I love Marv’s paws. They are soooo big and soft and clawless…..

Some people call declawing mutilation. I suppose in most ways it is. Marvin was already declawed when he came to live with me.

Kitty has her claws and she often sharpens them on a certain piece of furniture. Good thing it is an old, ugly chair.

If Kitty starts in on the good leather stuff, either she OR her claws will become history. She has a scratching post in the laundry room, she doesnt like it and always uses the chair. After she scratches, Marv will go over to it and attempt to scratch too. His paws make a brushing noise.

When I came inside from the pool, Kitty was laying in Marvin’s spot by the door.

 Marvin saw me coming at him with his brush, he flopped over ready to be groomed. I wish he did this every time.

My cowboy friend Russell gave Wee One a horse coloring book. Wee One loves it and has already colored 1/3 of the pages.

Wee One likes all animals but like his mama, horses are his favorite.

WeeOne had a good time when his little friend came to play yesterday. Bubba had my camera, so I did not get any photos! It was the first time I ever loaned out my camera to anyone. Bubba took good care of it…I suppose he knew he’d better or else.

We’ve been trying to keep the back to school talk at minimal around Wee’s ears since he doesnt understand exactly why he isnt allowed to attend preschool. I have fired off some letters to the powers that be at the Osage Nation and public school system. I have also written my state’s law-makers. I am not fooling when I say I am pissed about this whole thing. This is blatant discrimination.

Normally, I am not a trouble causer, but damn, this is getting to me. Hubby just shrugs his shoulders and says, “he’ll get to go next year.”

Well, will Wee One be able to go to preschool next year? or will he be discriminated against once again for not being a welfare case with loser parents?

Wee One needs to be around other kids now, he played well with his little friend but when he is in a group of his peers he is painfully stilted and shy not knowing how to interact.

Gah! I am starting to rant and give myself a headache so I am shutting up now.

The first day of school is tomorrow. I hope it doesnt take us long to get back into the routine of things. I am looking forward to Bubba’s upcoming football season but still worried about him practicing out in this heat during the middle of the day. Recently, that deadly ‘staph‘ has been more frequent in Oklahoma. I always spray Bubba’s equipment with Lysol disinfectant and surface spray. It is what our physician recommends but I still worry.



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15 responses to “Paws

  1. I love your kitties, they look so soft. I can see totally why you would go off into a rant about Wee ones preschool situation…just because we work and pay taxes it does seem like we are the ones penalized!!! There are a few things lately that have been just sitting inside burning away and I feel a good rant comming on about similar things!!! Hope your day goes better…luv ya..madd

  2. Rant on BG, I am in your corner on this one. “No Child Left Behind” seems to be not applicable in Wee One’s case.

    Anytime you want to visit FL to see us and Madd, let us know. 🙂

  3. Another suggestion?????
    ask around for others that have beeen rejected as well, and not only can you mobilize them into action, you might form a playgroup in the meantime.
    Socialization is extremely important, and I live be the adage, “either you keep them busy, or they keep you busy…”
    good luck.

  4. That would tick me off too about Wee One not being able to go to school! I totally agree with your sentiments about the whole thing. Hopefully some kids will decide not to go and something will open up. I’ll keep my fingers crossed on this one!
    Your cats are so pretty. I don’t believe in declawing but I know some people do it in self defense of their furniture. I’m lucky Noodles and Munchkin don’t scratch anything but the rug in the guest bath. I should’ve taken a picture of it, it was all rolled up and pieces of it everywhere! Every morning it’s the same thing so I washed it and put it in the linen closet until I have company. Guess I showed them didn’t I???!!!

  5. madd-definitely rant worthy!

    brian-haha that “no child left behind” is a joke. Wee One is living proof with the thousands of others. Thnx for the offer.

    hope-my daycare girl (wee hasnt gone in months) I sw her at the Indian Health Clinic and she mentioned some of her clients had the same problem. I may just give them a call! thnx

    MM-omg, I am laughing over you snatching up the rug and putting it away! naughty cats you have.

  6. Rant On—If it is not the education system it is the Health Care where so many are left behind and nine times out of ten it is because their finances are just slightly over the level. One wonders why strive to better oneself if only to be penalized.

    Send those letters and don’t let up it is the squeaky wheel that gets the oil.

  7. jo

    I agree with everyone here….rant away !
    Sounds like you have an awful lot on your plate to deal with…wish I could help.

  8. I have to pay out the toucas for daycare, but I don’t have a choice. He gets into pre-school next week, and that is 100 more a month than the last place. I keep saying, one more year… then he will be 1/2 price!

    rant away. I have my clawless fingers crossed for ya. :hugs:

  9. Rebecca

    I kinda agree with you on the declawing aspect. My babies are declawed. Destiny had his front ones already taken out when I adopted him from the Humane society. Harmony, I had my vet do. She can fight dirty (she’s part tiger) and it wasn;t fair for her to dig in when Destiny couldn’t.

    I like your kitties. I wish Whisper would spread out for me to groom her. No such luck and with her long hair she could use the grooming!

  10. I hope the first day of school goes better than mine lol. Kids loved it but I had trouble adjusting to no one being here.

  11. vickie-I hope this squeaky wheel gets something out of it, like Wee going to preschool.

    jo-short of packing for me to move back to the UP of Mi so Wee can attend school on my res, there isnt anything that can be done 😦

    melanie-how come your Wee One isnt allowed to go for free? You are a single parent, the ONLY parent supporting your son, now in a situation like yours, your son should be allowed to attend preschool for FREE.

    rebecca-marvin still likes to slap like he has claws, its kind of funny

    anne-really? that must have been heaven, I bet you get used to it 🙂

  12. Good for you for speaking up. I would be mad, too.

    Good luck to Bubba!

  13. Awww! Marv, Miss Kitty & Wee One! Such a cutie-pie trio! you have much love in your home!

    I am just as PO’d as you are in Wee One’s case! This is outrageous! You GO, girl – give ’em HELL!!

    I also agree with Hope, mobilize those other families into action! You can do it, you’re full of p*** & vinegar about this, put it to use my friend!

    Lysol on the athletic toys, good idea. Staph is soooo nasty! Hope the school season starts well and football doesn’t drain him in this heat.

    Talk with you soon! D 🙂

  14. Staph? YIKES!

    I love cats paws too – when my cat gets into my lap, sometimes I just sit there and massage his paws. He loves it.

  15. are there any other mothers with some his age that you guys could share a preschool program.

    You could teach horsemanship — riding, grooming. etc.

    Another mother could teach the alphabet and sounds.

    Another could do a science project —

    If you all shared, and everyone took one day a week you could have a fantastic country school program that the kids would love.

    just sayin’…….

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