The Heat Is On

The summer heat is in full swing in Oklahoma. We have not been home much but every spare minute we’ve had has been spent in our pool. This is the first time ever the hubs has had tanned legs.

Wee One has been learning to swim. He is making excellent progress on his doggy-paddle technique. He still uses a swimming-noodle to help but hes learning fast.

August 3-5 is tax free shopping in Oklahoma for buying school clothing/items. On Friday, the boys and I made a day trip to Tulsa and Owasso (tons better shopping in Owasso!) to buy them school clothes.

We left early and arrived to the stores before the crowds. The stores did not start filling up until about noon, by then we were over half way done with our shopping.

I bought Wee One new shoes and a few nice outfits just incase he gets off the preschool waiting list. Yesterday we received our final denial letter. The Osage Nation preschool has filled all of their spots. Wee One is still denied because of our income….more ranting later about that, it’ll take an entire post.

Bubba is outfitted for school and football season. All he is needing is more school supplies and a haircut. We’ll take care of that on Tuesday after I enroll him. I want to make sure he doesnt need anything else. Sometimes at enrollment the school likes to add on a whole other list of supplies that the students are required to have on the 1st day of school. Every year it gets bigger and bigger. $55 for school supplies sucks!

Scooter has been hanging out around the barn and near the house in the shade. Last week I started him back on his equine senior feed because of his lack of grazing. It looks to me he has lost a few pounds, only noticable to me, but I am quite sure he has. Scooter’s teeth are in good shape, hes wormed regularly, he is not being rode much or exercised. The heat and his advanced age I am certain is the reason. Oh well, he is behaving fine and acting like he feels good. That is most important.

In the afternoon Wee One and I have been spraying Scooter down with the cool garden hose then scraping the water off. Scooter loves it, Wee One loves it too. After Scooter is dried and has his treats, I fly spray him.

The last 2 days, I have woken up early before daylight, saddled Scooter up, and weve went for a ride up the hill and back. There is no better way to start the day for me. I am much more focused and definitely in a better mood. This must be my type of yoga…..



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25 responses to “The Heat Is On

  1. My early morning rides are the best therapy.

  2. Rebecca

    Glad you found a morning form of yoga for you and for Scooter!!!
    Sounds like you did a bit of shopping, as did I.

    Hubby sunning I guess he is wanting to look sexy for you!!!!!

    Wahoooo! Soak it up for me, cause I HATE the heat!!!!

  3. Aniin BG,


    Things will cool down soon and then it will be ice and snow rants. 😉

  4. SailorMoon

    Good therapy indeed. The lamebrain Texas legislature passed a law that NO school can start before 8/24 I think, so most everyone is starting school on 8/27. Stupid idea I think. Last year we started 8/10. So, now, we start on 8/27, & we now get the entire week of Thanksgiving off & they get out of school on 6/4. School after the end of May is again, stupid in my opinion. My little one starts school this year so he needs all the uniform pants & shirts & school supplies. He’ll need new soccer cleats also, and my teen son will need new soccer cleats, I think his are going to be too small. I got him new football cleats before he left, he’s now at a size 10. Haven’t even thought about uniforms or supplies yet. Our tax free is 8/14-15. My teens return this Saturday after spending 43 days in Illinois with their dad. Miserable for them–its been heaven for me and the little guy. 5 full days of bliss left. It has been nice!!

  5. I’ll bet that Scooter does appreciate a cool shower. I know I would in that heat.

  6. Congrats on the shopping you got done!

    I printed out the school supply lists today, but that’s as far as I got! I don’t want that stuff sitting around my house already!

  7. Texasgal

    Sounds really nice to be able to start your day riding Scooter! It is getting hot here in Texas too. But this has been the coolest Summer ever!

    I am glad school starts late. That’s how it always was when I was a kid.

  8. I like hearing that the shopping is good in Owasso since that is where we think we are going to move by next summer!

  9. donna-the best kind!

    rebecca-I dont mind the heat too much, especially since its been a cool summer


    SM-yikes! good luck when the teenagers get back

    risingrainbow-he does, he also loves being able to roam the yard, he tries getting close to the pool, hed jump in if we let him

    momto3cubs-we start school on the 16th-ick

    texasgal-as a kid, we never started school before Labor Day but in OK we start the 16th, too early!

    kelli-I LOVE that town, its big but not too big, perfect and very nice. It would be a great place to live I think.

  10. Hey that’s neat to have a tax free shopping day! We have to go to New Hampshire to get some tax free shopping. And now anything we buy online we are supposed to report so that they can tax us on that! Grrrr… you can win!

