Cooled Off Middle MeMe


Yesterday evening we had a wonderful cold front blow thru. It has cooled off considerably. I have a few windows open and the fresh air feels great. It is too chilly (for me) to open them all up.

Scooter is enjoying the cooler temperatures too. Last night and early this morning he was loping around his pasture bright-eyed and full of himself.

Bubba won his away game last night 6-0. He was happy about a couple of good tackles and a QB sack he had. 

Bubba’s next game is away on next Tuesday. I already have a sitter lined up for Wee One so I do not miss another game.

Yesterday afternoon Wee One’s little friend Nic came over after he was dismissed from preschool.

They had a good time playing and wreaking havoc on my house. Wee One’s room is demolished, I have no idea why or how they made such a huge mess. I am not complaining because they played so well together in there for over an hour without bothering me or being loud.

D came over on Saturday. He had not been over to visit in weeks. We have only spoken briefly on the phone the past month or so.

I am pretty sure it is because he is angry at me for not liking his new ‘flavor of the month’. The girl is a ‘ho. She’s been around the block more than the town’s bicycle so to speak.

I have not one good thing to say about this woman. For reasons like : she abandoned her very small children a few years ago and rarely sees them despite them living in the same town as her, she is a convicted felon (supposedly turned over a new leaf), she is a free-loader, she is just plain skanky.

D asked me why I do not like her when he brought her over to meet me about 1 month ago….I just answered, “you have to ask? I’d rather see you back with psycho R than that skank.

R broke his heart and I felt mean for saying that, but it was the truth. He can do so much better than this new one.

I told the truth, he was expecting nothing less. D would tell me the truth with out sugar-coating it.

I am such a bad friend. Oh well. I guess I do not have to worry about him bringing her over to hang out. D has had 2 girlfriends I have liked, why doesnt he hang onto the good ones? Geesh.

Kila , the mother to 3 handsome boys has tagged me. It is the middle name tag.  “You must list 1 fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.”

My middle name is Ann.

A: animals. I have always liked animals, they are a huge part of my life. I can relate to animals a lot easier than I can relate to people. Most of the time, I’d rather be in the company of animals instead of people. My horse, Scooter will always be my favorite animal, he is the best horse ever.

N: nachos. I can make some awesome nachos, seafood nachos being my last conquest-yummm

N: nervous-energy. Normally, I am not the nervous type but I do have a lot of ‘nervous energy’. I am constantly doing something from the minute I wake up in the morning until I fall into bed at night. I cannot just ‘lay around’. I have to be doing something all the time, and usually it is more than 1 thing at a time. I wish I was not like this so much…..



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15 responses to “Cooled Off Middle MeMe

  1. That cold front should be coming over here in Tennessee this evening and I can’t wait! It will be good to open up the windows, or at least not sweat the second you walk out the front door of your air conditioned house.

    It’s cool that wee one had someone to play with. I often have my kids’ friends come over and, yeah, they make a mess, but at least they have someone to play with.

    Take care!

  2. Your friend sounds like my brother in law….how can they not SEE what we see?? How?
    He’s married now to a great gal,so there is hope!

  3. jo

    You sound soooo busy….but I think you like it that way, huh.
    I have the wood stove going. Just a tad nippy here ( 51*)

    So BG…when WeeOne becomes the next Johnny Depp, think he’ll remember all of us fans :-p
    Glad Bubba’s team is doing so well.

  4. One thing I’ve always liked about you BG is that you tell it like it is. Too bad your friend wouldn’t pay attention to what you tell him!

    WeeOne and his buddy are cute! My grandkids can demolish my whole house in an afternoon, I don’t know how kids can do that but they do.

    Glad Scooter was feeling frisky in the cooler weather! Mine get really wound up the first few cold days of fall, they buck, kick, rear, run and jump all over the place.

    Glad Bubba had another good game! Keep up the good work!!

  5. …”more than the town’s bicycle”! LMAO!!!! :D)!!
    Oh, man that was funny. That first photo is Museum quality and of course…Scooter sounds like he is back to 100%. Very good news!

  6. I wish I could have just a little bit of that nervous energy!

  7. Rach

    Sounds like big bro is quite the football player! Alabama has a real coach now – it’s never too early to send a recruiting tape! LOL. Wee One is just a doll!

  8. Barbara

    Nice and cool here in Texas tonight too~ It’s great!

  9. Now I’m hungry for nachos!

    Thanks for playing along with me.

    Congrats on another game won!

    So glad to see that Wee One had a playmate.

  10. Aniin BG, you are a great friend. You tell the truth and that can be rare.

    Cool front? Ha! It’s been in the mid 90s with storms every day.

    Congrats on being 2-0 in football.

    Give Wee One a hug from me.

    Going to be scarce until Monday, Madd and Carol are coming up tomorrow for the weekend. Still haven’t finished the final edits of RM yet. Finding more errors. *sigh*

  11. DaBich

    Congrats to Bubba on the win!

    I give you credit for speaking your mind to your friend, D. That *IS* being a *TRUE* friend.

  12. I am going to save this meme. I am so meme’ed out this month, and its only 10 days in.

    Glad you got some relief from the kid for a wee bit. I tell you, mine can make a mess in a matter of mins, just looking for one thing! sighs.

    great spirit. Send me a permanent sitter… and some extra cash.

    have a good un. :hug:

  13. Absolutely beautiful photo of the horses !

  14. nachos. the crunchy nectar of the Gods.

  15. Yes, I too love the photo of the horses. It is awesome! as for telling it like it is sometimes people want to hear it and other times they don’t. ya just never know. But I’m like you I just put it out there, if it works it does and if it doesn’t, oh well………….

    I thought the bicycle thing was clever too but ohhhhh am I glad you’re not mad at me. lol

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