I am in a funk. A belly up sort of funk.

I cannot escape this heavy blah feeling that has snuck up on me overnight.


If only I could take a solo ride with Scooter, then be greeted by my little bubble blower when I arrive home, I would feel more like myself.

Things have got to get better ’round here dammit.



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18 responses to “Blahs

  1. I love the picture of the horse on his back! He seems to have the right idea and is enjoying himself tremendously.
    Mr. Bubble blower is very cute with his Diego Pj’s!
    Hope you get over that Blah feeling soon…

  2. You need a good dose of HORSE right now! Try to get some time with Scooter if you can. I hate that blah feeling, it’s almost like the baby blues isn’t it? I sure hope you are feeling better soon!!!!!! I will be thinking good thoughts for you and hoping you are better soon. HUGS!

  3. Sighs.. i so hear you. I have been in a funk since Monday. I hope that you get out of the house for a bit. It helps when you don’t have to be a MOM for a few hours.

    i totally understand that. 😉

  4. I wish I lived close; I’d watch Bubble-blower for two or three hours and it would do us all good. I need a good dose of “toddler” injected into my life!

    I’ve had a few bouts of funk lately also, but I’m climbing out now.

  5. katie

    Mid-summer doldrums…I call it!

    I gained..regained actually 5 ??? freaking lbs….. I’m taking my summer child home tomorrow…. That’s always tough. I intend to hit the workouts heavier..

    …I’m here to say.. You’ve been missed!!!

  6. Aniin BG,

    Love you and I can’t help with the heat. This week has been brutal and I’m barely hanging on.

    Ask Wee One to blow some bubbles for me.

  7. pavel-yes, those are PJ’s but he insists on wearing them during the day…so I let him.

    MM-thnx! Im feeling better 🙂

    melanie-thnx, sometimes I feel like I need to check out of my life too.

    donna-Im glad your losing your ‘funk’ I hate them! Actually, I wish I was closer to YOU, I envy your early Mississippi River morning rides, I think about them all the time 🙂

    katie-has the rain stopped for ya? I hope so. Ha, 5# you can easily lose, its probably all water anyhow, right?

    brian-Im handling the heat well, it hasnt gotten to me yet…..have a good weekend!

  8. ME AGAIN. Just checking in on you, it’s Friday. I hope you are feeling lots better by now. Wish I were closer by and we’d go for a nice long trail ride! Take care! xoxo

  9. It will pass…honest. Adorable pics 🙂
    Feel better soon !

  10. I’d say your horse has the right idea about life.
    And … what an adorable bubble blower you have !

  11. MM-thnx! I appreciate it



    simplymarvelous-my bubbleblower loves bubbles

  12. We can feel blah together. After the past few weeks of broken toes, broken truck, broken A/C…..well, let’s just say things have been super sucky around the Infidel Homestead.

    I keep threatening to just buy a bubble machine because my toddlers love the bubbles, but I just about pass out from bubble-blowing hyperventilation trying to keep up with their bubble demands.

  13. Oh, and when I get really moody, my kids usually cheer me up. Just looking at your little man in his Diego pajamas made me smile!

  14. Wee One is a doll! Son spent last night and your friend’s right – just a little time with a happy kid does wonders. I was doing the mom thing – fixing supper, we rented him a game, bought him some snacks.

  15. kel-me too

    EWBL-well, I have to agree, it is much suckier at your place-your truck was totaled! but things are looking up, right?

    rach-I bet he is enjoying it 🙂

  16. I dare you to go out in the field and roll on your back like scooter… kick your feet in the air — and scream.

    screaming then crying always helps.

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