Cookie Monster, Big Trucks

Friday morning Wee One and I baked cookies, then we decorated them with frosting and sprinkles.

Wee loves to bake… not-so-much.  

I foresee a ginormous sugar rush in Wee One’s future.


We cleaned out several boxes and tubs of our junk on Saturday morning. The whole family pitched in and we sorted through our junk.

These boxes/tubs of stuff had not been unpacked or touched since we moved last summer. It was nice to get rid of some extra stuff that we’ll never use or need.

I do not like clutter. Hubs is a pack rat, it has got to be the one thing that absolutely drives me crazy…..crazy in a bad way.

The hubs also loaded up the car trailer with much of his outdoor junk and hauled it off early Monday morning.

Hubs found an old remote control truck from years ago. The truck belonged to Bubba when he was about Wee One’s age. It has been thru heck. Suprisingly it worked when the battery was charged up.

Howard gets good husband points for finally mowing the acreage…..the brush hog had been broken and he finally had a chance to repair it.

 Wee One put some miles on his Gator this weekend. He drove it all over.

Our nights have cooled off, but the days are still very warm. 

Wee One and hubs took one last summer swim……

The hubs and I noticed our pool seems to be losing a small amount of water. Hopefully the water is just evaporating because it has been so hot and dry…we have not noticed any holes or any wet ground (that we can see).

Oh well, we’ll be taking the pool down soon because the cooler weather is not far off.

Scooter was feeling good over the Holiday weekend. I did get out and ride twice for about 45 minutes each time. Scooter stepped right on out and was not sore one bit afterwards. He even gave a half ass attempt at spooking at a giant, wind-flapping, windmill ornament in BIL W’s yard. It lasted about 30 seconds. Scooter isnt spooky, sometimes he checks to make sure Im awake in the saddle though.


Sunday evening, hubs wanted to go to Wal-Mart, so we went. He never wants to go to Wal-Mart. When the hubs goes, I usually fill the cart full and not worry too much about how much money I am spending. For some reason I was not in a shopping mood and was ready to leave WM as soon as we pulled into the parking lot. The hubs even offered to let me go off and shop alone….I just was not into it.

What is wrong with me?!?!?!?!



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16 responses to “Cookie Monster, Big Trucks

  1. Barngoddess: Doesn’t it feel cool to get things organized? Wee One is just so Cool! I love the photo of driving the car around. And that smile when the cookies were getting decorated. I remember licking the pans of the icing at Wee One’s age. What memories! And Scooter is better. GREAT!

  2. Aniin BG. Just got back home from Orlando. Had to take the computer to the Apple Store to get fixed. Had dinner down there.

    It’s funny you’re talking about taking down the pool. Maybe by December it will be cold enough here.

    I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Maybe because you didn’t get to the U.P. this summer.

    Back to work tomorrow.

  3. I kept my pool up in MT until the water iced over… lol…

    Wee One is too darn cute!

    My computer is still down.. I finally got it up, did a reboot and it crashed… I’ve renamed it “Lil’ B##tard…” which amuses me since I rarely cuss… but the title fits.

    Great to see Scooter is feeling better. I’m going to ride this next weekend ( Sackett and Aztec ) for a couple of short rides… I have two whole days free since I’m house/dog sitting… lol… no computer, no phone… just me my horses, my camera and a few projects…

    Shopping… my heart hasn’t been in shopping either.. or going places.. I’m peopled out for now…
    I’m going to hide out at work this week… lol.. just do the j.o.b. … Maybe the truth is simple – you just got rid of a lot of stuff..Why bring more in?

    I’m trying to make sense of necessities…figure out what I’m packing, leaving…. shipping… and still work on projects…. 🙂

    I made some habanero jelly ( the red ) and the dark green pepper jelly today…

    back to the j.o.b. tomorrow night for me too….

  4. I absolutely love that last picture of Wee One in the pool. His blonde hair just blends perfectly with the sparkling sunshine in the pool water.

    Oooh, baking cookies. I have to do that a lot because of my daughter who loves to bake. He looks like he’s in Heaven eating that cookie!

