The Long Way Home

This is a photo as I was driving down the back road to my house.

My neighbor to the South and up the hill is Patsy, she has some nice cattle.

I ride by her place often and Scooter does not like her mares for some reason. He’ll answer their whinnies once but he has no interest in stopping for a visit.

Our teeny, tiny, town’s water tower from my back road.

Wee One singing to ZZ Top in the car.

My road sign.

Our roads are screwed up here in my area and my physical address isnt either one of the roads written on the sign.

I guess that is why we all have PO Boxes here and no one gets their mail delivered to their house….



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24 responses to “The Long Way Home

  1. Hiya, girlfriend!

    Nice little tour, thanks much!

    Weird that Scooter doesn’t need socialization with the neighbor’s mares. Hmmmm???

    Nice to see Wee One enjoying ZZ Top – classic stuff! Rock On!!!

    PO boxes are easier, I think. We have street addy’s here, but mail is at a PO box station. So much easier!

    Not much going on at our end, so I’ll sign off for now.

    Have a great day and enjoy your time with Wee One! D 🙂

  2. Our road sign was knocked down by a snowplow years ago. It laid there alongside the road for quite some time, and finally the people who mow that area hauled it away. Nobody ever bothered to give us another sign.

  3. Nice tour. I love seeing where my bloggy friends live and the surrounding area. I so envy all your nice back roads to ride on. I don’t have a lot to pick from without going on a highly traveled road first or else trailer somewhere and then ride. The big trucks go whizzing by us at 60 mph and it’s a bit unnerving at times. Good thing the horses don’t mind it a bit. Well I’m off to T’s riding lesson only two more before school starts. :o(

  4. Wee one sings to ZZ Top songs? You are ONE COOL MOM!!!

  5. Kat

    Was he singing “sharp dressed man?” that would be hilarious!! Still loving your photos…they belong in a magazine…

  6. Aniin BG,

    We have quite a few back roads still around here, despite the surging population. And, thousands of horse farms. You could drive for weeks and not see them all.

    ZZ TOP rocks!!! I love Wee One. Rock and lizards, what else could a boy want? A seatbelt?

  7. BG..thanks for the tour sure brings back memories of where I grew up..lots of back roads and farms..wide open spaces..Wee one is just too cute and ZZ top rocks..Legs is one of my favs along with Sharp Dressed Man..have a good one..madd

  8. Nice tour! Wee one is looking happy singing in the car.

  9. Beautiful!
    I love that Wee One sings ZZTop,hehehehe.
    The first song my daughter ever sang was Beautiful People,lol Marilyn Manson,woohoo. We have NO clue why she picked that one,she seems to like the heavy guitar.

  10. FF-Scooter loves the little pony across the road but doesnt like Patsy’s mares, weird!

    donna-how do you give directions to your place?

    MM-awww only 2 lessons left? they went by so fast! ewww, traffic can be aggravating to ride in

    pavel-I try to be…

    kat-thnx for the compliment on my photos. Imnot sure which song he was singing but I remember it was ZZ top.

    brian-when I was in FL I remember seeing all of the horse ranches, a lot of them! seatbelt? huh? we dont wear those in Oklahoma…..just joking the car was parked when I took that photo, we were just leaving the driveway.

    madd-your welcome, I love the country too!

    git-thnx! Wee Loves to gogogogogogogogo by foot, car, horse, bike, you name it

    lael-good MM song! my favorite of his.

  11. lol BarnGoddess,
    talking about driving and taking pics
    or talking on the mobile phone

  12. I guess Scooter has a “sixth sense” about your neighbor’s horse. I couldn’t tell you what Wee One was singing, but I’ll bet you can recall! 🙂

  13. Sounds like the road dept has a sence of humor

  14. katie

    Fun to see your area! Looks like great places to ride!

    Wee One is always a cutie!

  15. which ZZ top song? hilarious. Thanks for the scenic route.

  16. In my little tiny town everyone has PO Box as well—and few people know their street address even though everyone was mailed a letter informing them of their physician address as a result of the Emergency Preparedness after9/11.

    I just think Wee One is so precious—-singing to ZZ top—I love it.

    Enjoy your week.

  17. Rebecca

    The first pic is INCREDIBLE. I wanna live in your neighborhood!

    I’m jealous.

    Sorry about the P.O. box. At least you don;t get shit taped to your mailbox weekly about painting, yard, maid, pressure washing, tree triming etc….

  18. Hmmmm…..I have either of 2 towns in my mind of where you could possibly live. LOL. Lets put it this way “I know where you are…sorta” EWWWW I’m gonna start stalking you now!!!! No, really I’m not the stalking type of person, well, that’s what I told the Police anyways.

  19. cheesy27

    Hi, you don’t know me. I just browesed someones blog and saw your name, and thought “HMMM, must go see what her name is all about.” Hope you don’t mind. So far I like what I see…You take really good pictures!!!!

  20. lol, at the seatbelt comment, It was the first thing I noticed………

  21. Beautiful photos. They could be from here in rural Wisconsin.

    I freaked about the lack of car seat, then realized you were in your driveway, and there probably wasn’t another vehicle in sight.

    With that water tower within sight, you’re practically a city girl! 😉

  22. Q9-wow-luckily, Im a good driver!

    MM-I think Scooter thinks the mares are needy, haha

    celeste-sometimes I wonder..

    katie-there are tons of places to ride 🙂

    melanie-your welcome!

    vickie-we have a 911 address too, we just got it this summer.

    rebecca-sometimes we get those fanatical Jehovah’s but they are easily run off.

    hope-we werent on the road yet

    momto3cubs-thnx! Wee One rides in a booster seat, I have turned off the passenger airbag in case hes in the front seat.

  23. susan-lol, its been awhile since Ive had a stalker! I bet your far from one so im not worried 😉

    cheesy27-thnx for stopping by and liking my pics!

  24. I just love a cool classic car like a convertible Cutlass. I see them all the time in movies and TV now.

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