Things Aren’t What They Used To Be

The other day I was at Wal-Mart digging around in the $5 or two for $10 DVD bin and I was suprised to find The Man from Snowy River .

What a great movie from the 80’s!

Best friend L and I saw both movies at the theatre when we were younger, a lot younger.

Back when L and I were wild, free, and young, we’d be out exploring miles of trails on our horses, breaking new trails, discovering new paths and such,  when we’d come upon a rather steep hill. We’d look at each other, then one of us would say ” looks like were gonna be the Man From Snowy River.”

They do not make movies like they used to, do they?

or else I am just feeling nostalgic and missing the good ole days….because, those were some of the best days of my life.

Remember when Mr. Walton only sold goods made in the USA?

Now it seems everything I buy at Wal-Mart is made in China. WTF?

I am sure the old fella Walton is rolling over in his grave, especially with all the lead poisoning and not-so-good things coming over to the USA from China.


circa-6/1990 BarnGoddess.

A dear sweet lady I have know since I moved to Oklahoma called me the other day. She said she had a newspaper clipping of me on my horse.

Wee One and I made a stop-by visit at her home.

Inside her living room, she had boxes and boxes of photos all laid out and some were in marked stacks.

AL said she was going thru all of her photos and clippings, then giving them out to the people they were of or who she thought might like to have them.

She added, she is 70 yo and when she passes, they’ll probably get pitched anyhow. 

It was a nice suprise that she called me and gave me this photo……

wow, that was a very, very, long time ago. Over 17 years to be exact.



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20 responses to “Things Aren’t What They Used To Be

  1. That movie was a good one. I haven’t seen it in many years!

    That was nice of the lady to give you that picture. I wish it was bigger so we could see more!

  2. I can’t see the picture good enough!!!!

  3. brian-TMSR is a great movie! Now I am going to buy pt.2 if I can find it..maybe Ill stop by

    donna-okay, I posted the bigger one!

  4. Aniin BG,

    TMSR was a movie that had a strong, strong impact on our lives.

    There is a poem I can send you if you are interested.

  5. Robert Redford still makes good movies. And yes, I remember when Sam Walton originated that USA only campaign. But they welched on that while he was still alive. I refuse to shop there. Wee One will love growing up and seeing your clipping!

  6. How cool that she saved that photo and gave it to you. Sounds like her collection is better than a library’s!

    I remember when we would walk into a Wal-mart and hanging from the ceiling would be signs bragging about how everything was made in the USA. That was about 17 years ago, also. Things sure have changed.

  7. jo

    What a great picture and very sweet woman ! Good idea she has there, too.
    My only motivation for venturing into Wally World was the made in USA campaign….now I have no choice, it’s all that is available here since they put everyone out of business…
    I now have my own personal boycott tho’….this China crap is never ending up anywhere near my grands or pets again….I will resort to making sock puppets with cross stitch eyes and painted mouths first…and, if I can remember how, I just might take up whittling again.
    I feel a rant coming on..better get my fanny to bed.

  8. What a wonderful surprise getting the photo of you on your horse. Things like that are treasures very quickly !

    Now, about the Wal-Mart=China situation. I honestly think I’d rather pay more just to see the “Made In American” sign.

    My family in Denmark wanted something special from “America”, so (as usual) I sent them some T-shirts from my area. Wouldn’t you know it … the tag said “Made in China”.

    I almost cut the tags off with my scissors that were made in China, of course.

  9. By the way … I enjoy your sites that are written about the happenings on the homefronts, especially farms.

    So … I started one called “A Little Farm In Southern California”.

    Here is the link:

    If you have the time, I’d love for you to stop by.

  10. brian-sure send me the poem!

    MM-I wish I could afford NOT to shop at Wal-Mart….

    momto3cubs-I also have the same clipping in a photo album but its not in as good of shape as this one 🙂 I was happy to get it!

    jo-scary these days what is imported into the USA.

    simplymarv-Denmark!!! one of the places I want to visit BADLY….wow, how cool u have family there 🙂

  11. Rebecca

    All of the businesses today say that they save so much money by importing goods from China…even thought i don;t have children, the latest news with all of the toy recalls…they are all chinese products!

    I like Wally world, but I wish Mr. Walton was still around to care of the business ok EMPIRE that he started.

  12. I browsed through a book at Chapters the other day, about a family who lived 1 year, “Made in China ” free, I had a bunch of other books, so i put it back on the shelf. I’ve been concerned for a while, about this China thing.My father made a joke a few Christmases ago, and sure enough, when we checked all our gifts, most had been made in China.
    we have to be vigeliant about quality, but I think because we assume our product safety laws are good, that we are protected. Not so.

    ah yes…. the good ole days…………

  13. rebecca-I think there are A LOT of people who wished Mr.Walton was still around to run Wal-Mart

    hope-scary isnt it? Ive been paying more attention to the stuff I buy but sometimes that is ALL that is available, is stuff made in China.

  14. Wal*Mart: ACK! I HATE going there and only do go there as a last resort for something. They have put more small businesses out of business, it’s a crime! People think it’s so great to have them open in their town but they don’t even think of the money that is being sucked right out of their economy into the pockets of some corporation a long ways away! I could go on but I’d better quit before my blood pressure goes up! lol!

    That was so nice of that lady to save the picture of you and your horse!!

  15. I am not a Wal-mart fan. It is not totally because of altruistic concern for the economy either. I’m not a big fan of long lines or crowds. So, I am guilty of paying more than I should because it is more comfortable for me to shop in smaller businesses.

    It doesn’t take much of a hill to ride down to make me feel as if I’m the hero in the famous scene from TMFSR. I loved the romantic scenes also.

  16. I know the china thing makes me nuts.
    I remember that movie, I hadn’t thought of it in years but it was so good.
    That is nice that the lady is giving things to the people she thinks they will mean something too.

  17. MM-WM isnt near me, So I must drive at least 25 minutes to a small tiny non-supercenter one. It isnt as bad as the SuperWM’s.

    jolynna-Im not a fan of big lines either!

    kel-AL is a sweet lady, I was shocked when she called and said she had that clipping.


  18. wonderful that she called you! that is such a nice memento. Walmart sucks. but its one stop shopping. I can so appreciate this as a single mother. thankfully SB hasn’t “allowed” them to put one in town. Nor do we have a target. Its kind of weird. But keeps the mom & pop stores in business.

    man from snowy river eh? i have to revisit that one.

  19. Man from Snowy River is in my Top 10 lists of favorite movies. My heart swells each time he jumps past all the other riders. and when he and Jessica kiss – I melt.

  20. katie

    Wow! What a wonderful gift from the past!!!

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