Psychic Mac-N-Cheese

Ha! I found where the cranky old librarian was hiding the latest Greg Ilses book. It was quietly tucked away in the LARGE PRINT shelf in the dusty nether regions of the library.

The second book is one of psychic Sylvia Brown. I was suprised to see 3 of her books on the shelf.

After  much begging from my family, I  made  a pan of my  homemade baked man-n-cheese.  I have  not made  it in  a year, it is rich and packed full  fat.

It was delicious  too.

I’m glad they enjoyed it, it’ll be another year before I make another one…

I took this photo of Bubba after football practice. He was pooped.

Bubba had his 1st football scrimmage early Saturday morning. They won and Bubba played the whole game. I was very proud of him, he played very well.

Last Wednesday morning, I was coming  out of  the laundry room  and  noticed Scooter  on high  alert  in  the pasture. I took  this  photo  then went  out  into the yard and noticed he was spooked at something near the  West gate. There were  birds  in the trees squawking, flying about,  and  carrying on,  so my guess  it  was a   snake or something equally as nasty. Otherwise, Scooter would not have been spooked. He is not an easily spooked horse.

My stoooooooooopid dial-up internet is acting up again.

It sucks!



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12 responses to “Psychic Mac-N-Cheese

  1. katie

    I really enjoy Sylvia Brown’s books! I’ve never read Greg Ilses… will keep an eye out. I finished a couple books by…Janet Evano..something…lol.. a Stephanie Plum and an Alexandra Barnaby…. light fun at that.

    Homemade mac? mmm been years since I’ve had it ( and I don’t eat the box variety! lol )

    Congrats to Bubba and the Team! I bet Bubba’s happy to be back playing though!

  2. Hey BG..well all I can say is now I have to eat lunch after seeing your yummy looking mac and cheese..I only eat the homemade kind…never the box yuck..yours looks absolutely scrumptious..have a good one..mad

    p.s. I put up a few pics of Sydney..we just can’t get enough of her..:)

  3. Kat

    Darn!! Everyone is posting recipes and talking about good food…and I don’t have anything to share…the mac and cheese looks really good…is it hard to make??

  4. That mac and cheese looks to die for! Once again I am drooling on my keyboard! ha! I have never made it from scratch but my DIL does and it is good.

    Poor Bubba. I remember when my son would come home from football practice and be just pooped too. Especially when it was sooooo hot and humid! It’s nice here today after having several really humid and hot days.

    I watch Sylvia Browne on Montel quite often. I have never read any of her books. I don’t understand her abilities but it’s amazing what she comes up with. I wish she’d cut her finger nails though, they are sooooooo long! ha!

  5. ooohhhh…. I want some of that Mac and cheese!!!
    Love the stuff!
    Yay for Bubba. You go, dude! Make mom proud.

  6. GO BUBBA! more mac & cheese please…

    and sorry but dial up sucks… I hope you can afford dsl soon. :hug:

  7. Aniin BG, looks like the WP spam problem is fixed. My comments are gone though.

    The mac and cheese looks great!!! Finally a meatless dish. 😉

  8. Your Macaroni and cheese looks great!

    I am just the opposite of Katie. I have never read anything by Sylvia Brown. (I’m a skeptic.)

    But, Greg Iles, I love. I used to live in Mississippi, so when he talks about hanging out in the groves of Ole’ Miss, I’ve been there and can picture it. Iles’ knows of what he writes.

    And the story telling makes for a can’t put down reading.

    One of my son’s used to play football. But, they never kept him in the whole game. YAY for Bubba!!!

  9. Hey do you get LIFETIME? If so you should really check out the show Life among the Dead (or something like that): Lisa Williams…she’s awesome!!!!

  10. Ohhhhhh, I could never go back to dial-up, it kills me. I’m so sorry you must endure it.

  11. baked man and cheese? is that a typo – or does that mean its mac n cheese for a man.
    let’s have that recipe.

  12. katie-so far, I am enjoying the SB book..its sort of intersting.

    madd-I do not mind the box with the good cheese, not the powder kind-eww

    kat-nah, just a lot of velveeta, condensed milk, and cheddar

    MM-haha, her nails creep me out, I always wonder about ummmm, her bathroom trips, ick!

    pavel-he does 🙂

    memsahib-DSL in my area comes w/ only 1 provider, it costs 79.99 a month but it’d cost $125 to install their modems on ONE computer. grrrr right now I pay onl 9.95 for service sigh

    brian-meatless…yep I suppose it is. Were having pork ribs tonite 🙂

    jolyanna-Ilses is an awesome author! he is one of my favorites, his writing is addictive

    risingrainbow-it sucks!

    susan-Ill have to check it out

    pamela-no recipe…its all just add until it looks good. Velveeta, condensed milk, shredded cheddar, a touch garlic, a pinchof salt and pepper. (boil the mac noodles until almost done, but firm) bake in oven at 350 deg until top layer is sorta crispy.

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