that you bought them a new house!!! Yeaah!

    Sorry they got your up, but i’m glad they were at least exploring and having some fun….


  14. rofl!!! I loved the pic of the two cats; they look like children playing and trying to be sneaky and they’re keeping you up! That’s what my children do to me, anyways…

  15. Most cats are Naucturnal (sp? wrong right?). My brothers 4 cats all they did was run amuck (sp? wrong right?) through out the night. That’s why Kitties and me do not get along. My dogs can been kenneled all day have 30 minutes to play and when it’s time to sleep they sleep….

    I love your pics though precious kitties and pretty horsies.

    My pics are up now…blogger shitted on my last post…humph…

  16. We do not start school until the beginning of September, please please don’t tell me that summer is almost over.. I wait far to long:)

  17. Yeah, last month I was out in Southern Spain, where they have a round up of all the ‘wild’ mares, numbering in the tens of thousands, who live on the Marsh.
    They are said to be the original horses which they took to America in Christopher Columbus’ day, and from which may american horse is descended

    Beautiful sight!

  18. Wow, that last photo just takes me away!

  19. I agree that bought of continous rain made the summer seem shorter.

  20. rach-Ill have to check out that commercial!

    dhw-Im jealous, we start school 3rd week in Aug. this year it’s even earlier 😦

    rebecca-miss kitty had better shape up or else shes gonna find herself living out in the barn

    pavel-not your kiddos, they look so sweet and non-trouble causing!

    bc26-yep, Elvis never kept me up at night, unless he was growling at something that was creeping about

    hope-Im jealous…and your right, your winter lasts way to long

    Q9-wow! for real? I would LOVE to see that. Did you get pics?

    momto3cubs-lots of ’em

    kelli-yes, since it rained so much we havent been able to do anything fun.

  21. Busy as ever, I see. We’re fighting the dreaded “fleas” on our cats. I’d rather she kept me up at night.

  22. wonderful pictures BG! Love the kitty peeking out of the tent! Mine sometimes have a race at night right across my face but they are too quick for me to swat their little be-hinds!

  23. Hi BarnGoddess.
    Best I could find
    Roundup of Mares
    Doesn’t really do it justice, but you get a taste of it.

    In the fiestas del Rocio over 100,000 horses and riders from Andalucia, gather every summer

  24. wow I really love the pictures with all the horses. They look so strong, so elegant, yet so in peace..

  25. I rushed over here as fast as I could only to find…’s still Monday?

    Don’t you know what The Mammas And The Pappas have to say about Monday? “Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day…”

  26. I posted a picture of my midnight marauder (my darn cat) who wakes me and keeps me from my beauty sleep.

    awwwww those colts are so cute. I regret never having been part of a horses life, except to feed apples to the ones down the street. Hey?? Do owners get miffed when we do things like that?

  27. You said it. They “look” sweet an non trouble causing.

    Hey, you haven’t posted in days; that’s so unlike you. Hope you’re okay!

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