Wee One went to his first birthday party (for a friend his age).

I woke him up from his nap and we got ready.

Here Wee One is with his little friend, Nick the birthday boy, playing on the slip and slide.

Everyone took turns and everyone got along great.

Son #1 came along too. Here he is playing a game with some of the older boys. After awhile Bubba decided he was too cool to hang with the younger boys and spent the rest of the party hanging with the older teenage girls. They didnt seem to mind either. Should I worry? I think so.

Wee One enjoyed playing with all of the other kiddos. We made a playdate for his little friend Nick to come over this week before school starts.

Nick gets to go to preschool (his family isnt welfare suckers they just have a ton of kids), so we made the playdate for Tuesday.

Wee One is excited and looking forward to their playdate.



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21 responses to “Party!

  1. I love slip and slides!!!! looks like they had a great time.

  2. Aniin BG,

    That slip and slide looks mighty tempting right about now. Wee One looks so determined. 🙂

    Son #1 interested in girls? Is this a recent development?

    Hope you are well my friend.

  3. DaBich

    Ahhhh…wee one is adorable with the blond curls! How sweet can you get?

    And Son #1, how old is he??? Interest in girls is a healthy thing, in my humble opinion 😉
    But then, I have two girls, and a step son who is 17, so maybe I am biased? lol

  4. brian-nahh, hes been interested for awhile darn it

    hope-they had fun!

    dabitch-lol, I am glad he likes girls but Im not ready for that headache quite yet. He’s 13yo

  5. looks like everyone had a good time!

  6. OH, the slip-and-slide ! I remember knocking the air out of myself on one of those. Of course, I was in my thirties when I did it…
    Looks like a lot of fun for those whose center of gravity is closer to the ground.
    Hey, thanks for the visit today. Miss you. Am not blogging much for the next 2 weeks, but will have posts up.

  7. Slippin and sliding looks pretty inviting—-I hope you don’t tire of me telling you just how adorable the Wee One—He is just so cute in the pictures.

    Now about Bubba and girls—it always happens.

    Hope you have a great week.

  8. FUN! I’m glad he had a good time, you never know with bday parties.

    Miss Pinky is talking “sleepovers”. I am totally unprepared for that.

  9. barbara-yep they sure did 🙂

    swampwitch-haha, you are crazy! it did look like fun tho…the spider slipnslide

    vickie-yeah, I know Bubba will be getting really girl crazy before long….scary thought! Wee One is cute in real life too when hes not being a brat

    pinky-yikes. sleepovers already?!?!

  10. Wow. my son’s birthday is on Thursday. We are going to a bonafide water park. that should be interesting.

    Wee one is already socializing, how cute. And, interested in girls at 13? Man, when I was 14 i still wasn’t interested in boys. Not until I was almost 18 did i even find them sexually attractive. Kids grow up more quickly than I now a days. good luck.

  11. Rebecca

    great pics.

    I wanna be able to get that excited about a party with friends….tell wee one I am jealous.

    The water slide…did you make your way under the hose?

  12. Hi BarnGoddess,
    so you enjoyed the Perseid meteor shower
    did wee one get to wish on a star

  13. Awwww, Wee One is so cute. I remember the days of the old-timey Slip N Slide before all the safety features. The thrills, the spills, the head to toe yard rash……

    One year we tried to make one out of trash bags. It didn’t go so well.

  14. I love Wee One’s hair in that picture! too cute with the sun shining on it.

  15. You have got the cutest little guy!

  16. that picture reminds me of dancing waters… and the boys must have mystical hands calling to the spray.

    “welfare suckers” … I love you you tell it like it is!!!

  17. I am behind in reading! Doh!!

    Wee One is soooo adroable! Such fun, a birthday party!

    Bubba & girls, who knew??!! LOL

    A playdate is a wonderful thing! Your house or theirs?? Oh, if it’s theirs, maybe you could ride Scooter for the time and enjoy the outdoors for a bit?

    How are Marvin & Miss Kitty doing??

    Have a great week! D 🙂

  18. When we were trying to get Brae into preschool I told Matt all we needed was 7 more kids or for him to quit his job and sit around on his butt all day. He didn’t go for either of those ideas.

  19. I typed replies to everyone’s comments, as I was finishing answering Kel’s our electric went out, on the hottest day of the year no less. Luckily for PSO, it has been restored. whewwwwww

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