Give Me Strength


We Won!

We won the football game last night. 16-6. We played our long standing rivals and beat the snot outta them.

Bubba played excellent. His dad and I were proud.

The next game is Monday and it is away, a town almost 2 hours away. I am scrambling to find a sitter for Wee One because Howard is going to be up working in Kansas.

Wee One is just plain ornery.

He has driven me to the edge this week.

Thank you to my girl J for your encouraging email yesterday. I appreciate it. I was cracking and J’s email boosted my long suffering morale in dealing with Wee One’s antics. 

Yesterday Wee One was just awful, the brat from hell. I am not exaggerating.

I keep my expensive and sentimental BreyerHorses out of reach and up high, safe. Wee One knows they are off limits. He has 10 or more of his own Breyers that he plays with.

Wee One is not a kid short on toys…believe me.

Yesterday, Wee One climbed up on a chair, then stood on the counter and got down one of my most treasured Breyers. It was one my mother gave me for X-mas when I was about 5 or 6 yo. Not only was the model an expensive one they no longer make, it has sentimental value.

Wee One snuck off with it and then proceded to break one of it’s legs! All in a matter of minutes.

I was so angry, disappointed, frustrated. Why cant he break one of his own banged up Breyers? 

Wee One knows better, those out-of-his-reach Breyers are off limits to everyone.


I gave him a time out and explained what he did was wrong.

Last night before I went to bed, I made my rounds making sure the house was locked and secure, the boys were both asleep and covered with their quilts. I came to Wee One’s small form sleeping in his bed, he was so tiny and innocent looking as he slept. I could not believe that this little, angelic, sweet boy has been such a holy terror this week.

Today we are going to the free fair, I hope the rain and storms holds off until after we have our fun.

Wee One has been looking forward to the ‘carnival’ all week.

I took this photo of Marvin staring holes in my back as I was mopping the kitchen floors.

I guess he thinks I need supervision.

With all the recent rain and the warm temperatures, our grass is growing just as much as it did all summer.

The tree leaves are starting to thin and fall is definitely in the air.

I love Fall!


**in regards to the above photo of Wee One and the toy gun:

it is a toy, one of the many toy guns we have. We are a gun-

loving family, NRA members, and avid hunters. Gun safety is of

utmost importance and we are safe in handling firearms. If you 

disapprove, I respect your opinion but do NOT judge **



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16 responses to “Give Me Strength

  1. Aniin BG, guess I should have waited. 😀

    Congrats on the football win, glad he played well.

    I’m very sorry I can’t offer any advice on Wee One. I know you do the best the can.

    I’ve never had guns, it would be a bad idea, very bad idea. On the other hand, we had cap guns growing up and loved to play all the games. Toys aren’t real and they don’t make anyone grow up to be violent.

    Have fun at the carnival.

    Love and lots of (((((((hugs)))))))

  2. Maybe running around at the fair will take some of the piss and vinegar out of that ornery little angel today! Sometimes they have to test their boundaries by doing something purely because they know they’re not supposed to.

    Yippee!! for Bubba and his team…I hope you’re able to go to the away game.

  3. YEAHHHHHHHHHH for Bubba!!!

  4. Great job Bubba!!!!!!! I’m so glad they won their game!!!! I know when my son played football in high school it was such a high when they won a game. (didn’t win that many….sob…..sob…..) One game they did win was against our arch rival across the river that has a much bigger school. That was cause for celebration and still talked about today!

    Sorry Wee One has been giving you fits this week. I know how sad you must have been to have one of your precious Bryers broken. :o( Can it be fixed? Gorrilla glue works wonders. :o)

    Thanks for all your kind comments concerning Buddy. It certainly lifts me up to read them. He seems to be doing well with the backwards shoes and is much more comfortable. Also no more wrapping his feet each day!!! I should’ve bought stock in Vet Wrap!

  5. Rebecca

    I am also a lover of the fall leaves and cooler temps.

    Good going on the game, I know you were proud! I would be.

    My SAINTS got their butt whipped last night. *sigh*

  6. Jealous of all that grass…not so jealous of Wee One! I can relate to the broken Breyer as Darling threw one of mine that had been in mint condition across the room when she was three. Broke the tip of it’s ear.

  7. jo

    Yay Bubba !!!!
    The gun…uh…if parents spent more time teaching gun safety to their kids, I believe there would be less violence. Kids now days just grab a gun and thought about consequences. I’m glad you posted it.

    I am so sorry about the broken horse. I understand how that feels…I really do. I hope it can be repaired.

    Hope you have fun today and that Wee runs low on energy !

  8. DaBich

    YAY for Bubba’s win! Congrats!

    UGH on Wee One…where do you get the patience? I don’t know what I’d have done, honestly!

    Toy guns are for just that….to be a toy. They are for fun. Anyone who thinks otherwise is messed up!
    Have fun at the fair. We did last night….the truck pull was awesome!

  9. Congrats to Bubba’s and his team.

    And why do kids become crazy brats? I don’t know – and I’m looking at my nice wooden coffee table that has colored pencil indentations ALL over it from Buttercup last week. They have to push those limits, don’t they.

  10. I had to chuckle at your gun explanation for wee-one, as my boys are out shooting squirrels. We are a hunting family and I butcher the deer. I know, hard to believe. Hubby got four last year and I butchered two of them.

    Sounds like things are going good for you – normal anyway! ☺

  11. Karmyn hit the nail on the head. Kids have to push those limits.

  12. congratulations to son on his win.
    (and to the other kids on the other team as well for playing their best against a better team… ha!)

    If you put something off limits to a kid, it’s like dangling candy. And some kids are more likely than others. They are born that way.

  13. Bri-your right, guns do not mak kids violent. I grewupw/ them and I havent shot anyone……yet. We had fun at the fair 🙂

    jenny-Wee One likes to walk on the wild side I guess. I hope he outgrows it!

    kat- 🙂

    MM-your welcome,I know you love y our Buddy like I love my Scooter!

    rebecca-fall is the BEST

    dhw-it HAD to be my favorite one too…damn

    jo-some people do not like guns, even toy ones…I didnt want a huge debate going on. Im too tired thiis weeek!

    dabich-we had a blast at the fair

    karmynr-uhoh,buttercup?she looksSO innocent!

    KM-I want squirrel and dumplings!

    arkansasongbird-wee one has d one that this week1

    pamela-I think your right!

  14. Congratulations on winning the game!

    So sorry about your horse. How sad. Oh, I’m so mad for you!

    You know I know all about dealing with naughty little boys! I hope tomorrow is better.

    ~fellow NRA member and gun owner, and, yes, my kids have toy guns, as do most kids around here

    (Nearly every home here has guns, and, go figure, crime is almost non-existant.)

  15. Be good to yourself BG! 🙂

  16. Nicole Webster

    Well you can always check Ebay, Model Horse Sales Pages, or the yahoogroup Haynet to replace the model.

    Have it come out of “Wee One’s allowance” and take one of HIS prized models to “hold its place” till it’s paid for!!!

    And if he injures others, they can be replaced. There are a few people who restore (repair so they look original) and I am one of them but I am swamped ATM.

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