    That’s nice that you cool Scooter off with the hose. They really like that don’t they. I’m waiting now for a call from my vet. The farrier was here today and he is going to talk with the vet and they are going to tell me what the next step is with Buddy. This sure has gone on and on. There wasn’t as much improvement today as I would have liked. I’m just waiting for the phone to ring, don’t you hate that?!

  11. Gotta have it
    We are getting a taste here too
    No, no heatwave, just glad to see the clear skies and a bright day

  12. We had to break down and buy a window unit from Sam’s because our house AC isn’t handling the super hot temps very well and we are dying. Literally, dying.

    Tax Free hits Texas this weekend. I had to deliver a six part Sunday paper heralding it and the irony is I can’t afford to buy anything….tax free or not.

    I bet I can out complain you at the moment, barn goddess!

  13. Good for you to take time in the morning for a ride. What a great way to get in the right frame of mind for your day!

    I don’t blame Scooter for staying where it is cool.

    DH put a fan in the barn by the horse stall. They stand in front of it most of the day.

  14. It’s hot here too..waaaa. I don’t do heat well.

  15. Owasso is much better and easier to navigate through. It’s gotten so much bigger that it makes trips to Tulsa almost non-existent.. I need to go on Wednesday.. Have to make a Hobby Lobby run.

  16. over the horizon before the sun
    the smell of the horse, ….. the creaking of the saddle, and the first calls of the early birds

    blissful…………… or does he fart alot? (:

  17. Aniin BG,

    Heat index yesterday was near 110 and today is going to be the same.

  18. I can’t get past that picture lol. I love it with all the horses.

  19. Kat

    When my daughter was preschool age, the local school was filled. One of my neighbors had BOTH her kids in there for the second damn year (her youngest was only 2 and 3 years of age during those 2 yrs!!!)…TWO YEARS!!! and there was no room for new enrolls…all welfare recipients were enrolled first…which took up ALL the slots anyway…they actually called me 4 weeks before kindergarten started and said there was a slot I was going to pay for all that for 4 weeks..I told them not to bother…she was smart and could learn when school took up. She has been on the honor roll every 6 weeks since she began getting a grade card…never missing one period under a 3.0 GPA…she’ll be starting 10th grade this year…time flies huh? We get to go school clothes shopping today….YIKES!!!

  20. school supplies the necessary evil.

    I love that you get to ride in the mornings. and have a pool. both very relaxing things.

    be well.

  21. Finally…someone else that sneaks out to do early shopping before the crowds !
    It has rained further north,south east and west, but none..not one single drop here.
    Luce County is on fire…over 15000 acres burned so far, only 10% contained as of noon today.

    Glad y’all are getting to enjoy the pool !
    Riding in the morning as a personal form of yoga is best idea I’ve heard in awhile 🙂


    oh yeah, here in Oregon there is no Sales tax – but some days I’d rather pay that then the Income tax – Oregon sucks our paychecks dry sometimes.

  23. Hey, girl!

    Sorry I’ve not been about. The heat melts me like ice. Just no motivation or energy – even for blogging. My patience for this heat is wearing thin.

    Glad to hear you’ve got the school shopping thing accomplished! I remember fighting those crowds! ACK, to coin a phrase! LOL

    Sorry Wee One isn’t going to school this year. Bummer. Does that mean baby sitting services are needed??

    Glad you & Scooter are finding time together. I am sure he misses you riding him. Glad you & Wee One spray him down daily. A treat for him in the heat of the day.

    When does school begin out your way?? I think the kids go back to school soon here, I’m seeing a lot of sales recently and lots of confused parents in the stores!

    Have a great week! Hugs & Smiles! D 🙂

  24. mm-I hope Buddy is still making progress. I hate, hate waiting for phone calls. I hope yours came quick.

    Q9-our heatwave arrived late, so no complaints ‘cept the kids are back to school in 1 week

    EWBL-yes you can!

    celeste-Iw ish I could ride everyday

    jolyanna-those big fans are nice inside the stalls for the horses when the air isnt moving, your hubs gets several gold stars

    lael-does it get really hot way up there?

    burg-yes! I am NEVER going shopping in Tulsa again. Owasso is where Ill be going fer sure

    anne-lots of them, no?

    kat-preschool doesnt look like its going to happen for us this year 😦 I am so angry. I HATE it when people take advantage of the system-like the welfare suckers.


    magz/jo-I hope you get some rains asap. My family tells me it is horrible up there.

    karmynR-I wish our groceries were tax free all the time like MI

    FF-I hope you survive the heat! Ive been very busy so not much time spent on the puter for me 😦

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