Out Of Sorts, In A Good And Bad Way


Scooter has 2 feathered friends that hang out around feeding times. He likes them..


Did any of y’all catch husband murderer Mary Winkler on Oprah? Rarely do I ever watch Oprah, but that interview caught my attention.

All I can say is something bad happened” This is MK’s answer to Oprah and the world when she was questioned about the day she murdered her husband with a shotgun.

When MK was asked why she grabbed the shotgun, she said she wanted to just talk to her husband and tell him, “be happy,  live  life, just  be happy.”

Was MK abused? Quite possibly…but not in the ‘burning bed’ sense of abuse, when homicide has a fair chance of being justifiable.

MK is a liar. Anyone else agree? Anyone else pick up on the little subtleties from Mary Winkler?


Saturday was a fun day. I finally got out with best friend L and her 16yo daughter R. We shopped a bit, had a good lunch at Chilis, and caught a movie. We let R pick the movie since her b-day was last week. Guess what she picked? Rob Zombie’s movie, Halloween .

We caught an early matinee in between shopping. We were the only 3 people in the theater in Owasso. We screamed our hearts out. It was fun. L and I were really wanting to see Russel Crowes new western but our thirst for scary movies won over our desire to sway R’s choice of movie.


I am still feeling out of sorts even after my day away.

Of course I came home to a trashed house, cranky 3 yo, and dirty floors. I suppose that is my punishment for abandoning the family for a day and boosting my fading morale.

Suprisingly, both boys chipped in and helped around the house.Wee One even took a nap today. He has not done that in ages.

The husband is really on my last nerve. He and I seem to be on a totally opposite level this past week or so. Everything he says and does just hits me wrong. I have an awful urge to whack him over the head with something heavy when he is within reach.

When did hubs become such an annoying bitch? All he seems to do lately is complain. When I do not answer (which is always) he just keeps on nagging. I am going to buy some invisible ear-plugs. Do they make such a thing? If they do, let me know where I can purchase some!


It’s been hectic around here but in a good hectic way. Bubba’s next game is on Tuesday and it is an away one. I hope they win and remain undefeated.

Bubba’s math club has started up meetings again. He had his first one last week. He is now waiting for the Gifted and Talented Club’s first meeting to take place this week. Bubba also is out of school on Friday for parent teacher conferences, already! I’d better get a good report…

A photo of my reading ‘stack’.

I like Jonathan Kellerman’s books. I am smack in the middle of reading ‘Rage‘. The last and latest book of his I read was ‘Cross‘-it’s not even in paperback yet. Excellent book but ‘Rage‘ I am enjoying more.

I hope this is a good week for everyone. We need it!



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20 responses to “Out Of Sorts, In A Good And Bad Way

  1. I just got mad watching the Oprah. The fact that this one will raise her kids, live her life is a sad fact.

  2. I didn’t see Oprah but I know it would have made me steam to listen to that woman. There are other ways to handle an unhappy marriage, not shoot the person for Pete’s sake!! I think she knows exactly what she is doing and did do but is putting on a good act. So sad. He may have been a brute but he still was the girls father and now they don’t have either mother or father. Do you think she will get them back? It really wouldn’t surprise me if she did.

    I love Scooter’s feathered friends! So cute! We have a crow that hangs around for a handful of grain each day.

    Yes, wasn’t that great news about Buddy?!!! I was thrilled! Hope it continues!!!!

  3. heard a bit about her. How could she get away with it… just how??

    wish I could give you some advise about “meh-wich”
    …I had to say that because we watched Princess Bride last night just to hear that weird priest say that.

  4. Aniin BG,

    I’m very out of sorts as well. Hope we all feel better soon.

  5. kelli-yep, she’ll probably get custody of her girls. MK is a good actress. She is Oscar material.

    MM-a crow? how neat! Buddy’s last report sounds great, he is so much better. I am happy for you!

    pamela-she got away w/ it because she had an outstanding defense team AND MK is an excellent liar, a very very good actress indeed.

    brian-this has got to be a better week, it HAS to be…….

