Are These My Kids?

 Are these my boys?

They have been so well behaved I am suspecting their little bodies were taken over by aliens.

We left early yesterday morning for the Tulsa Zoo.

We arrived as they were opening at 9am. We picked out the biggest shady tree and parked under it.

Wee One was entralled with the sharks. 

It is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel this week, Wee One and his brother have both been tuned in.

Both boys were so well behaved, I was starting to worry.

They were perfectly behaved the entire time: in the car, at the Zoo, everywhere.

I am at a loss. My boys do not normally act like that.

Maybe it was the heat……

I told them I appreciated their good behavior very much and let them each pick out something reasonably priced at the Gift Shop.

It was hot. 96% humidity, it felt like over 100 degrees.

All I could think about was jumping in the pool at home while I was constantly wiping my brow.

Sweating sucks,I’m not prone to sweating easily.

I looked around at all the other people and they were sweating too.

That made me feel better.

Enough about sweat.

We made a couple of train rides to make Wee One happy and get a breeze in our faces.

On the way home I stopped at the boys favorite place.

No BigMac for me. Too hot.


Things are busy around here. School starts on the 16th, we are preparing for Bubba’s 8th grade year to start.

We received our 3rd denial from preschool because of being over-income. So right now, it looks like Wee One isnt going to school. I am so frustrated about it I cant see straight. It will take every ounce of will-power for me not to assault the next food stamp person I see in the grocery store. Sweeping unfair generalization, maybe. But, I know a great deal more people who scam the govt’ for everything they can get than people who actually deserve and receive assistance. 

I’ll be around to visit soon!



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23 responses to “Are These My Kids?

  1. My son in law was telling me yesterday about one of his employees trying to get his kid into preschool and being refused because he makes too much money. It makes no sense, especially in a state where the property owners pay a school tax.

    I’m glad you had such a good time at the zoo.

  2. Aniin BG,

    I’ll start at the end. I cannot understand why Wee One can’t get in. It makes no sense to deny a child based solely on income.

    The zoo in the heat could have been no fun, but your young men are quite handsome. Glad you had a great time. 😀

  3. How frustrating it must be to have your child unable to start school! The school’s policy doesn’t make sense to me either.

    Zoos are fun. It’s too bad about the heat. But, Wee Ones smile says it all. He looks so happy!

  4. Rebecca

    Sorry about preschool. Our double standards when it comes to income and thos who ACTUALLY work…do suck!!!!!

    The zoo looks like fun..i could have come along!

  5. Oh! Oh! Oh! The zoo is one of my most favoritist (I doubt that’s a word!) place to spend the day. It’s one of the things I miss since moving up here. When we lived a little farther south I went to the zoo at least once a month if not more! Your boys are adorable.

    As for the school thing…. sigh! I understand your frustration entirely. People who work and try to do what’s right seem to have a HUGE problem getting any help, while lazy people who just want to lay around get things handed to them. Yes, I know it’s a generalization, but I’m currently trying to get money to go back to school and it just seems like you are punished if you work…..

  6. Oh sure – they are sweet angels today, but wait until tomorrow!!! (at least, that is how my kids do it – good for one day and make me fall into an assumption of how wonderful they are and then BAM – horror pills the next day)

  7. I’m with you, BG! It’s almost “strange” when they behave. You wonder if something is wrong…

    Wee one is very cute sitting on that turtle with his big bro…

  8. I agree with Astaryth, the ones that work in this life are denied things that people that sit on their behinds get for free. I don’t usually get very political but this really annoys me in this country!

    Glad you had such a great time at the zoo!! Have the ‘real’ Wee One and Bubba returned yet? heehee!

