Odds And Ends


The last few days I’ve had some things on my mind.

1. Best friend L’s 16 yo daughter has made the decision (after doing lengthy research over 1 year) that she wants to become Catholic. She has asked me to sort of guide her. I am at a loss. I told R and her mother I would help. I have already checked into Catechism for R. She can attend in a few weeks.

R asked me about attending Mass this weekend. I never really gave her a definite answer. Im not sure I can bring myself to attend Mass without feeling like a hypocrite.

2. Scooter received a clean bill of health from the horse vet! She said he is in excellent health and at his perfect weight. She also said Scooter needs more exercise (she always says that!). I am still worried about his slight loss of weight, Scooter usually stays rather plump, sigh. I am back to daily lungings at a walk and trot, occasional lope. I keep the circles big, nothing tight or straining while turning on those old joints of his. This part of the day is Wee One’s highlight. Because, he gets to ride Scooter while Scooter is being exercised!

3. Last week a friend of mine, a respected police officer and our beloved dog, Elvis’s old groomer, passed away. I knew he had cancer. I guess I assumed he would kick cancer’s ass like he did his heart disease and his triple bypass surgery. I was wrong. They gave him 3 months to live and he lived 2 and 1/2 weeks. Cancer sucks. I hate cancer.

D’s mother has lung cancer and she isnt doing so well. She is back in the hospital. D is worried. I hope she pulls thru this bad spell again but it doesnt look good.

4. Over the weekend, I had someone who recently moved to the area from Mississippi contact me about boarding their horses for the winter. As bad as I need the cash, I am hesitant. Scooter is old and despite the fact that he is well vaccinated and healthy, I worry about his catching something like Strangles or The Fever from strange horses. Am I being paranoid? Maybe so but I cant stand the thought of him getting sick from something I could easily prevent.

I also am not too fond of having ‘people’ come and go freely about my place. Yep, I am anti-social.

I need to give the whole idea much more thought.

5. The hubs has been behaving much better. I guess he wants to continue living after all.

Marvin was watching a TV show called ‘The Secret Lives Of Cats’ (I think that was the name). He was meowing like crazy.


Scooter is back to lounging in the shade. The weather has returned into the 90’s. We had a nice cool break with 70 degrees but it didnt last long.


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34 responses to “Odds And Ends

  1. Aniin BG,

    I couldn’t do Mass and I can’t help but wonder what R is looking for.

    Does Scooter even like other horses?

    Trying to get to the weekend at this point.

  2. DaBich

    So sorry to hear about the loss of the friend to cancer and the other who has cancer. Yes, that is definitely one dirty word 😦

    Glad the hubs is behaving better…now you’ll both be happier!

  3. Kat

    I’m really sorry to hear about your friends. Cancer does suck..its a vicious disease.

    Glad Scooter got a good report too!!!

    I thought Marvin was “cat-calling” on your cell phone…LOL

  4. We are very fortunate that the couple whose horses are here are no bother at all. If I happen to be outside, we speak, and then go on about our business. Maybe you could get proof of vaccinations from these people, so you wouldn’t worry about the health issues. However, I’d do it on a trial basis at first: we’ve had two horses here that absolutely didn’t fit in with the others. One was an old deaf and half-blind guy with arthritis who was so persistent about bullying that he kept Blue in a corner all day. The other was the paint the grandson had here for awhile, and he insisted on taking the two females away any time someone approached. Which meant the geldings went with them, so no horse could be caught. We had to keep him separate in order to catch our horses!

  5. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. My adopted mum had breast cancer and after 4 surgeries they removed the breast. She had asked them to remove it from the get go. She has lung cancer that isn’t growing. That’s a good thing. Now she had to go in yesterday for a biopsy as they think she has throat cancer. Cancer is very insidious. I had cervical. My bio mum had colon cancer. My gram has a spot on her lung…

    I need to start lunging my guys since I haven’t been riding them . I know it will help build up their back muscles.

    I’ve slowed down with everything with the eye problems. Mostly packing since I’m moving back home to MT.

    Horses are all required to have a Coggins here as well as being up to date on their shots. I’ve boarded my horses before and the owners of the property were the ones that seeked me out to chat.
    I’m not very Social either..although sometimes it is fun to make new horse friends.

    I vote Pass on mass….

    Good to hear your man is behaving! 🙂

  6. seek … dang it I hate typos! and I need coffee!

    BG, Have a fabulous day!


  7. Barbara

    Hi there, So good to hear that Scooter is healthy! It must be fun to own your horse. Maybe someday I will get one, but I only have 2.5 acres and maybe horses need more land.
    Sorry to hear about your loss, it is so hard when people leave us. Cancer is horrible. A friend of mine is fighting cancer right now, spine and lung.