  6. I didn’t see Oprah, rarely have time anymore, not to mention it’s on here when my hubs is home. He is a tv addict and Oprah is not on his list of must watch shows. Domestic violence is a very sad thing.

    I laughed when you said Wee One took a nap and he rarely does that. Maybe he was recuperating from all the havoc he reaped while you were gone the day before. lol

    Glad you got to take a day off for a change.

    I’ve been b itchy here too with my hubs. Maybe it’s in the air or something. He’s just making me crazy. Well, maybe that’s crazier……..

  7. damn. I am kind of glad I missed the MK story. I am completely out of it.

    call your husband a bitch see how long he continues the behavior! say you nag worse than so and so… ha!

    if you don’t get shot, maybe he will calm down some. I think maybe you guys need to go have a roll in the hay somewhere. calm that man down.

  8. I hope this week goes more smoothly for you!

    Dinna catch Oprah but I rarely do.

    The book sounds like it will be interesting – thanks for the heads up!

  9. DaBich

    LOL at Memsahib’s reply, but I agree. Give him a roll and if he’s still bitchy, whack him one or two times LOL!!!

    We all need time for ourselves, so don’t go feeling guilty 😉

  10. It’s been so long since I’ve been by– so much to catch up on! First, I’m so glad to hear you were able to spend some time with your best friend! Nothing is more theraputic than spending the day with someone you’re close to and can have fun with! I’m kinda envious ya’ll went to see Halloween. I’m really wanting to see it, too!

    Sorry that your husband has been on your last nerve. I know EXACTLY how you feel. Last year, about this time, I was going through the exact same thing. Chris was on my last nerve, no matter what. Luckily, things got a lot better, and our marriage is better now that it’s ever been. I hope the same will happen for ya’ll.

    I’ll be back around more often– take care! *hugs*

  11. risingrainbow-haha, I didnt think of Wee taking his nap in the way you put it! I bet your right 🙂 I dont like Oprah but I wanted to see MK live for myself to see if she was indeed a lair. Yep, she is.

    memsahib-yeah, roll him right off the loft in the barn….oops! 911

    katie- Kellermans books are always good

    dabich-whos gonna call 911 for him?

    christy-the movie was EXCELLENT but Im scary/horror movie fan, a BIG one.

  12. Now about this husband thing. They just like to practice once in awhile … to see if we are listening.

    Ear plugs with your hair pulled back over your ears … works. 🙂

  13. Barngoddess: I didn’t see that show, but I so enjoyed your photo of Scooter (as always)and thought, ‘how cool that he enjoys the two birds’! 🙂

  14. Barbara

    Everyone needs a break and it sounds like you had a great day on Sat. Hope you have a good week. And as always Scooter is so fun to see.

  15. On Mary Winkler….her facial expressions alone as she sits in court listening is a dead give-away for me…she is someone (like me) that can not hide anything on her face….I think she is guilty as hell

  16. Lael

    I love that you got to scream like that in the theatre,how cool!

  17. I didn’t know Mary Winkler was going to be on Oprah so I missed it.

    I did see a lot of the trial and will never forget when she was making such a big deal about the shoe. You know…it was a shoe.

    I would be so upset if it were my son that had been shot and then trashed in court only to have the perp go free. (I do have strong feelings about that case. But, I think most mothers of sons would.)

  18. Do you read Faye’s too?

  19. I think it is a shame that Oprah interviewed this woman. Her show has gone downhill and I no longer watch her. She has become way to self promoting while pretending to be for the people.

    Roll hubby. It worked with Pat yesterday! LOL

  20. SL-hey good hair tip, Im gonna try it!

    MM-yep Scooter likes birds sometimes, especially when they eat the bugs bothering him

    barbara-thnx for stopping by 🙂

    kat-MK is a good liar isnt she? she sure can act

    lael-it WAS cool!

    jolyanna-haha, oh yes, the hooker shoe, she would not even look at it. She totally pulled of fooling an entire Jury. I am still amazed BUT OJ got away w/ cold blooded murder….

    katie-no I havent yet, Ive been wondering if Id like her writing.

    celeste-Oprah was okay 15 years ago, now I really cannot stand her! lol, Pat needed his attitude adjusted eh?

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