The Worrisome Read-a-holic

**I am having computer troubles. You may be reading about me on the news. Yes that was me, BG, who amazingly reached thru the telephone line and choked the non-english speaking AOL employee who put me on hold for the 7th time, then gave me more of their run-around-game.**

I just finished this book, Triptych by Karin Slaughter, a few days ago. Excellent book with lots of twists and turns and suspense. This one is addictive, no putting it down.

A couple of nights I had to make myself put it down, turn off the light, and get my ass to bed….especially since it was already after midnight!

This is what I am currently reading when I get a chance. I have a few magazine subscriptions that I enjoy. I refuse to pay full price for any magazine in the store.

Why pay $4-$5 for Cosmo or Horse Illustrated off the shelf when you can get a whole entire year for $12?

My sister J bought me the Alaska subscription. I have to say, if I ever relocate again, I am thinking Alaska. Yeah, I know I am not a big fan of snow….but the Alaskan Coastline is beautiful. I do not like people either and they are scarce up there, just another bonus. And, my Native American roots are direct descendants of the Eskimos. I think I’d fit right in (if I can keep my complaining about the cold weather mouth shut).

Here’s another man-boob photo of Marv.

Pussy-Cat porn, maybe I should start charging for these photos…..

Every single day, Marvin grooms Kitty. Like he needs to consume anymore hair.

Marv hacked up a hairball in my bathroom and the hubs was fortunate enough to be the first one to see it. He dealt with it and even washed the rug. Glad I wasnt home for that!


My horse vet is scheduled to come out and look over Scooter in September. I called and asked Dr. M to come out this month but she is booked, then she will be out of town. She did promise to call me should she get a cancellation which she said is highly probable. I am hopeful.

Scooter has lost some weight. He is acting fine. In fact, the last 2 weeks he has lots of energy despite the horrible, draining heat.

I am at a loss.

Scooter is wormed regularly, vaccinated, his teeth are in good shape. He hasnt been ridden hard or exercised hard. His appetite is good. Ive started him back on his Equine Senior feed which he is eating with no problem.

When I explained to Dr. M about my worries she listened and sympathized with me. She knows how special he is to me. She also said, maybe he has reached the time in his geriatric years when some horses just cannot keep their weight up because of being elderly. It doesnt mean he is sick or anything bad, it is just something that happens.

I knew all of this.

After all, Scooter is 28 yo. I guess I just needed a professional to tell me even tho Ive been around horses my entire life and this is nothing new to me…..

But, Scooter is so important to me. Sigh.



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17 responses to “The Worrisome Read-a-holic

  1. Scooter will be fine. Wait for the Vet inspection before losing hope. If he is acting fine, he is fine.

    I have tons of subscriptions, i rarely get to read any of them. I love my Rolling Stone, but hardly get to look at it even when in the bathroom. sigh.

    Let me know if you move to Alaska. I would totally come and visit. And bring my camera.

    happy weekend! go swimming.

  2. Boy do I hear where you are coming from!!! Having a geriatric guy myself it’s so hard, Buddy is 26 and he has lost weight during this laminitis nightmare. The farrier says that is good as he was rather rotund but then someone today told me I would have to blanket him this winter (which is no problem) as he doesn’t have enough fat on him to keep him warm. He normally gets TONS of hair in the winter so I’m wondering if this mess is going to change that, I have an appointment with the vet in two weeks and he is going to take more x-rays of his coffin bones and I will discuss the weight issue. We aren’t out of the woods yet by any means. It’s so hard isn’t it when our best buddies are having problems.

  3. 28? I read this and said “really?” What a gorgeous horse Scooter is. I’ll bet the vet visit goes nicely!

  4. When I was younger there was a horse – ~25 yrs old that would wait at the fence for us every day when we walked home from school. My friends and I would pick fresh grass for her and and rub her nose.

    She was still there when I graduated high school (she had to be ~20). Then, one day when I came home from college, she was gone. It made me pretty sad.

