Rare Sight These Days.


The past weekend, the weather was dreary and rainy. I let Bubba play his video games on our big TV. His bedroom’s TV is sort of small,  the graphics arent as good but he usually keeps his games in there.

Son#1 has not played any video games all summer long. 

Bubba has been wanting one of those suped-up-new XBOX360’s since they have came out. He already had all the Nintendos and a Playstation2 with tons of games. The hubs and I felt this was enough in the video game department and we were not buying him an XBOX.

Well, Bubba cleaned up his ole Playstation2 and his games, then on Saturday we drove down to Sand Springs to a game-trader’s store that all the ‘gamers’ frequent.

Bubba swapped his Playstation2, games, and a good amount of his own cash for a brand spanking fancy new XBOX-360, I may have the name wrong, but it is the latest one out. Bubba also wheeled, dealed, and came away with a small stash of good used games like Madden2007 ect.

I cannot tell the difference in all those different brands of video games. But, Son #1 insists that this latest XBOX on the market is the best one out there. So, he just had to have it.

He is happy with his purchase/trade, altho I do not think he was happy about parting with his hard earned cash he earned from mowing lawns all summer.

Scooter patiently waiting for his dinner inside and out of the rain.

It was nice to have the rain come through here this past weekend.

It cooled off our temperatures, out of the triple digits.

Our temperatures are back up into the upper 90’s but they feel a good deal cooler than the 105 degrees we had the week before.

This Saturday morning, Bubba has his first football scrimmage at our field. We are all ready to kick off the football season.



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19 responses to “Rare Sight These Days.

  1. I bet he will take great care of his X-Box since it was bought with his own hard earned cash. Good for you, mama for having him buy his own.

  2. Aniin BG. You have to learn how hard it is to earn cash. Better now than later.

    Neat picture of Scooter. We haven’t had any rain now for a week, getting dry again.

  3. It felt like fall here…. rained, cooled off, a little cloud cover and in the low 80’s. I could live this way year round.

    Do you ever play any of those games of his? I would never get anything done if I got started.

  4. i dread the introduction of video games into my home, but my wee one is already wanting on my computer to play games… sighs.

    I think its great that B. wheeled and dealed his way into getting an upgrade. Good show of intent, no matter that it was a gaming system.

    glad to hear its cooling off for you! :hugz:

  5. jo

    A rare site is seeing a 13 y/0 being taught responsibility ! What a terrific young man he is….mowing in the heat, saving, and learning to bargain. Y’all “done good” as parents, BG.

  6. Kids are the same everywhere! sheesh…. My kids have a Playstation 2 and now they want the Wii.
    Truth be told, I like the idea of the Wii since it means they have to get up and exercise a bit to play those games. We’ll see.

    I’m glad it cooled off a bit for you. Could you send some rain this way?

  7. slackermommy-bubba usually takes decent care of his things,lucky for him

    Brian-isnt that the truth, cash doesntgrow on trees 😦

    Pamela-nope, I never play them…I play a lot of online Scrabble tho!

    Melanie-ohno, a mini puter hog already 😉

    paval-I might like that wii thingy….

  8. jo-awwww thnx!we are far from ‘rich’ no matter what preschool says….Bubba has always worked hard for things hes’really’ wanted that his dad and I couldnt afford.

  9. That is excellent that Bubba is learning how to wheel and deal! Great business experience for future endeavors!

    Glad you got some rain and that it has cooled off a bit. It’s perfect here right now but I shouldn’t say that as it could change in the blink of an eye.

    I’m set free from jury duty! YeeHaw!!! This was my last day as I didn’t get on any trials! I guess when they asked if anyone would be biased by someone using and selling drugs and I said yes that was the end of me! lol!

  10. lol@ jury duty…. the Judge dinna think I was in the right District and dismissed me. I took that as a do not come back..since my address is not going to change this week.

    I haven’t a clue what is what in games and stations and boxes…. I believe it is healthy for kids to earn money and spend money to give one an idea of reality.

    Glad you enjoyed the rain. My eye is better, my horse is better, my computer is still down though and so is my phone line (again) …. lol… rain does have a tendency to get in the way here.

    Your area is looking very lush!

  11. Dang… lol.. that’s me, Katie! My word press account is open . I wanted to copy my poetry to cds but dinna have time so I’m importing it to my semi-old wp account for backup.


  12. Aniin BG, I was just swinging by to tell you about Katie’s blog and I see she beat me here. 🙂

  13. I am so glad to hear you say you can’t tell the difference between the games. Between game boys and all the others, i have no clue what they all are.
    Of course, I could never get past beginner level pong.
    It’s good when hard earned money is spent, great lessons you are teaching 😉

  14. Ah, don’tknow those video games. But seeing Scooter cooled off a bit was good. Such a beautiful horse!

  15. we finally got some much needed rain too

  16. Kat

    We’ve had some rain here too the past few days…it was a welcome relief…

  17. Rebecca

    I want rain. It read 108 here today. I am a fussy, irritable lady with this much of an inferno!

    It’s rare we see Bubba, so thanks for sharing.

  18. I bet you are proud of your son for working so hard to earn his new X-Box. I lost touch with the different video games and equipment when my youngest son left home.

    I didn’t have the 108 heat Rebecca said she had, but 99 was hot enough. It has been raining every day though. Which is good for the garden and flowers. (and weeds)

    Scooter looks great in that picture.

  19. We’re a cheap people. My kids play free games off the computer. Did you know that it was 97 degrees in Colorado and I didn’t break a sweat? Not even once! The mountain air was so refreshing and so I took a look at local real estate ads. A mobile home that goes for 50,000 in Houston is 150,000 in Colorado. Holy Crap!

    The Rocky Mountain High thing really means HIGH Home Prices!

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