The Good, The Bad, And The…..Baddest

The Good………………………

I was given an Amazon.Com giftcard and I finally used it.

I purchased “Jaws” and “Dazed And Confused

2 classics.

They finally arrived in the mail (2 weeks ago!)

The Bad……………

Yesterday,Wee One and Marvin rough-housed all morning long. I would clean one room, they would come into it and make a mess right behind me.

I was seriously thinking about locking them in the closet until I was finished.


The Baddest…………………..

Wee One and his big brother were in my room watching a DVD……well, Bubba fell asleep and Wee One decided to spray my Shower To Shower Powder all over my bathroom.

Wee One was saying,”it’s snowing!”

Then he’d throw the opened powder container up in the air and run under the powder that flung out everywhere.

The boysย were supposed to be watching this movie:

“Spirit, Stallion Of The Cimarron”

I came in from outside and thought,”wow, those fresh linen candles smell great even without being lit.”

Was I ever wrong!

Then I saw Wee One covered in powder and realized that was what I was smelling.

Gah-I’m gonna be dusting for weeks!

Tonite is our first football game.

I am excited, wish us luck!





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23 responses to “The Good, The Bad, And The…..Baddest

  1. Oh me, that was so funny! “Those fresh linen candles smell great even without being lit.”

    Good luck at the game, go Bubba!

  2. Rebecca

    I hope Bubba wins! I hope my Saints do too!!! We will all be hooping and hollaring all evening!

    Wee one is smelling FRESH no doubt!!!! Sorry about the mess.

  3. Too hilarious BG!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Wee One certainly is full of Spirits!

    Good luck with the game!

  4. SailorMoon

    Haven’t had the powder mess yet, although I manage to get enough of it everywhere, everyday. I love my powder. Wow, we picked up Dazed & Confused at Walmart this weekend. Great minds think alike. Tonight is also our first JH football game. Go orange & black! (our colors also!) Forgot my danged cowbell as I’m going straight from work. Oh, & I found another house and decided to move last Thursday. Did it over the weekend in my spare time. New house is much better but danged am I too old and tired for this!

  5. Well, at least everything smells good now ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m sure it was very fun for Wee One. Good luck with the clean-up! Cleaning with kids around is like shoveling while it’s snowing.

    Good luck at the game!

  6. Aniin BG, good luck at the game. And good luck with getting anyone to watch Wee One besides yourself. I’ll bet all the guys, Marvin included, thought that it was really funny to see snow in September. ๐Ÿ™„

  7. hi! i have finally re-entered the blog world and it is good to see your pics again! i have missed them. good luck with the fball game.

  8. jenny-haha, I thought wow, I had really bought some great candles…

    rebecca-yep, fresh and WHITE

    katie-full of spirits, yes VERY much so…

    SM-yikes, moving? that is such hard work. Good luck

    kila- “Cleaning with kids around is like shoveling while itโ€™s snowing.” haha you said it perfect!

    brian-I already called his daycare this morning, they are full up dammit! Im ready to scream.

  9. If we lived closer we could babysit once in awhile. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  10. jo

    Gooooooo Bubba…yeah ! Y’all have fun !
    How much does Marvin weigh ? He looks gigantic in the pic with Wee.
    I’d be sneezing for days if the grands got hold of any powder.
    Not ready to think of snow….but…we MIGHT get some rain/storms today and tomorrow. Who knows anymore. Its everywhere but here.
    Have a great day !

  11. BG you are a hoot! I laugh so much at the goings on at your house! You should have your own sitcom starring Marvin and Wee One! The powder incident was the best! heehee!!

  12. DaBich

    ::laughing:: Ahhh…I can picture the powder flying (and landing) everywhere. The fun you have with those boys, especially Wee One. Makes me glad I had girls lol.

    Good luck Bubba!

  13. lol, my granddaughter did it with arts and crafts sparkles all over the dog and the play room, she was pretending it was pixie dust.
    I’ll admit to cracking up, after all, it wasn’t my house. The dog sparkled for weeks and left a trail where ever he went.
    good luck at the game.

  14. Wee One is so charismatic and cute that if he were here in L.A., someone would create a cool TV series for him! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I know what you mean about wanting to lock them away! I would be livid about the powder mess but do you blame him? What fun that must have been! That’s what keeps me from killing my kids when they do stuff like that. I think about how much fun it must have been and that I would join in if I wasn’t the one that has to clean it up.

  16. kt-glad your back!

    Brian-I wish!! you may change your mind after you see what a holy terror WEE is.

    jo-marv weighs #20

    MM-I keep a lot of alcohol handy….the drinking kind

    dabich-girls? you ARE lucky!

    hope-sparkles? yikes!!

    MM-where doI sign him up?

    slackermommy-your right!if I didnt have to clean up their messes, I would think they are funny.

  17. Kat

    I Loveeeeeeeeee JAWS…I bought the 20 yr anniversary edition a few years ago.

    The hardest I ever laughed at my daughter..she was about a year and a half old…I was on the phone and thought she was watching a movie. After too much quietness I went to find her..and found her buck-assed naked, sitting in the floor…COVERED from head to toe in chloraseptic cherry flavored throat spray and then coated in a pink sparkly scented bath powder I had.. I nearly busted a gut….

    How did the game go??

  18. hee hee – oh the powder – I suppose it could have been worse. At least it smelled nice.

  19. My 6 year old loooooves Spirit.

    Guess what my retired army neighbor guy told me? You can kill fire ant piles using baby powder and similar powdery products. We tried it and it works! Luckily, it does NOT kill cute little blonde boys…..

  20. LMAO!!

    I’m so sorry.. I can’t help it.. The powdered boy is just too much! When mine have done such silly things I’m too torn between amusement and frustration to do much more than shake my head.

  21. I know it was a mess but that pic with the powdered wee one was cute!
    Hope the football game went well.

  22. Aniin BG.

    So????? How was the game?????

  23. kat-haha throat spray? Jaws ROCKS..the first one anyhow

    karmynR-my bathroom is dusty ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    ewbl- fire ants? no way!! Im gonna try it!

    burg-gah! I hate cleaning their messes

    kel and bri-we WON ๐Ÿ™‚

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