Last Saturday afternoon, Wee One and I went to a matinee of the movie “Underdog“.

It was a cute movie and we had a good time.

However, I was dismayed at the amount of small children allowed to run wild in the theatre unsupervised.

We may have been in a teeny, tiny movie theatre in the middle of the boonedocks, that does not mean it is okay to turn loose 4 and 5 year olds in a movie theatre and they will be safe or behaved.

Luckily, Wee One settled down as soon as the lights went dark and the previews started.

Scooter was trying to escape in this photo.

Earlier I had him out in the yard eating the yard grass before Bubba came home to mow. It was time for me to run into town and pick up Bubba from football practice so back into his pasture Scooter went.

I started Scooter on a new joint supplement called “Grand Flex” made by SmartPak. My vet recommended switching his arthritis supplement. When I drove down to her office the other day, Dr. M was out of town but her assistants were there and very nice as usual. I hope this new treatment works. Scooter has not been lame but a bit off on his right shoulder. He isnt hot to touch but he is sore.

This afternoon Howard is hauling more hay off the field for me. He picked up another 60 bales of excellent hay just incase, incase we may have one more horse here soon. I need to remind myself that no matter how much of a redneck irritating jerk my husband can be, he does have some very, very good qualities…..

I would love to jerk a good sized amount of cash out of our savings and plop it down on a nice gelding but I cannot. Bubba may need braces…yes braces. Gah! I do not even want to think about that expense. We have dental insurance but y’all know how well that stuff works. That is just one of the unexpected things we are going to have to fork over cash for in the next few months….



Our sunrises have been beautiful the last few days.

Ive been outside to see them. I love, love the early morning outdoors.


Our nights have become a bit chillier. No more 75 and 80 degree nights. It has cooled off to the high 60’s. No complaints from me. These temperatures make for enjoyable mornings.



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15 responses to “UnderDog

  1. Rebecca

    You are up for a sunrise and coherent to take pictures. I am impressed. I still roll out of bed moaning and groaning….and it’s just me and the kitties to take care of…GOD BLESS YOU

    Sorry about the braces aspect. The money will be well spent long term…But I am sure the crunch hurts now ~

  2. Aniin BG. Glad Scooter is feeling better and maybe, just maybe, Horsey Clause will stop by early. 😀

    I find it amazing that people complain all the time about lack of manners but then proceed to let their kids run wild.

    Cool weather????? Still near 80 every morning and mid-90’s late in the day. No rain this week either.

    Working on the eleventh edit this week, still making changes, but I think all the errors are fixed.

    Happy Hump Day!!!!!

  3. I was probably the one with the wild little ones at Underdog! I hope not…no they are pretty good. Just visiting via rainbows. You have beautiful pictures here.

  4. Kat

    I need to start carrying my husbands digital camera to take some better pictures..I always love your photos. I saw a commercial the other day with a child that looked identical to Wee one…especially the curly blonde hair. I think it was a cereal commercial . Hope Scooter feels better soon.

  5. You know, there are good horses for sale really cheap these days. Check out http://www.horsetopia.com/ for what’s available in your area.

    The drought, the hay shortage, and the fact that horses can’t be slaughtered has made for some bargains. I’ve seen what appeared to be great buys on craigslist.

    Of course you never know if it’s a good buy until you actually see the horse, and I haven’t seen any of these (since I’m not in the market).

  6. katie

    Horses here on CL’s list are running from $300 – $2,500… mostly towards the lower range. Some of them appear and sound like good buys and good horses.

    Since I’m moving home to MT this fall/winter I’m going to have one of my friends there pick me up a few ton to be on the safe side. Hay is definitely cheaper there than here though – regardless of how hard it is to find.

    I hope this helps Scooter!!!

  7. I’m surprised the ushers let kids run wild. How rude and irresponsible of the parents.

  8. rebecca-we’ll know more about the braces in a couple of weeks. Im worried about football and braces too…I am a morning person to a certain extent.

    brian-horsey clause? I can only wish! I hope you get some rain, we might today. RM is worth every drop of your hard worked sweat 🙂

    deana-hnx for coming by! I doubt those were your heathens….giggle

    kat-I love my camera. Was it rice krispies? Ive had tons of people tell me that.

    donna-thnx for the input. Ive been searching, Ive contacted some rescues, but everything decent is high priced inmy area. Im scared to go to a sale….one never knows about those horses!

    katie-weve had a great hay season this year. Stock up while you can. Can I come to MT and visit you?

    slackermommy-ushers? giggle, have you ever been to rural OK?

  9. GAH! now I have to go drive the truck while Howard and his friend pick the hay up off the field. Howard doesnt want to wait until Bubba gets out of school to drive the truck. Oh well, better than ME picking it up off the field, right?

  10. Wee One could be in TV commercials. Such a cutie! I am really hoping Scooter perks up. I’ll be praying that supplement works. God, such a beautiful horse. Just takes me back to my late Cousing everytime I am over here for a visit and that is soothing. She had 3 Arabian horses. I know you are giving Scooter the “best” love and care and look forward to reports of improvement. 🙂

  11. Underdog – Thanks – Now I know what I’m going to do with the kids in the next 2 days.

  12. I think Skipper looks really good and can tell you are taking excellent care of him. He is smart too. He knows basically how to get out of his pasture. If he just had hands instead of teeth.

  13. SailorMoon

    Wow….temps in the 60s at night??? I’m so jealous. I tell you what, it will be a real special day when I can go the entire day without any part, crack or crevice of my body getting wet!! The humidity this year has been a killer!!

  14. orthodontal insurance is usually abou t 50%

  15. MM-aww thnx, know where I can send him? we need the $$ haha, just kidding..well maybe not totally.

    karmynR-it was a cute movie

    jolyanna-hes an escape artist

    SM-I hear ya on the humidity..Im ready to live in the desert

    pamela-too bad we only have dental! his teeth are pretty straight except for him having an extra which might mess up his entire mouth, it seems to be pushing one front tooth crooked-grrrr

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