  8. HA…”I guess he wants to continue living after all.”

    I think my husband has a death wish. and I am getting close to granting it.

  9. I can’t get over how big Marvin looks on that counter

  10. Glad to hear Scooter is doing good!

    and you are right – Cancer is horrible. I hope D’s mom is doing better.

  11. It is so freakin hot here in Houston. I just roll my eyes at the northern bloggers prattling on and an about their nice 50 degree weather.

    I’m like you. I don’t even like churchy people stopping by our house. I know that’s rude, but I want to walk around braless and in my State Farting Champion T-shirt without having judgment passed on me, damn it!

  12. Brian-Scooter likes other horses (sorta) he is fine being alone and hes okay w/ other horses except he tends to be a loner who is at the top of the pecking order. Hang in there, Friday will be here before ya know it.

    dabich-yes, its a dirty word!

    kat-haha, if marv had fingers, I bet he’d use my phone. He does NOT think he’s a cat, thats for sure

    donna-your lucky to have good boarders. Ive dealt with a few and most of them have been fine. For some reason I just have a bad feeling about these people from Miss. Scooter is usually at the top of the pecking order but who knows with new horses…

    katie-ewww packing! MT is a long haul but well worth it I would bet 🙂 Have a great day, kiss your equines-they LOVE you

    barbara-I hope your friend beats it! you can keep a horse on 2.5 acres. Just one and you’d have to full feed year round, it would be worth it to me to have my horse with me! Heck, if I had to Id keep him in the backyard..;)

    jenny-well, if you need any help or ideas, you know how to reach me!

    anne-Marvin is ginormous…..he is a huge cat.

    karmynR-thnx for the well wishes! I have not heard from D so no news is good news right?

    ewbl-lol! too funny, Im sending the Jehovahs to YOUR House….

  13. jo

    Glad hubs comprehends the “breathing is a good thing” concept :-p.
    Wonderful news about Scooter !
    I am so sorry about your loss. I agree with you about cancer.

    All in all…sounds like a rough week. Can you remain neutral about Mass ?
    Hope your day gets better, fast !

  14. Glad Scooter got such a good report! Did he do the happy dance?! Probably you did! I would really think it over about taking in boarders. I just don’t want people around every day and on the weekends so I won’t board. I don’t have room any way without building more stalls and I don’t want to build more stalls. I like my barn really airy and open. Think about it! Remember what I went through last winter with strangles, it was AWFUL!! Now I know there can be good boarders (I’m a winter boarder) heehee! but there can be some that are real pains in the be-hind.

    I fell off Lil’ Bud this morning and spent the afternoon in the emergency room. My rein broke at a canter as I was trying to pull him in a bit and when I went to grab it he stumbled a bit and I went right off on my head and neck. No concussion thankfully but I am soooooooo sore! Hubby has just left to go get my pain med and a muscle relaxer and I can’t drive tomorrow. It will probably put me in La-la land!

  15. Lael

    Marvin is hilarious! We had one of the neighbor’s kittens over and a cat meowed on tv and freaked him OUT,it was funny!

    I love that last photo of Scooter,very artistic:)

  16. Rebecca

    You see you and Scooter NEED each other!!!

    The hubby has decided he wants to attempt to make you happy….

    Marvin just looks like a cool kitty!

    Cancer totally sucks. Ask my mom with her burn marks from daily radiation only after 8 rounds of chemo, surgery and all the benefits that go with ths treatment from hell.

  17. Sorry about your friend…

    I’m anti-social too.. I’d have you ask my friends to verify, but I don’t have any. 😛

  18. saved from walkin’ the plank he was.. shiver me timbers!!!

  19. Sounds like you need to talk to friend about this helping. Since you are reluctant about mass, it is not fair to friend’s daughter for you to be helping because you cannot help with all of it.
    Insist on vet bill of health for boarders.
    Scooter will be fine and wee one ghets to have fun!
    marvin is not a real cat( he is part human like my Buddy)

  20. Aniin BG, very rainy and gray today. Storms off and on.

    Getting antsy now, can’t wait for the book. Leaving for England on the 18th of October and back on the 28th. I think the publication date will be just before we leave.

  21. jo-yep, hubs is breathing today………not sure for how long heheheh

    MM-oh no! I hope you are better today…ouchy

    lael-Marvin can be a huge brat

    rebecca-cancer does suck!

    burg-haha, I knew I thought you were cool for SOME reason…

    DBV-hmmmmm you sound familiar

    celeste-Marvin behaves more like a dog sometimes.

    Brian-send me a postcard please!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Going to church. I am supposed to start back up this weekend. Episcopal.

    Cancer really does suck.

    That is hilarious about Marvin! meow…

    I am glad that HUBs has turned the corner. maybe he was on his period.

    Go scooter! I would love to be out there working with you and the horse..