  5. Awww Scooter…
    Thank you for the kitty porn;p

    I’d love to go to Alaska. It’s on my list of places to visit and I’m not too far away from it,yay me!

  6. I’ve read Cross; in fact, I’ve read every James Patterson book in that series, I believe. I’ve been really into Harlan Coban novels lately, but I’ve read so many they’re all starting to seem alike. So I need to get onto a different author. I am reading Undaunted Courage now, the story of the Lewis and Clark expedition; definitely not “light reading”, but it’s interesting.

    I imagine it’s just Scooter’s age that’s making it hard to keep enough flesh on him.

  7. I suspect the vet check with Scooter will go ok. I, too, think if he’s acting fine he probably is fine.

    It’s so hard to watch our dear friends age.

  8. Rach

    I am glad the vet can come and check Scooter out. September will be here before we know it (and that will make me another year older…sigh).

  9. Barngoddess,

    The first two horses my parents bought for me, way back when, were old enough to vote when I got them.

    Fury, was with us until she was 30. Rex died at 33. Even then, there was a reason other than age for their demise. Both were crafty at opening gates and opening the feed box. My mother took extra precautions with a lock, but someone got careless both times.

    Although the vet was called, they couldn’t be saved. Anyway, while both did have trouble keeping weight on as they grew older and Rex got grey around his muzzle, they were both healthy and looked good up until the grain incidents.

    Scooter looks good in your pictures. And hopefully your vet will be reassuring. They can do so much more for horses mature nowdays.

  10. scuse the typo. That should have said mature horses.

  11. melanie-I havent had a subscription to RS since I was 20 yo! good mag too

    MM-its no fun worrying about our Old Guys. I want some prozac or something….

    michaelM-thnx, I think Scooter is a beauty too 🙂

    karmynR-neat memory, thnx for sharing!

    lael-your lucky, Alaska is only a hop, skip, and a jump for you

    donna-I may have to check into the LandC book. Have you read any Greg Ilse or Jan Burke?

    risingrainbow-it is hard! Scooter is healthy as far as I can tell but I still worry 😦

    rach-the hubs b-day is tuesday, the big 3-9

    jolyanna-thnx for the encouraging words. I know Scooter can live another 10 years but still, its hard to see him age…

  12. Oh I like her books and will have to read this one

  13. My thoughts are with you. I lost my beautiful Jhakkar in 2005. He was such a wonderful horse and companion.

  14. Texasgal

    Thanks for the book suggestion, I am always looking for a good read, even though it takes me a while to get into a book.
    The kitties are adorable, and I am sure scooter will be fine. I know how hard it is to have an older pet. My dogs are about 13 years old and they are getting around very slowly now.

    Alaska would be a beautiful place to visit but I don’t think I could live there. Too Desolate for me, I like to have someone around.

  15. jo

    Wish I’d lose weight as I age ! I’m sure Scooter will be fine, too…but you won’t stop worrying until the Vet says so. maybe not then, either.
    It is hard watching people and pets age sometimes.
    I have a friend that goes to Alaska 3 weeks every year…she loves it, but I have no desire to go myself.
    If anything, I’d pack up me and the critters and go live in a log cabin in the U.P. Oh how I wish !

    Hope you are having a great weekend. Kinda cool here…fall is in the air.

  16. anne-Slaughter doesnt disappoint w/ this one!

    Arkansasongbird-((hugs)) thnx!

    texasgal-thnx! I would go to Alaska to get away from people, I am content to be away from a lot of folks most of the time.

    jo-fall, already? My dad said he wasnt ready for the snow. I keep telling him to move South, sigh. He doesnt listen.

  17. twenty-eight. WOW. you’ve taken good care of that horse.

    I have family in Alaska.

    I remember a cute story about when someone moved to Fairbanks … and woke up to 8 inches of snow. Pulled on her boots, and went down to catch a bus. Hopped on and sat beside a native Indian.

    She turned to the elderly Indian and said, “Wow, it’s really cold out today.”

    The Indian woman nodded politely and whispered: ‘Yes, winter is coming.”

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