Maxed Out And Dressed Up

Poor Marvin.

I do not think he likes playing dress up with Wee One.

Marvin is wearing an old baby onsie and purple Mardi Gras beads….

Why doesnt Marvin run away and hide? Kitty does. She has never been subjected to playing dress up or going for stroller rides.

Another new addiction: Diet Pepsi Max.

It is loaded with caffiene

I used to be a hardcore Coca-Cola addict. But, I have crossed over for this energizing product…..and another favorite of mine is Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper.

I had many a wild night here at Miss Kitty’s old bar. I am sad that it is closed and wasting away, it once was a ‘happening‘ place.

Just another past adventure in the life of BG.

Saturday, Best friend L, her 16yo daughter R, and I have a girls day out planned. I am so very much looking forward to it!

So help me gawd, if something happens and I am unable to get away, alone for the day….

well, all I can say is I will NOT be held liable for my actions. A person can only take so much.



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20 responses to “Maxed Out And Dressed Up

  1. Enjoy your girls’ day. (I know I did last weekend!)

    I think Marvin must enjoy the attention – even if he really doesn’t want to admit to it.

  2. Barngoddess: Wee One has to be the happiest child I’ve seen! YAY on getting out for some R&R!!!!

  3. Oh good, I know you deserve some “me time”
    have a blast!

    I think Marvin loves Wee One as much as Wee One loves Marvin.

  4. Rebecca

    Kitties and Mardi Gras…you of course grabbed my attention. They are both wonderful things!!!

    Marvin looks so well fed!

    Wee one looks patient, or should I say Marvin look patient????

    I was hooked on diet coke for a few yrs, then switched to diet dr pepper and it’s very rare that i drink soda. I am HOOKED on the flavored no calorie water.

  5. jo

    Diet Pepsi here…plus a couple pots of coffee a day.
    I agree with Jenny…Marvin loves Wee as much as Wee loves him. The pics are priceless.
    For some odd reason, the taverns around here burn down instead of closing….gasp…whatever it could that be ??? Seriously..the ones that were around forever and have been sold in the past decade are just “catching fire “. I can name 4 off the top of my head. Matter of fact, I can tell ya the next one that will burn if the rumor mill is correct.
    I hope you have a great day out with the girls !

  6. I think I’m going to Bartlesville or Tulsa on Saturday!! I’m having a one girls day out day 🙂 WOOHOO…..Poor Marvin!!! I can’t say much I dress my dogs in doggie dresses…what can I say I’m warped.

  7. I do hope you have a great time!

  8. Marvin is going to go to Heaven for his long suffering… (:

  9. Marvin is just such a sweetie! He trusts Wee One, that’s why he doesn;t run, silly cat! LOL WO is just soooo happy all the time, at least in his pictures.

    Ah, many a youthful landmark has closed in my time, too. It brings back fond memories, though….. the ones I was sober enough to remember, that is! LOL

    So very glad you had a girls day out scheduled! YAY!!! Tear the town up, girl – you need it!

    Have a wonderful time! D 🙂

  10. Kat

    I’m amazed Wee actually got Marvin to hold still long enough for that. I’m a regular diet dr pepper fanatic..once I switched over to it due to diabetes…I can’t go back!!!

  11. You will get your day out. even if you have to lock them all up in cages. You will…

    yea. you can keep miss kittys alive in your own way! :hugs:

  12. Gotta love a little boy in camo.

  13. Yes, I agree that Marvin should make heaven for all he endures. Such a good puddy tat.

  14. karmynR-I just gotta get thru today!

    MM-hes usually smiling, even when hes being a BRAT…

    arkansasongbird-I plan on it

    jenny-I think Marv likes it too..

    rebecca-marv definitely doesnt miss any meals.

    jo-taverns burning? weird! maybe its the wiring..

    Susan-I think were going to Owasso 🙂

    pavel-me too

    pamela-haha, only if Marvin changes his ways.

    ff-the good ole days!

    kat-I like diet Dr.Pepper too

    celeste-I think so too

    memsahib-cages? good idea! I think my family knows they’d better let me go or ELSE

    momto3cubs-me too

    risingraingrow-Marvin better quit being a pain or else…the Golden Gates may not open too easily.

  15. Poor,Poor Marvin.
    I hope it all works out for your night out,woohoo,have fun!

  16. You go girl! You deserve a day out with your friends!!! We will want ALL details in your next post!

    If Marvin didn’t like it he would hide. Noodles is like Marvin he will let the kids do anything to him, dress him up, ride in the baby carriage, ride on the Gator you name it. He’s more of a dog then a cat!!

  17. I’m a Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper addict myself. I just wish they would stop putting the red dye in it because it’s staining my teeth.

  18. I don’t think Marvin likes playing dress up with wee one either. But, he is eyeing the beads like he might want to pounce. Wee One couldn’t look happier!

    You earned those beads in New Orleans?

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