Hot Lunar Eclipse Madness

Bubba and I woke up early this morning and watched the lunar eclipse.

Since my insomnia has returned, I was awake at 4am and ready.

Bubba was impressed. I was impressed. But I am easily impressed by all things in the vast solar system. The moon in particular is special to me. I like the moon and spend a lot of time moon gazing.

Wee One loves towers. At the park yesterday afternoon I took his photo near the water tower. He is standing on the left.

It was hot and windy. Wee One could only go down 1 slide because all of the other playground equipment was hot to touch from the blazing sun.

So, we dug around in the dirt instead. Wee collected acorns and other things that are only interesting to little boys or maybe some type of scientist.

Since we still had time to waste before Bubba needed picked up, we ran out to my friend ET’s parent’s house.

I visited with ET’s mom. She caught me up on all the drama in ET’s life (no wonder ET hasnt called).

Their new paint horse is at the trainers in Glenpool, some young fella I’ve never heard of before.

I saddled Nugget and took a short spin in the arena. It was a tight squeeze for my broad ass in that youth saddle.

We were almost late picking up Bubba-yikes!


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21 responses to “Hot Lunar Eclipse Madness

  1. Rach

    Okay, you know we want to know the drama….

    Looks like Wee One had a blast!

    Love the moon photo and the water tower photo! Things that high always make me dizzy when I look up at them.

    I’m having trouble sleeping myself. Sigh. Let’s blame it on the hot weather, k?!

  2. I missed the lunar eclipse. 😦 I made up for it, though. by seeing a Mitsubishi Eclipse!

  3. Rebecca

    Your Lunar eclipse looks a bit like the “Neon Moon” that Brooks and Dunn sang about Sat and Sun night. It was cool that you and Bubba got up together to share in this.

    I know you enjoyed your short spin. =)

  4. Oh, I wanted to wake up to see the eclipse as well, but it didn’t happen. Darn, I bet it was super cool!
    Glad you were there to take a picture of it for us to see. (smile)

    The tower picture is really awesome! No wonder Wee One likes them. He looks so teenie next to it, it must impress the heck out of him.

  5. rach-yeah, the weather…

    ewbl-ha! I saw one too…so does that make a double eclipse for me?

    rebecca-bubba even woke up on his own!

    pavel-Wee likes his photo very much, I printed one out for him.

  6. Bummer! I slept soundly through the lunar eclipse. Forgot all about it. I love the picture of Wee One and the water tower. Nugget is beautiful!!

  7. Kat

    I was out at 4am…but with LUNATICS..not the Lunar Eclipse. I really wanted to see it too. I’m glad you got a picture of it!!

  8. jo

    Bubba got up on his own for the eclipse? Fantastic !
    The pictures are wonderful yet again, but I have to go back to your post on mac and cheese and stare at that awhile. Just ain’t nothin’ better than homemade mac n cheese. Makes me miss my Mama.
    Hope your temps cool down a bit…I wish someone would invent a slide that stayed cool in the summer, and warm in the winter 🙂

  9. katie

    giggling…@ lunatics!

    love all of the pictures, especially the ones of Wee One and Nugget! Beautiful horse!

  10. I’m not much of a commenter here, but I wanted to le tyou know how much I enjoy your blog. I love the pictures especially. You have such beautiful children, and horses.

    I have a little blond curly headed boy who will not be getting a hair cut for the forseeable future either.

    THank you for sharing yourself.

  11. i walked outside to see the tail end of it. I woke up for some reason.

    i love wee one. sucha cutie pie!

  12. Aniin BG,

    There was an eclipse?????

    What do I know?

  13. Hiya!!

    What a beautiful shot of the moon, thanks so much! I may have been awake, but not UP, if ya know what I mean….

    Glad you & Bubba shared it together.

    Wee One is soo stinking cute! Love that smile of his, makes me grin just looking at him! LOL

    Hope all is going well for you and continues to. Take care.

    D 🙂

  14. I slept through the whole thing, didn’t even know about it till I heard it on the news, after the fact. Tonight the moon is still full and just gorgeous. Wish I had a camera that would take that kind of picture.

    Glad you had a chance to take a ride on that horse. I rode in a youth saddle last week and my arse was hanging all over everywhere. Not a pretty picture! lol!

    Wee One, cute as ever, the pictures are always awesome of him!

    Buddy goes in Thursday for his check up, keep your fingers crossed for us! He cantered about 4 strides today in the sandy ring, it’s been a long time since he’s done that, maybe it’s a good omen. He saw T with a bucket and probably thought it was grain. I’m getting him all slicked up for the vet, shampoo, trimmed up bridle path, whiskers, even cleaned where you shouldn’t have to clean! Gag!

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  16. Texasgal

    I saw the eclipse this morning also. Your “wee one” is so cute! Looks like he had fun at the park. That horse is really nice looking. Have a great day!

  17. Great eclipse pic.. I was too lazy to get out of bed for it.

  18. Great photos!
    Would love to borrow that adorable “wee one”!

  19. arksongbrd-thnx!

    Kat-lunatics? DO get some real weirdos btw

    jo-yep, hes an early riser


    oshee-thnx for the nice comments 🙂



    FF-alls well, hows things in FL?

    MM-oh, I hope Buddy’d check up is excellent!!!! Ill be thinking of you both.

    bridlepath-thnx for the link 😉

    texasgal-it was neat looking wasnt it?

    burg-awww you missed out

    simply marvelous-you can have him today, hes been a brat!

  20. I’m not sure we could see the eclipse from here

    beautiful horse… has a queer look in his eye in that picture.
    Was he posing like clint eastwood?

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