Sweltering Man-Boob Musings


The weatherman promised today to be the hottest yet so far this year.

Lucky me, my electricity was out for 2 hours this morning. Lets hope that is the only time it is out. I am not up for a sauna session inside my own home today.

Scooter hangs out under the shady tree waiting for  treats. Of course, someone (Wee) was on their way with sliced apples as I snapped this photo.

Marvin has been eating a lot. He ate a whole container of cat treats last week by himself (Kitty only likes to eat dry Purina One Advanced Hairball Formula cat food-she refuses to eat anything else, even treats).

Marvin is a hog.


Wee One was pointing out Marv’s ‘man-boobs’ so I had to take a picture for him……

I’ve had people ask me when I am going to get Wee’s hair cut.

The thought of chopping off his little blonde curls does not appeal to me. So, I do not think Ill be taking him to the barbers anytime soon…..



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24 responses to “Sweltering Man-Boob Musings

  1. Leave the curls! As for the heat, well, it’s been 102 plus every day with 100% humidity. The South is HOT!

    Marvin is a hog. The cat’s “man boobs” cracked me up!

  2. HA! I was first!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  3. My grandmas cat had that same problem lol. This morning I am happy to say was 66 degrees it won’t last though or I would have shut off the over worked air conditioner and opened up the house. grrrr I have to run away from home before that next electric bill comes.

  4. Aniin BG.

    Cut Wee-Ones curls???? They are too cute for words.

    Marvin’s my kinda guy. Does he hang out in the den, watching TV and burping?

  5. katie

    Your posts often make me smile. Thank you!

    Wee One does have beautiful curls.

    I was out fencing again yesterday. I had tied into part of an older fence and my two brats ( Aztec is more mature acting…lol… ) walked on it and popped over.

    I like fencing . Despite the heat – the ground is now so dry it is cracking…. I enjoy being out doors. I drink a lot of water and take bunches of photos.. 🙂

  6. Hey BG..Wee ones curls are way to cute to cut..and Brians post today sums up the weather down here..:) madd

  7. Do not cut the curls… nope. Keep them through the winter.

    Marvin is the king isn’t he? cat man boobs… :giggles:

  8. Oh my gosh, Marvin DOES have MAN BOOBS!

    Your post this morning made me laugh at loud. What an accurate and very graphic description.

    I love wee one’s curls, too. With those eyes, he is adorable.

    My husband was pointing out the weather down south this morning and asking me, “Aren’t you glad you moved up here?”

    It was 62 here this morning!

  9. Hey BG,
    We had rain Sunday morning…oh yes!!!! It’s been cooler here, and I’m already thinking I need new winter socks. Might rain today, too. Takes so little to make me happy !

    Pictures are fantastic as usual.The hair would be tough call at that age …I’m partial to curls.

    Hey…your thoughts on massive toy recall? Midkid is feeling like world’s worst parent and it isn’t her fault ! I am kind of fed up with China and yet where the hell ya gonna get anything ?
    Better shut my mouth before I get to ranting!

  10. A cat with MOOBS,bwaahaaahaa. It’s too much. Marvin gets better and better each day!

    I wouldn’t be cutting Wee One’s hair,if I was his Mum either. What on earth are people thinking?? Geesh!

  11. Nah BarnGoddess,
    don’t touch those golden angel curls

  12. Rebecca

    Well, I see Marvin has my appetite.
    I like the specialty stuff too = p

  13. pinky-too bad its hot now that school is back in session-geesh

    anne-our house in almost entirely electric, our bill is staggering….

    brian-yep, Marv does all those things including snoring as loud as any human Ive ever heard.

    katie-glad youve got some dry weather. Fencing, Im on the fence about that chore. Just joking! Sometimes I like fixing fence, depends on the weather.

    madd-ew, hot eh?

    mel-nope, no barber trip in the future

    jolyanna-Im jealous of your weather!

    magz/jo-when I saw the news yesterday I recalled your email to me when you said that VERY same thing! are you psychic?

    lael-ha, sometimes I wonder about people too. I think I want to move to Canada….

    Q9-nope, Im not gonna!

    rebecca-maybe Marv should come and live w/ you……………..? hint hint

  14. DaBich

    I agree…don’t cut off the Wee One’s curls, that would be a crime!!!!

  15. Wee One has cool hair, I agree. Why cut it. Scooter is just a gorgeous horse, I must tell you.

  16. We are having cool weather! Yeehaw! I just had to make you jealous, aren’t I mean?! Marvin needs to get a ‘foundation’ garment like the women used to wear! lol! Those pictures are just a hoot, I am almost falling out of my chair!!! Don’t cut Wee Ones hair yet! We all would be so upset, we love to see his curls!

  17. Kat

    Hope you are staying cool !!! …And let Wee’s hair grow…its gorgeous!!!

  18. Glad you were without air for only 2 hours. Cute Wee One’s hair—-No way those curls are too precious.

    Hope you continue to stay cool.

  19. Who would suggest taking Wee One to the chop shop? It’s not to point where it looks girly, so I wouldn’t bother. My brother had gorgeous red corkscrew curls and once my mom cut them off, that was it.

    Figures, I have bland, stick-straight, brown hair while both my brothers got the feminine perfection locks. 😦

    Oh, and I worked outside all day today. Man, the heat really saps the life out of you.

  20. I wouldn’t cut those curls either.

    My youngest son had curls like that, but as his hair has grown in thicker, it doesn’t curl as much as it used to. It still curls though, and I usually trim his hair myself, so no one cuts off his curls!

    I hope you stayed comfortable today!

  21. dabitch-okay, I wont!

    michaelManning-thnx, we love our Scooter horse.

    MM-Im jealous of your weather! Marv needs a playtex girdle..

    kat-yep, the AC is running constant

    vickie-nope, no barber trips int he near future, I promise

    EWBL-yes, the heat does! the weatherman said any outdoor exertion is deadly, he interviewed an MD. Well, some people HAVE to get outdoors-wtf!

    momto3cubs-now I dont feel so bad about letting Wee’s curls grow.

  22. Marvin’s boobs are bigger than mine.

    My daughter was tow-headed and curly like Wee until her first hair cut too.

    Not yet! It’s too adorable.

  23. merrimerri

    I just came across your blog through Jolynna’s great blog..
    What a cute little one ,”wee one” is..those curls!!!
    LOL at poor Marvin’s man boobs..lol

  24. jenny-I bet Marv would share!

    merrimerri-thnx for stopping by! we like Wee’s curls a lot too

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