  23. R can sign up for RCIA with her parish. The classes usually start in September. It’s a great way to figure out if catholicism is for her. I went through it a few years ago when I converted and I really enjoyed it which says a lot since the whole religion thing can weird me out at times.

    We are also up to the 90’s. I was so looking forward to putting away the summer clothes.

  24. Yep… I love MT….
    Have fun today!

  25. Love the pictures. Glad you have decided to let your husband live. I know that must be a difficult decision at times…. : )

  26. I’m glad that Scooter got a good report. I know that you were worried, maybe still are, about him.

    As for new horses, is there a way you can quarantine them when they first come on your place?

    As for people coming and going, I’m with you. I like my privacy.

    And cancer, well you know how I feel about that. It is a hard disease to deal with. The word still strikes fear in the hearts of most anyone! Someday it’ll be a bad memory but in the meantime, seems like more and more people are fighting it.

    Glad to hear you hubs has straightened out his act, even if it’s only temporary. I could use a brief respite from mine’s attitude. lol

  27. Hello!

    I am late in getting about blogdom this week, so sorry.

    I am deeply sorry for your loss. Cancer DOES indeed suck. I am also sorry for your worries about others with illness. That is a tough load to carry. Illness is so unpredictable in all it’s forms. Try to relax in knowing that each is getting the care they require right now and that the end results are out of your hands.

    What IS R looking for in becoming a catholic??? That is strange for a 16 YO to have an interest this late in life, so to speak. Perhaps she’s looking for the inner comfort that faith can give you. Do what you feel comfortable doing, don’t corner yourself.

    I can’t say that boarding extra horses is a great idea, as you need to be the soul judge of Scooter’s well being. I do think the socialization would do him some good and YOU need the activity. Working with horses is your passion and it is not being met right now. Perhaps a few months of this would benefit you other than your wallet. It’s great that Wee One gets to ride while you’re exercising Scooter, that is soooo cool!

    Marvin watching TV! LOVE IT, he is such a cutie! How is Ms. Kitty doing?

    One Month until England! Gotta get my act together!!! Woo Hoo!

    Talk with you again soon!

    Be well! D 🙂

  28. Hope you are doing fine! Enjoy the moment of today!

    cheers! 🙂

  29. I don’t know anything about horses, like i’ve said before. But, you should do what you think is best for you, your family and your horse 🙂

    Marvin is such a cute cat! And I don’t like cats, but that cat is cute!

    When I watch animal cops on the animal channel Jade sits up in my lap and watches the tv, and when something bad happens she whips her head around as to say “Did you see that?!?! OMG!! I mean really whose mommy would let that happen to their baby?!?!” And then looks back at the TV with her head down a little bit. It’s so cute!

  30. I am so sorry about the loss of your friend and D’s mother. Cancer is horrible.

    I can understand your reservations about taking in other horses. Especially if they have been together for awhile are already a “herd”. Scooter would be the outsider to them. Maybe Scooter would be the boss of them both. But, if not, as low man on the totem pole, he’d get bit and kicked for coming up to be petted, to get treats and depending upon how you feed them maybe last to eat. Maybe even for standing too close.

    I think getting one horse that would bond with Scooter would be better than having two that have bonded with each other.

    The reason I am mentioning this is because when we went to Florida for the winter we boarded our horses AND ours got kicked out of being out in the pasture with other horses because they were guilty of all of the above infractions.

    They had to be put in a pen by themselves when they went out because of their bullying.

    Anyway, your boarder’s horses might not do what my horses did. But, I thought I should mention some of the possibilities.

  31. I meant to say Scooter might even get kicked for standing too close. I am not a good multi-tasker.

  32. Glad Scooter is well, and DH is behaving! (Mine is coming back from his hunting trip tomorrow. He shot his turkey. He called tonight, “Do you miss me?” I’m thinking, “Umm, nope.”)

    Sorry about the loss of your friend. Wow, it sure happened fast.

    As for #4, if it were me, I’d probably turn it down. Too many headaches and intrusions. And liability issues.

  33. I’m so sorry about you losing your friend to cancer. Cancer does suck and it sucks big time.

    I’m glad to hear about Scooter being okay!

    That is one very beautiful kitty! That hair!

  34. My dad has appointments all over the place right now as he’s been losing weight. Cancer seems to be the concern… Scares the living daylights out of me.

    Marvin is funny. Glad the hubs has chosen life. I’m with Wee One!

    Perhaps R is looking for a type of structure that she lacks in her life? Guess I don’t know what your background is with the Catholic church; I grew up Lutheran but it was too binding for me, not to mention wrong in many areas of their doctrine. Didn’t walk away from God, though. And you know…we’re all hypocrites, each and every last one of us, at least in some fashion. I think what you’re doing is very kind, and I hope R finds what she’s searching for.

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