Just In Time

This thunderstorm came barreling at us as we finished stacking the hay inside the barn mid-afternoon yesterday.

The hubs and one of his buddies picked the bales up off the field while I drove the truck pulling our trailer. Wee One rode shotgun.

We werent the only ones out at cousin L’s ranch hustling L’s meadows before the rain hit, L and about 7 other guys were also loading the bales as fast as they were getting cut and baled.

L’s ranch is nice, the buildings/house and his stock. He has lots of horses and quite a few impressive longhorn cattle. I did not have time to grab my camera before we left the house. The hubs was in a rush, nothing unusual with that. When it comes to work, the hubs is all about getting it done now….this can be a good and a bad thing.

I gotta say, the hubs, his cousin L,  and hub’s friend were looking mighty fine working like real men do……bulging tan biceps, big strong backs, tight behinds….you get the picture. I had a great view from the driver’s seat.

A few of the other men were not so physically appealing. One of them was so pale, I bet he glowed in the dark. I wondered if he had been outside all summer.

When we got home from the hay field, I took a photo of Wee One on the front porch. He jabbered non-stop while riding shotgun the whole time we were in the hay field….non-stop about anything and everything. My ears are still ringing….

It’s about 4:50 am right now.  I have to drive the in-laws to Tulsa for the day for medical appointments. Wee One is going to work with his daddy.

I am actually looking forward to a day with out kids to look after….well 3/4 of the day. I’ll be home by late afternoon.



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21 responses to “Just In Time

  1. We got lots and lots of thunder but I think only 10 raindrops. Love the pics!!!

  2. Aniin BG,

    Have a good day and safe trip. Bet Wee One will have lots to say when you get back. 🙂

  3. I could use some hay 😦

  4. Kat

    Kids ….you spend a whole year trying to get them TO talk…and the rest of their lives telling them to shut up…LOL

  5. Beautiful pictures!! The mare and foal are gorgeous. We got over an inch of rain at the school I teach at, but I only got a smidgen at my house about eleven miles away. Bummer….my flowers are thirsty!

  6. Rebecca

    Can’t you package up one of those REAL men and wrap him with nothing but a big red bow and mail him?? Ok, maybe overnight delivery???? I’ll be waiting just in time for my 3 day weekend.

    I love reading about the stuff you get to experience with having land. I am so jealous!!!!

  7. man I so want to watch guys out in the field now, baling some hay.

    when I win the lotto, can I come visit and ride shotgun? the boys can sit together in the middle.

    huh? huh? suwheeeet!

  8. It’s raining here as well, thank goodness. We’ve had an awful dry spell.

    I’m glad to hear you get almost a whole day of “you” time. You deserve it.

    Wee one is precious!!! That smile will win girls hearts, I tell ya!

  9. Oh man, I’ve done that bucking hay thing, it is a lot of work. I was really glad when I got a turn driving instead of loading. But it sure does help keep down the price of hay. We’re currently paying $225 a ton and they tell me it’s going up. YIKES!!

    I’ll bet Wee One would be glad to be riding shotgun if he understood what that job is like. Someday he’ll be out there throwing those bales himself wishing he was in the truck next to mom again.

  10. There is something very sexy about hard working, sweat shining men.
    Lucky you.

  11. jo

    Hey there BG…great post and fantastic pictures yet again ! Hope you enjoy your “day” off. A little time for self does wonders for the soul.
    Rain, rain everywhere…but not a drop around me 😦

  12. kelli-not much rain here either!

    brian-suprisingly, he wasnt jabberjaws when I got home, he was busy rebuilding a monster-truck toy.

    celeste-aww, I hope you get some, I hate worrying about hay 😦

    kat-haha, you are RIGHT ON!

    arksongbird-thnx! I hope your thirsty flowers get a drink soon.

    rebecca-sure, Ill send hubs friend, hes got a rocking body and hes tall!

    memsahib-you bet, pack a bag, bring your Wee One. My Wee One would love a new friend too.

    pavel-Thnx! you are nice. Wee One does have a great smile.

    rgb-I was so glad I wasnt slinging bales, hard work.

    hope-oh yeah, I could watch all day long…

    jo-I hope y’all get some rain asap! maybe this weekend?

  13. Hi barngoddess, that’s a great visual (the manly men doing the baling). I’ll enjoy it all day 🙂
    Love the picture of your little guy. He’s so cute!

  14. BG..hope your day went well..don’t you just love the smell of new mown hay..I remember it as a kid from our fields which the next door..(about 2 miles down the road..:))..farmer cut twice a year for is dairy herd…take care madd

  15. I used to love driving the truck when we were haying back in the olden days when I was a kid. It was the only time I got to drive and it was only in first gear!! Sigh….
    Send those men to Maine to do MY haying! I may be old but I’m not dead and still like the sight of a nice looking man, especially if it has anything to do with horses, hay, barns, etc etc…
    Send Wee One too, he and D would get into all kinds of mischief together!

  16. Beautiful photos!

    I hope your day, and your trip went well. You sure were up early!

  17. I keep thinking of that musical…..”Oklaaaahooomaaaa is the place to be” if you want to see hot guys!

    Your son is mischievously cute. That’s the BEST kind of cute, by the way.

  18. jo

    Just wanted to stop in and say have a happy, fun, safe holiday !
    Might rain Monday. Doubt it, tho.

  19. Texasgal

    wow I sure miss having some muscle around here. You are a lucky girl. Have a great weekend

  20. katie

    beautiful horses!

    Adorable Wee One!!!

    I was looking for pics of a few hot men though from your trailing tease…lol… never , ever, leave home without your camera! 🙂

  21. no excuses for no pictures of biceps and butts

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