A Fun Fair Day

Before noon on Friday, Wee One and I took off for the free fair.

It was drizzling off and on with the occasional steady rains.

I could not tell Wee One, “no we werent going.”

Despite his bad behavior all week and the damn rain, Wee One had been looking forward to going to the local fair. So had I….

We’d been planning our trip for weeks. I was not going to let the rain stop us.

Wednesday afternoon he missed out on a trip to McDonalds because of his brattiness, I was not going to punish us both by not going to the fair.

We were suprised at all the people and the school classes that were already there.

After we wandered around a bit, we ran into some friends who had their steers, goats and sheep there. They informed us it was a very free day.

All of the rides were free!

Our new friend, Willie the Llama.

Butterscotch, the pretty filly.

Wee One was being cautious and stayed behind the fence like I asked. I had no idea if she was a kicker, I do not think so but one never knows with a strange horse.

Our horse, Scooter is not a kicker but I still keep teaching Wee One to keep clear of the ‘kicking zone’.

This photo is for desperatehorsewife .

I told Wee One to stand next to this sheep for a picture, her muzzle came off, and she gave Wee One a nibble just as I snapped the photo.

Wee loved it!

Wee One loves cattle.

He’d have spent all day in the cattle barns if there werent rides to go on.

Not me, I like them only if they are served on a plate or at the other end of my pay-check.

Now the horse barns I could spend all day, every single day of my life in.

Jump Jump Jump….more jumping.

Wee One always finds a pretty girl to flirt with no matter where we go.

Wee One’s favorite thing is to sing the theme song “Bad Boys, Bad Boys whatcha gonna do when they come for you” off of COPS. He likes to watch it on Saturday nights…in fact, he watched it last night.

I felt sorry for the deputy who was driving this car.

He was running the one-man fingerprinting/child ID booth for children. The deputy was filling out those preparation ID kits incase of a missing child or a disaster.

The poor guy had a line a mile long. He was looking kinda tired when we left the buildings.

Anyhow, Wee One just had to have his photo taken with the new county cars. They are Chargers. My boys and hubs love these new cars…..in fact, they are trying to get me to trade my car off for one of these. I am not too sure about that.



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21 responses to “A Fun Fair Day

  1. Wee One is just too dang cute for his own good. Looks like a good time.

    The last fair I went to, they wouldn’t allow anyone into the Horse Barns. (and one side WAS open – but the openings into the horse stalls were all closed up. They didn’t want anyone touching them, I guess. I was bummed….because that is one of the best parts of going to the fair. My kids were really disappointed.

  2. I remember how much fun the fair was as a kid. I haven’t been to one in years. I’m glad ya’ll got to go and have some fun.

    Wee One couldn’t be any cuter if he tried.

  3. jo

    You’ve outdone yourself this time , BG. What a great post…and the pics are fantastic…all of them.
    So glad y’all had a good time !

  4. What a wonderful post! So glad you had such a great time, especially after having a …ahem…tough week last week with WO! The pictures are sooooo cute, I love the one with the llama and WO’s curls! No wonder he finds a cute girl to flirt with every time you’re out and about!! BG thanks for sharing with us this wonderful day out with your beautiful boy!!! xoxo

  5. Rebecca

    Butterscotch was a pretty lady!
    Wee One needs to hook me up if he has such luck with the ladies this far! Momma you better get ready for life in the fast lane once he hits high school! )(Ok middle school)
    Free things can so appreciated! The llama looked interesting.

    You could have volunteered to help the deputy….and maybe made a new friend…..

  6. Aniin BG, why does he have to look so cute? Gosh darn it, you can’t stay mad at him. 😀

  7. Texasgal

    Looks like you had a good time. It is just about time for the State fair of Texas. Unfortunately there is nothing “free” about it! I am thinking of taking my little one though.

  8. Glad you had a fun day out 🙂

    I tagged you at my place!

  9. Our constable around here drives a Corvette and another one has a Hummer. Vehicles that are Bad Ass to catch the Bad Boys!

    I loooove the pictures. But tell us what you ate. That’s always the best part of a fair. Deep fried Twinkies, Corn Dogs, Elephant Ears, Funnel Cakes, Roasted Corn, Cotton Candy……..

  10. karmynR-horsebarn off limits? that is wrong. When I used to show, the public always had access to the horsebarns. If a horse bit or did not like people, a sign was posted or his stall was covered/closed off.

    jenny-come with us to the Tulsa Fair the end of this month, were going 🙂


    MM-this week has GOT to be better….

    rebecca-fingerprinting people is not enjoyable, no way was I gonna help, heheh. He was kinda cute.

    brian-it is hard to stay mad at him, your right!

    texasgal-were going to the Tulsa fair the end of the month (maybe!) it costs A LOT of $$.

    momto3cubs-okay, Im comin’ over!

    ewbl-I want a hummer H3! we bought some cotton candy,homemade Osage meat pies from a friend who had a booth, and some homemade all day suckers.

  11. Looks like a fun day I am ready for the fair here in a few weeks.

  12. I absolutely LOVE the expression on Wee’s face with those sheepies 🙂 Too, too cute. Looks like y’all had a terrific time. Darling and I will be heading down to our state fair so she can compete with her sheep later this week. I’m looking forward to all the barns, but like you, I find that the horses tend to be a big magnetic pull!

  13. Wee One’s hair is absolutely so cute!!! I love all those curls!!! Glad you enjoyed the fair.

  14. So I skipped over from Desperatehorsewife’s blog to look at the picture you had for her. That is one cute child. Love those curls. Glad you had fun at the fair!!

  15. I lost it inside a Kinko’s on Sunset Boulevard catching up on Blog comments when you said “Despite his bad behavior all week…” YAY WEE ONE! I laughed so hard, people looked at me like I was a lune. I guess I relate to being like Wee One when I was –well–a “Wee One”!!!

  16. (I meant to spell it “loon”)

  17. I moo at cows and therefore had to quit eating them.
    the train picture makes me smile right out loud
    (because you can hear my cheeks cracking)

  18. Looks like So much Fun! I hope Wee One ( and yours ) week is better!

  19. DaBich

    I agree, the animal barns are the BEST part of the fairs. We saw Percherons (I think I spelled that right) at our County Fair. HUGE and so beautiful! They exude power with every move they make. I love the pigs too. Hubby thinks I’m nuts lol.
    Glad you and Wee One had a good time…and free rides are the BEST 🙂

  20. He just gets bigger every time I see his picture! and cute! Sheesh, give a girl a break already! LOL

    You two sure enjoyed yourselves, that’s great. Love the fair, they don’t “do” them like I’m used to here in FL. They’re different. Don’t get the same feeling for them. Oh well…..

    D 🙂

  21. kel-Im thinking about taking the boys to the Tulsa fair…maybe

    DHW-oh! the state fair, woot! thats gonna be FUN 🙂 I thought of you when we were in the sheep barn.

    arkansasongbird-thnx! we like his curls too

    ancientone-thnx for dropping by!

    MM-ha! I laughed outloud when I read your comment. Glad I could give you a giggle.

    pamela-You and Wee One, both cow-lovers who do not like beef…..maybe I should send him up to stay w/ you for awhile…hear me scheming?

    katie-so far so good this week.

    dabich-I WANT a draft horse so badly!!!!! I found one to adopt in MT, but hes so far away…

    FF-I bet, Florida probably doesnt get that ‘fall weather’ feel needed for the fair, does it?

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