  5. jo

    Wonderful post and pics 🙂
    I am a pack rat…just awful…I still have my sons first pair of big boy underwear…he’s 36 now !
    Midkid hates clutter too. She has a rule when I visit…for everything I bring in, 2 things have to go out ( or back home with me…sigh )
    Glad Scooter is doing better ! May I have a cookie..huh…pleeeeeeeze :-p

  6. My kids spent the weekend in the pool, I figure we wont have too many of those weekends left.

  7. I love the picture of Wee One eating the cookie. He looks so happy!

    Cliff has been trying to mow our pasture, which is nothing but weeds as a result of the drought. But it’s so dusty it chokes him up, and he said the rest will have to wait until we get some rain.

  8. Kat

    Maybe you’re just winding down after a busy summer. The mornings and evenings are much cooler here too…kind of a welcome relief from all the sweating…LOL

  9. DaBich

    MmmMmmm COOKIES~!!! Me want cookies lol.

    It’s getting cooler here in the evenings also. It goes from the low 80’s at afternoon peak to 52-54 in the night. Brrr! Fall is coming! I don’t mind tho, I love the leaves and all. Bring it on!

  10. wee one is a love. truly.

    I wish I had someone to help me clear up the mess in my apartment. I need a day to myself… the place is a shambles!

    you are just in a shopping doldrum. enjoy the rest. It wont last long. :giggles:

  11. MM-I like being organized, I wish I were better at it sometimes

    brian-yikes, glad your puter is fixed. Im ready to put up my fall decor now!

    katie-you have got a lot on your plate right now! but it all is good 🙂 haha lil B*#t*#d, I frequently call mine stupid POS….but I have a very bad potty mouth. Shame on me, I know it.

    pavel-Wee One has a sweet tooth like no other, no joke either! oh, I bet you have tons of fun baking w/ your daughter. I remember baking w/ my g’ma…wish Id paid attention better.

    jo-about the underwear, all I can say is oh. my.gawd. You and Howard would be perfect for eachother!!!! he would want to keep such a thing, me? heck no give it away or I throw it out.

    kelli-yep, our water is too cool now since its colder at nite

    donna-its raining here, I hope y’all get some asap

    kat-maybe, its still warm but today its raining..Im kinda glad for once to see the rain.

    DaBich-Fall is the BEST season ever!

    memsahib-thnx! my house is kinda messy today….I need to finish my housework and I rather surf the net. sad arent I?

  12. I feel that way everytime I drive into Wally World parking lot. I always end up buying stuff I really don’t need and who wants more STUFF! I hate clutter too. Wee One looks so pleased with himself over the cookies! :o) No kidding it’s making me drool looking at them. My grand kids have the little John De*ere car too and the cat rides around in it with them! Glad Scooter is better, that’s a relief! I’m going to have some gross pictures to post of Buddy getting his shoes put on. At least he is more comfortable now.

  13. Rebecca

    Cookies and Trucks…after that line you had me hooked! All you nneded was to describe this good looking, sweaty, body glistening, strong, a little rough around the edges, aims to please and able to relax after a good hard day of work on acres of land…see, I just created the PERFECT man…all by myself. Ironic, I’m a 6th grade teacher of Fairy Tales huh????

    Glad Scooter is improving! You need a ride with him each day for your own “ME” and “Scooter” time.

    Did you save me any cookies since I didn’t get the truck or the man???

  14. Ooo! Cookies! I like mine plain, though. Frosting takes away from the taste, I think.

    Cool that you got to toss stuff. I am a certified pack rat & hoader. Ask Brian, I save everything! Sigh…I’m working on it!

    Wee One is just adorable! Love that smile, look at how happy making cookies with Mom has made him! Being with Dad in the pool makes him smile, too! He’s just a happy little man, he is!

    Glad you got to ride Scooter recently. Betcha he loved the attention and the real outdoors with you.

    Wal-Mart??!! Are you crazy?? On a Sunday??? That’s the worst time to go – EVERYONE is there at that time! You didn’t want to shop??? That is odd. Perhaps you’re in need of more quiet time or a rest somehow.

    That’s right, you have to take the pool down for winter. That’s the part of an above ground pool I dread. One last good watering for the lawn, though!

    Well, enjoy your family and I’ll stop back by another day. D 🙂

  15. Frosted sugar cookies? mmm, my favorite.

    Those little battery operated cars are so cool, I wish they’d had them when I was a kid!

  16. I used to bake. Now I eat.

    Yum… sugar cookies.

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