Summer Slipping Away Fast

Something new!

I am having a good time with this new Dell LapTop. It isnt brand new but it is like new.

Hub’s office gave it to him for work. I do the majority of the paperwork as far as organizing, emailing, filing, and faxing, ect. He just contributes the data.

So, I have officially accepted this laptop on the hub’s behalf. 

Lucky me!

I am enjoying it very much…..because Im not only doing work on it, I am also playing on it….and of course, blogging.


The Old Guy eating his Equine Senior. He is still  acting fine. In fact, he is energetic, sound, and very active these days. 

I am still concerned about his weightloss. He does not appear to be losing any more but, dang….I hate worrying about it.


Bubba’s first football scrimmage is Saturday morning. He says he is ready and so is his team. Bubba will start.

On defense, Bubba plays noseguard. He is playing guard on offense unless the kid playing his old center position has butterfingers then he’ll have to step into that position.

Despite the fact that it is 95 degrees out, I can feel Fall steadily approaching.

Fall is my absolute favorite season.

The sound of football practice, the store shelves starting to fill up with Autumn and Halloween decorations, and the waning feel of summer as it slips slowly away, undoubtedly have brought the Fall feeling onto me.

Even though I am not ready to abandon summer just yet,  I am excitedly looking forward to my favorite season.



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17 responses to “Summer Slipping Away Fast

  1. E’s first game is tomorrow morning too. He is so psyched! I hope he does as well in the games as he has in practice. Good luck to Bubba.

    I’m a summer person but at this time of year I am looking forward to fall too.

  2. Rebecca

    I love football season!
    Summer heat I will NOT miss …it’s been in the hundreds for the last few weeks. I am dreading the heat that Birmingham AL will offer me for 3 hours tomorrow night. MY GOD I HATE THE HEAT.

  3. I think your old guy looks great. 4 of the 10 horses I care for are older guys. Two of them are over 30. And, you are right, keeping weight on them is sometimes a challenge. They also have different health problems from the younger guys. One of which is they don’t always handle the heat well! But, good observation, a little extra TLC and all is right in their world.

  4. Morning Barngoddess. Don’t you love getting new toys for free? Hope you have a great weekend.



  5. I’m glad you have a laptop to play with!

    I love fall as well. Yesterday at was at Walmart and they had a Halloween Gingerbread house on sale and thought, cool! The kids would love that.

    Take care and stay cool!

  6. Kat

    I love new toys!! The horse looks beautifully healthy to me, I love horses, I’ve just never been around them much. Fall is my favorite season too..I decorate more for Halloween than I do Christmas..this year I’ll have the yard and porches to be able to do alot with..I can hardly wait!!!

  7. Where I go to church, no meeting would be complete without the ‘There’s A Time And Season For Everything’ speech. I think that’s true, but I waste time in the summer season because it’s too freakin hot to do anything. Yes, us Southerners love Fall/Winter/Spring. Summer? Not so much.

    Papi’s Frankensteining a few ‘new’computers for the kids right now even as I type!

  8. he looks okay. maybe not enough protien?

  9. Good luck to Bubba!

    I hate fall. I mean, it’s very pretty and all, and the start of the school year is exciting, but it means that our very brief Wisconsin summer is over, and we are in for many months of cold, which I hate. Plus DH is gone hunting the entire fall season, which leaves everything up to me even more so than usual. And the days are shorter. Dark and cold. Sorry, I HATE fall. But I’ll be happy for you 😉

  10. Jenny-Good Luck E!

    rebecca-me too, football rocks! I do not mind the heat so much.

    astaryth-yes, older horses need a little TLC. sigh I hate worrying..

    rdk-new toys are awesome

    paval-how fun! a halloween gingerbreadbread house. I want one now 🙂

    kat- I LOVE Halloween too.

    ewbl-lol, sometimes the summer heat can make summer notsofun, eh?

    celeste-Im not sure, hes eatinghis equine senior which is loaded w/ it.

    momto3cubs-my husband hunts but we do not have to go far from home..:( wanna trade husbands?

  11. an finally slipping away, too- headed for california to finally spend week with new grandson. Had to delay a bit

    anyway — if we dont find wi-fi for our lap top, I’ll be pretty sparce the next 10 days.

    Enjoy the dwindling summer. Things are looking so beautiful here with the summer finally ending the burning stage.

  12. cool new toy lol I am soo ready for summer to be OVER

  13. Hey great laptop! We will expect even more posts from you from now on!

    Scooter looks good. I think I will look into the Equine Senior for my old guys. Right now Buddy is on a half cup of carb control and half cup of Horse 10 plus his Fast Track. He’s lost about 75 lbs. but was way too fat and that wasn’t helping his laminitis. My vet wants to keep him on the slim side which concerns me once winter gets here as they burn so much more energy keeping warm in the cold weather. Sigh….. on it goes.

  14. I love Summer the way people love Christmas! Anyhow, what does the vet say about Scooter’s weight loss?

  15. jo

    Scooter looks goooood!
    I just ordered wood…fall is kinda here..leaves changing…but I’m sure it will be super hot/humid a few more times.

  16. I had and still have a dell laptop. I loved it up until it caught a mysterious cold and died 2 minutes later. Seriously I heard it cough, then the screen went black. I still haven’t figured out what is wrong with it…I would however like to know if it is fixable I miss being able to sit infront of the TV and search the net,and read blogs. I’m now stuck at the desktop computer, and away from the TV 😦 It’s no fair….I only had that computer for 2 1/2 years before it croaked…and no I didn’t get a warranty on it, because I’m blonde and stupid i guess….not saying all blondes are stupid, just me.

  17. OH btw, I don’t know if you are still on dial up or not, but I do have videos up on my blog (of me and friends, and no it’s nothing nasty, HAHAHA). And the furniture pictures are up too 🙂

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