Having Cake And Eating It Too

Wee One helped bake his dad’s birthday cake.

Howard’s (the hubs, not his real name, well not his whole name anyhow) birthday was Tuesday. We are going out for dinner to celebrate on Friday night, the whole family.

I hope where ever we go they serve margaritas because I am going to need a whole lotta Jose for this adventure.

While the cake was baking Wee One had a bath.

When I went out to fly-spray Scooter this morning, he was not too far away. The horse flies are horrible, this is a bad year for them and skeeters.


 Look at this huge horse fly. Gah! I hate those damn things.

I took this photo after an early morning ride while Scooter was cooling off. I guess he sweated off all his fly-spray because he was being attacked from all over by those damn things.

I sprayed him down thoroughly. Scooter was thankful, I could tell.

Stupid bugs!



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13 responses to “Having Cake And Eating It Too

  1. That bath photo is the best one I’ve seen of him yet, and you’ve had some good ones. He looks so angelic.

  2. Aniin BG

    Wee One is so…. I don’t know, I hate to be biased, but he is the cutest guy. Love, love that chocolate smile. 🙂

    Poor Scooter. Nasty biting flies.

  3. L.O.V.E. the pic of Wee One in the bath! It is just adorable!!! That hair of his is beautiful, what a price he could get if he could sell that color!

    Poor Scooter. I hate those horse flies, face flies, black flies and moose flies. I go though tons of spray plus I use the face masks and that pink stuff, can’t think of the name of it, and put that in their ears. I think it’s call Swat. They look silly with pink ears but it does work well keeping the darned bugs out of their ears. They must love winter when there aren’t any bugs! Or do you have flies all year round?

  4. that toehead of yours is such a doll. adorable!!!! margaritas sound really good. Really good. really really good.

    Poor critters getting eaten up by a pesky fly. The price you pay to be gorgeous and powerful. You are a good momma. :sunshine:

  5. jo

    Anyone ever figured out what purpose flies are on this earth for ?
    Those pics made my day…Tink could pass for a Wee One clone in a pic I have of her…only it’s MY chocolate cake.What a delightful mess 🙂
    Hope y’all have lot’s of fun and good food tomorrow nite…say hey to Jose for me :-p

    Oh…..rain…we got rain ! And more on the way…maybe/hopefully

  6. Rebecca

    Both of your guys look like they are happy.
    So many men for you to please, so little time!!!!

    Enjoy the cake…I would!

  7. Jenny-awww thnx! he is far from angelic tho…

    Brian-thnx!Im baised too 😉

    MM-when it gets cold, we
    get mostly bug-free. But we do have warm winter days when bugs do come out but not like summer!

    mel-I just found out Im the designated driver!but I can have ONE drink and I plan on it!

    Jo-I saw you were getting the rain, much needed!

    rebecca-sometimes Im not good at pleasing anyone especially myself!

  8. Our flies are almost not here this year. My chickens are keeping them away.

  9. yep, that bath pic is cute, and without seeing his eyes, he does appear angelic.
    However, scroll back up to the cake pic, and you can’t miss the rascally eyes.

  10. What a cutie! He is one happy kid getting to lick the bowl. Oh the joys of Not having to worry about it going to the hips!

    I hate horse flies – not only are they big, they bite!

  11. I think this is a bad year for flies in general we have never had them as bad around our house as this year.

    Cute pics!

  12. Having the cake and eating it
    That’s My favourite Way too

  13. Yesterday I couldn’t comment- WordPress told me it was doing maintenance.

    The batter face should be entered in the fair. What a difference a bath makes. from little devilsfood… to angel cake.

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