How Cool IS This?

The hubs job takes him all over Oklahoma and parts of Southern Kansas.

Awhile back, he was at a work location (Im keeping it a secret but it was in OK) and he came across what appeared to be ‘shark teeth’.

Since he was working, he did not have much time to look for more. He asked the land’s owner if he (the hubs) could come back when he was not working and look for more. The landowner said sure, he was not interested in fossils, only the fossil fuel from his lands.

I sent the above photo off to a Paleo guy who is very interested in the tooth. The Paleo guy said it was most likely a shark tooth and is taking the photo in 2 weeks to a convention to show experts. He also offered to purchase it and more if we would like to sell them.

Sell them? My answer is Hell yeah! I can foresee my new horse fund multiplying!!

But, the hubs isnt so enthusiastic. Howard, being the detailed, law-abiding citizen that he is, is studying the fossil collecting laws in the USA to make sure he is in accordance. Howard wants to make sure it is okay to sell/keep the fossils before making a decision.

WTF? Howard harvests fossil fuels for a living, it is our livelihood-he’s worried about a few prehistoric shark teeth? Needless to say, I had to bite my tongue and not get into a huge debate over this whole thing….

My luck, I’d sell the teeth, get busted by some undercover Federal Agent, then find myself doing 10-20 in McAlester Maximum Security Prison. But the upside of that, Wee One would get into preschool.

I’m rambling, changing the subject now.

I received this award from my fellow Okie and blogger, Kel from BusyBusyMommy.

Kel is one busy woman too, I read her blog and she always has some good ideas. Also, I do not think I have ever seen a more organized person. I wish I was more like her!

I am quite flattered because, I am not that nice but some one seems to think so.

Thank you Kel!

 This week is the Free Fair. Wee One and I went last year and had a blast. I am planning on taking him Friday afternoon. We have friends who are going to be up there with their horses and livestock.

Bubba’s first game is at home tomorrow evening. Since he’s 8th grade, we are the last to play. Oh well, I am looking forward to it. Wish us luck!

Oh, and guess what his 2 favorite classes are? History and Algebra…..ick (but I keep that part to myself).



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17 responses to “How Cool IS This?

  1. DaBich

    Yes, you are SO nice 😛
    Our local fair is this week too. Hubby wants to go see the stunt show. It’s tomorrow evening. Me? I love to look at all the livestock and other animals. But I’ll watch the stunt show too.

    History and algebra???? Your Bubba must be a wiz!!!!

  2. Texasgal

    That shark tooth is interesting. My husband also collected fossils and arrowheads, I have quite the collection. Don’t really know what to do with it all. Maybe one day my girls will want them.
    What a pretty horse, makes me want to go riding 😉

  3. I don’t know about OK but in NM it was illegal to pick up artifacts. I don’t know if fossils count as artifacts either. I’d pick them up and sell them too!

  4. Aniin BG, I’m think that fossils are finders keepers, but don’t quote me on that. 😉

    You are nice, you answer comments and you visit. That qualifies as nice round these parts.

    Have fun Friday at the fair and eat lots of nasty, gooey fair food. The best kind.

  5. That is one very cool find!

  6. A sharks tooth. I can’t wait to hear about what else he finds.

    A fair sounds like a really great day. I hope you two have a blast.

    i hated algebra. but history? not too bad. happy Wednesday!

  7. Congrats on your award, you are certainly deserving as far as I’m concerned! :0) We used to find arrowheads when I was a kid back home. Wish I had some of them now but they are long gone. I’d sell that tooth so fast it would make your head spin and that money would go in the horse fund!

  8. Rebecca

    History and Algebra, the History I can see…the Algebra you should be happy with. Kids that are strong in math tend to make more money later on…Just think he could contribute to your horse fund as soon as he graduates!!!!

  9. dabich-were you being sarcastic?heheh

    texasgal-keep up with those riding lessons!

    jenny-from what hubs has read about the laws, its okay if they are harvested from private property..

    brian-aww, our sweet! I want some cotton candy..;just a bite tho


    memsahib-me too! I hope the fair is fun 🙂

    MM-I would but Im waiting on the hubs:(

    rebecca-Im glad hes good at it, I suck at math.

  10. Wow! The tooth is very cool. It would never occur to me that there were fossil collecting laws. We have laws for everything, don’t we?!!

    That horse is beautiful!

  11. Wow, I’m glad it’s you with the dilema and not me. Only thing here are rocks, lots and lots of rocks.

    I think I missed how Wee One would get pre school with you in prison, but it’s probably better if I don’t know. lol

  12. hey just stopping by to say hello ,and let you know that i’m back in the bloging mod now so get ready lol

  13. Good luck on the start of football season.

  14. DaBich

    I’m *NEVER* sarcastic….well….maybe now and then, but not *THIS* time 😉

  15. arkansassongbird-yes, darn it…laws for everything!

    rgb-haha,Wee would get into prison b/c his daddy would be a single parent…the income factor wouldnt be important then.

    hope-hi, over when I can


    dabich-lol, okay!

  16. Kat

    Thats interesting!!! My husband builds water tanks for the government and they work and dig in some pretty remote areas…he brings home some strange things sometimes…nothing really identified yet

  17. Curious about that tooth. Wow.

    I enjoyed history in school. But not algebra…. at the time

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