“Mama, your hair is all gone!”

This is a photo of the huge thunderstorm that hit Wednesday evening.

It was a loud one.

Wee One and I were outside hurriedly finishing our evening chores when thunder boomed directly over our heads. The ground vibrated with the huge roll of thunder. Wee One did not know if he should be scared or amazed with it.

After a huge crack of lightening back in the trees, Wee One was ready to sprint for the house.


Bubba won his game Tuesday night. He played another awesome game. On one play, he blocked while his best bud Cho ran 20 yards behind him for a touchdown.

After their 8th grade game was finished, Bubba and a couple other players put on their high school jerseys and played for the JV team. They won that game too.

I went to Bubba’s parent teacher conferences Thursday evening. Good reports from all of his teachers. He has all A’s and also the highest Math grade in the 8th grade.

Despite all the good reports, the last few days Bubba has been a little jerk at home. I would love to send his 13 yo bratty ass off to boot camp.


This gorgeous Palomino needs a good grooming.

His hair resembled mine………….before I went and got it all chopped off Friday morning.

I told the girl (new stylist) I wanted it cut right at my shoulders. When she had finished, my hair was about 2 inches under my jaw. She cut off 8 inches of hair!

Wee One said, “mama, your hair is all gone!”

It took me awhile to get used to my hair being sorta short. It looks good and a lot healthier, also it feels a good deal lighter.

I like this gelding…….



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17 responses to ““Mama, your hair is all gone!”

  1. Those storm clouds are gorgeous.

    I’m sure curious to see your new hairstyle. But I won’t ask for a picture cuz I never sent the one I promised after my last visit to the hair salon.

    Sounds like Bubba and his best bud are good at teamwork.

  2. Aniin BG. You can’t tease us like that and not post a picture!!!!! I’m sure you look cute and sexy. 😉

    Congrats on the wins. Smart and a smart ass huh. Hope he learns the difference soon without getting himself hurt too bad.

    I know you’re frustrated, but kids die at boot camp all the time.

    We had a huge storm on Thursday night in the area. More tornadoes and wind gusts up to 105 mph. The tropical system gave up almost a foot of rain this week.

  3. Teenagers make me crazy. Good luck with yours!

    I have a few horses here with that look to their hair as well. When they’re long that that they tangle so easily!

    Putting my trust in someone new with a pair of scissors in their hands is not easy! I’d probably strangle someone who cut off more than I wanted. Only problem is I do it with an image in my head and never utter a peep. I’m such a whimp!

    He looks like a nice horse. What does he do for a job?

  4. jo

    Congrats Bubba ! ( BG…the smart assiness wears off around age 23-25 :-p )
    Great pics ! Hopefully Wee One will remain in awe of thunder bonkers and enjoy them through his life.

    I hate going to get my hair cut almost as much as I hate creepy crawly things( like mice)
    Now…show us a picture !
    I am packing to go see the grands…soooo excited !

  5. Whoa – just below your chin is a lot shorter than “touching your shoulder”. That is short. Do you like it?

  6. I want to see a picture too! I sure wish we could get a thunderstorm. It’s still a desert in this part of Missouri.

  7. Wow… beautiful horse despite the lack of spit and polish!

    Congratulations to Bubba on the grades..and to him and his team for the win!

    Haircut..omg…. lol…I need one…maybe next year… my younger daughter is a stylist..( my older one started beauty college too but dropped out.. she’s an experiencer … lol.. ). I’ve started wearing my hair back in a braid..except for the “frizzies” it looks good enough and works for me simply because it is out of my eyes…and it is less likely to break off and fall in food while I’m prepping and cooking…

  8. I’ve had that happen during haircuts, too. It’s amazing how much easier and free-er it is to have shorter hair. My boys don’t like me with short hair (less than shoulder length).

    I hope Bubba is better for you soon. How wonderful that he’s doing well at school.

  9. Rebecca

    Yes, I teach kids Bubba’s age they can be a bit “challenging” you know???

    I am sorry about the hair. I bet your back feels a bit lighter as you bounce around on Scooter.
    I would be in shock. I have ALWAYS had longer hair…when It was my choice….I am getting shorter as I age.
    I wish you new happening styles and strands that your hubby just can’t keep his hands off of~~

    I loved the recipe!
    Off to bed I go.
    I wanna sleep 24 hours ….Can you help me out???

  10. Kat

    How fast did Wee run after the lightening hit?? LOL

    I would love to see the new do…post us a pic already!! I’m having serious hair issues myself…being 40 you just don’t know what to do with it…you’re too old to have it too long, yet you don’t want it shaved either (except in August…and we caught a break in humidity here this year) My birthday is the end of this month and I told my mother and hubs that I wanted a trip to the salon as my gift (perm and highlight..my mom usually does my highlights) I’m hoping that fixes the blah’s for me…

    Angsty teenagers are so much fun…if its any consolation to know…it will pass…My now 15 yr old is again my best friend and very respectful and careful with THAT mouth!!

    The Palomino is gorgeoussssss!!! Let the hair flow…or pull it up out of the eyes with a scrunchie, maybe a braid?..LOL…I’d be having some fun with that

  11. jenny-maybe Ill post a photo here….just maybe.

    brian-I hope it dries up for you down in FL

    rgb-I had a Paso mare that had thick wavy hair, it was a full time job keeping her groomed and looking decent!

    jo-have a super visit!

    karmynR-yes, I love the new hair cut! It took a day or so to get used to but everyone says it looks great. I am going to let it grow to my shoulders tho how I originally wanted it.

    donna-Ill do a rain dance for you! Bubba went to the dances last nite too. He had fun. His bud Cho was dancing as head young man dancer.

    katie-my hair is thick and heavy. Bubba said he liked the cut (sorta) because my hair was ‘bushy’ before. I was like, “WTF?”

    momto3cubs-Wee One has never seen me with shorter hair, I guess it shocked him.

    rebecca-I really like the shorter hair now, much easier to control-but I would never think of going any shorter! glad you liked the recipe, always a hit! I have a 1/2 a bottle of Jose Quervo to help you catch some zzzz’s but you might have a headache the next day!

    kat-I hope you get a trip to the salon for your b-day! those trips always make me feel better 🙂

  12. Lael

    I’m ready to send my kid to boot camp too,either that or The Yukon…character building! Congrats to him(and you) on the great school reports!

  13. I asked for my hair to be trimmed just the ends and got 2 inches cut off…ugh.

    I am so not looking forward to those teenager smarty mouth age.

  14. Hey, I’m scared of thunder myself! I would have run right next to Wee one!!!

    I saw some horses this weekend and it reminded me of you… (smile)

  15. lael-can I send Bubba to the Yukon too?

    kelli-the teenage mouth should be outlawed. grrr

    pavel-haha! thats funny 🙂 thunder doesnt bother me but lightening does!

  16. Pictures!! I hate getting hair cut. Mine got screwed up this time

  17. I love a big thunderstorm … even though I know it can be a bad thing. There is just something about that power in the air

    (teenagers… ha ha ha)

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