  9. They look like great kids who have mastered the art of having FUN! Especially Wee One!! Very fun togo back and notice how everything is with a smile. I’m telling you, these photos will bring you years of Joy! 🙂

  10. jenny-crazy isnt it?

    brian-some laws suck

    jolyanna-I never thought we’d get denied b/c of our income. That is ridiculous, we certainly arent wealthy

    rebecca-you could have went to the zoo w/ us, you’d have fun! your right about the double standards-grrrr

    astaryth-right on. The govt is screwed up. I hope you get your school$. The Elephants were out and moving around, Wee loved watching them.

    karmynR-so far so good, but Im not holding my breath!

    pavel-on/off behavior switch, maybe?

    MMom-woot! did I see you getting riled? Ive never heard a rant from you but I think you could have easily slipped into one 🙂


  11. sounds like you had a great day at the zoo. Your boys are handsome. Sorry about the preschool. Hang in there!

  12. When we went to that zoo last year the majority of the enclosures were empty. My daughter was very disappointed and my husband was pissed. Hopefully they had things fixed for you all..

  13. The zoo looked like fun. sorry about the pre-school. makes no sense to me.

    Glad the boys were good!!

  14. Looks like a fun day.
    I am with you on the preschool thing, unfortunately the onyl way we got Brae in was his health problems, then when we are there I am meeting people and I know they have more money, and so this lady lets it slip, oh yeah I just put down that my husband and I are seperated they never check, ugh I wanted to deck her.

  15. The train is the first thing we have to do when we go to the zoo. Maybe we will go this weekend. The weather here is perfect for the zoo.

    Sorry to hear about the pre-school. Strange, don’t understand why income has anything to do with it. I am waiting for my son to be enrolled in the Y daycare. :sighs: Maybe October she said… My baby is 4 in 2 weeks, he needs pre-school.

    happy weekend!

  16. Aww it looks like you all had a great day!

  17. Wonderful, wonderful post and again, fantastic pics.
    I understand the frustration with the income thing…I am still stunned that my midkid makes 119.00 too much a year to get any kind of help at all…with 2 autistic children. One hundred and nineteen dollars. Same job for almost 20 years…yet zero help, for that pitiful “too much over income amount.”
    I know girl down the street from here with 4 kids by 13 dif dads that gets 900 a month in food stamps and has never worked. She has Schwanns deliver because they take food stamps….and I find myself hating her.

  18. Glad you all had a great time.

    That’s too bad about preschool. But, mostly preschool is about socialization, so any regular gathering with kids will do, such as storytime at the library, or a gym class, or hanging out at the park. The academic stuff he can learn from you at home. No algebra yet 😉

    We have been tuned into Shark Week also!!

  19. I bet ya’ll had a blast at the zoo! We’ve got one about an hour and half away, in Knoxville, and I LOVE to go! The pictures are great! You’ve got two great kids!

    Although, I must say, how ya’ll made it in that kinda weather at the zoo is beyond me! I don’t go outside when it’s that hot, except to get in the pool ;0)

    Hope the summer has been a good one for you guys!

    *hugs and love*

  20. barbara-thnx!

    burg-there were a lot of exhibits that were closed 😦 but we saw some good stuff. The male lion was out and roaring, Wee loved that.

    risingrainbow-it was fun

    kelli-that makes me angry too. I told hubs lets get seperated, he can live in the tent out back, then Wee gets into preschool and we dont have to pay full price school lunches and we get free medical!

    memsahib-I agree, our Wee One’s need that preschool! I hope yours gets in….go to the zoo, youll have fun

    lael-it was!

    magz/jo-119.00 over income, that sucks! I know a few people like the mother described in your comment. Keep popping out kids so they can stay on the welfare wagon. Schwanns takes food stamps?!?! geesh….

    momto3cubs-where we live we do not have those kinds of things unless we drive an hour away.

    christy-good to see you! this summer has been okay, not as good as past ones tho. Its hot in OK now…..but thats okay, Ill be like you and stay near the pool.

  21. Morning Barngoddess. Hope all is well with you.

    I can’t get enough of Wee One’s smile. 😀



  22. hey. you are doing something right with the boys.

    (ps. a sign for you to home school)

  23. Darling boys! That last photo is priceless. How do you not eat him with a spoon?

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