This is a huge poisonous ginebig (snake).

I am glad this rattlesnake was caught down in Texas. 

Luckily, this year I havent seen as many snakes, especially poisonous ones, as the years before.

Now that  it has turned gizhiday (hot) I am anticipating on seeing them out and about more.

Have you ever ate rattlesnake?

It is good stuff-tastes like chicken, really!



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23 responses to “Ginebig

  1. One might say that is big. Really, really big. I’ve never eaten snake of any sort; we only grow tiny, harmless garter snakes here. Not sure I’d like to live where they become dangerous.

  2. Hi there! I am not glad it was found in Texas!! Ha ha…I hate snakes. I had a snake about that long on my patio this spring. It was a black rat snake. Anyway, cool picture …

  3. OMG! That’s all I have to say on the subject!

  4. BG, I will just have to take your word for it that it tastes like chicken!!!!!!!!! We just have little green garter snakes here, nothing poisonous but they do bite if you startle them in the garden. Also a few brown snakes that can get rather big, maybe a couple of feet long but they are rare to see. When I was a kid I used to like to pick up logs and boards and see if there were any baby snakes under there. I’d put them in my pocket and go scare the wits out of my mother! heehee!

  5. I was tricked into eating it once….never forgave the trickster.I’ve always been afraid of snakes…all of them…but am still more terrified of a mouse.
    Hot/humid here…no rain 😦
    How are ya doing BG ? Can’t believe in a month I’ll be running over here complaining about the cold ! We got summer finally…all in one week…and pooof…gone soon.
    I have a girl coming today to help me decide on a scooter chair, so with any luck I will be able to enjoy the outdoors for a little bit.
    Wonder if they work well for chasing kidlets… 🙂

  6. They do say things are bigger in TX…but I’m with Barbara, please keep those ginebigs in OK.

  7. Aniin BG,

    Bet that a Sooner snake would still wup his ass. The snake’s that is. 😉

  8. snakes taste good. fer sure.

    and that is one big snake… yikes! don’t see them here as much as in TX.

  9. Rebecca

    Nope never eaten snake, nor do I plan too!
    I don’t care for reptiles of any shape or form.

    It’s about time you gave us another post!
    I know, I know blogging without obligation. I just enjoy your posts.

  10. I would probably try snake…Why not,right?
    I’ll try almost anything,once;)

    We have rattle snakes here but they live farther
    south and we never get to see them. I believe that’s the only dangerous snake we have.

  11. I haven’t eaten snake, but I’ve had crocodile, and yes, it’s similar to chicken.

  12. Laura

    What a snake! Glad that was not in my part of Texas. Came across your blog tonight and love the pictures Scooter. We are taking a trip to OK in a couple of weeks!

  13. Have you eaten rattlesnake or are you just saying that?! You know what? Doesn’t matter cuz I ain’t a gonna try it. I’ll just take yer words fer it!

  14. WOW that is a big one—I always heard everything grows bigger in Texas. 🙂

    I agree with you it does taste like chicken—I was actually fooled into trying some once when they told me it was chicken

  15. I don’t do snakes, not garter snakes, not snakes behind glass… can’t bring myself to be anywhere near them. Up here they’d freeze to death in the winter.
    Now tell me, what Native language are you teaching us??

  16. our grandson convinced grandpa (the hubby) to eat rattlesnake balls (the term instead of meatballs – not the gonads)

    …. I couldn’t even try it.

    The two of them had quite the time with their meal. Little bud was 6… so it meant a lot to him

  17. No rattlesnake meat for me, thank you very much. Well, I might take a tiny bite out of curiosity… but that’s it!

  18. omg I’m glad that’s in texas too

  19. I have enjoyed rattlesnake in my time. It does taste like chicken!! Hope you are well! 🙂

  20. Kat

    HOLY CRAP!!! If I saw that in my back yard I’d be in cardiac arrest!!!! EWWWWWWWWWW Kat don’t do snakes or spiders….eewwwie ewwwwwwww

  21. dhw-I dont like living near the poisonous ones. I have to be watchful when out in the ‘wild’ so to speak, they usually keep to themselves luckily!

    barbara-those black snakes are good for keeping the varmit population down

    risingrainbow-bigone huh?

    MM-hahaha your poor mother!

    magz/jo-I hope you guys get some rain asap!

    jenny-yep, things ARE bigger in TX

    brian-yep, a sooner would kick its ass 🙂

    melanie-I bet, CA isnt known for their snakes…sharks maybe!

    rebecca-its good 🙂 Ive been too busy for the puter these days 😦

    lael-I bet you dont see many snakes! I rarely did living in N.MI

    kila-Ive had alligator and it was GOOD

    laura-hope your trip if fun here in OK. Thnx for the compliment on my blog!

    rach-yes, Ive tried it and it did taste like chicken

    vickie-wow, a lot of people get fooled into eating it, haha

    hope-yes, they would up where you live! Ojibwe. Ive been thinking about taking a language class thru the Osages in Sept..maybe!

    pamela-haha how cool! I bet it did mean a lot to him at 6yo 🙂

    donna-its good stuff…just getting the meat is dangerous

    anne-hubs killed a western Diamond back that big about 2 years ago HUGE sucker, I thought it was a blown out tire on the road..thats how big it was

    pinky-yummy chicken tasting snake 🙂

    kat-ewww I definitely DONT do spiders

  22. katie

    everything tastes like “chicken” lol

    Big snake.. yep… make a belt or two… and shish-ka-bobs….lol.. or whatever they are called….

  23. big snake. We had a 5 footer come thru here a couple weeks ago.

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