T-t-truck Troubles

The transmission went out again in Howard’s work truck. About 1 month ago his transfer case went out too.

The ‘Heap’ (as I call  it)  has  since  gone off to the Chevy dealer in Tulsa to be repaired once more, it is still under warranty.

Howard has had nothing but trouble since he got this ’06 truck brand new.

Now Howard is driving his first truck from years ago, this old Ford. The white Chevy is his 4th truck….

I like the Ford because it’s red and does not look like everyone else’s truck  in this part of the USA. Everyone, I mean everyone in Oklahoma drives a white Chevy just like Howard’s.

 Now I can spot him a mile away once again……heheh.

 Wee One was very well behaved at Howard’s birthday dinner.

I had a Porter House Steak cooked medium and it was delicious….

 I drank one top shelf margarita but stopped at just one, I was driving…..dang it.

 We brought home 3 togo boxes, none of us were able to finish our dinners….but we had a great lunch the next day!

Wee One’s new favorite toys are his ‘jungle animals‘ he has been taking them everywhere. 

One good thing about that, it keeps him busy, entertained, and out of mischief.



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12 responses to “T-t-truck Troubles

  1. SailorMoon

    Mmmmmm, nice looking steak!! And a margarita to boot, too!! School starts here Monday….my “baby” goes off to kindergarten. He’s excited. End of era, keeps sticking in my head. He’s playing soccer again, and my 13yo is playing football and soccer. First football game is 9/6, not much time. New athletic director, all new coaches, all new system, including the 6am practices followed by mandatory afterschool tutorials. Yuck. Thought about you when I was in WalMart today, saw the fall decos and thinking about football. Hope your weekend is well!! 😉

  2. Nice birthday party, that steak looked yummy! My son used to have little toys like that when he was a wee one and we took them everywhere. Now his toys are Rhinos and golf clubs, a bit more expensive for me at Chris*tmas time!!

    It was HOT and HUMID here today with the dew points in the 70’s. I have felt like a wet dish rag all day except when in the house with the air on. Would’ve gone to the lake but had an anniversary party to go to. Rats!

  3. Texasgal

    That looks like a good steak.
    By the way, everyone in texas drives the same white chev truck! I even have one LOL!

  4. Margarita – I need one.

    Chevy? here in Oregon – everyone drives a White Ford F-150 (well, it seems like it anyway…there’s one sitting in my driveway too)

  5. jo

    I do believe its the white Ford truck in Mich , too.
    They’re everywhere…like flies and skeeters.
    The pictures are fantastic ! So glad y’all had a good time.

  6. Mechanical things are great when they are working
    and a pin in the butt when they go wrong

  7. Mechanical things are great when they are working
    and a pain in the butt when they go wrong

  8. Mechanical things are great when they are working
    and a pain in the butt when they go wrong.

  9. Helloooo everyone! I am having troubles. dang it. Otherwise it’s been a great weekend.

  10. sorry on the truck trouble, ugh always something isn’t it. steak looks so so so yummy

  11. Anne is right, that steak does look yummy!!! So sorry about the truck troubles.

    Ir’s time for a get-away with Scooter.

  12. The problem is it is a bowtie truck! Ford works forever! We have a 1970 model that still goes!

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