Ahhh, A Small Taste Of Freedom Does Wonders

This little caterpillar entertained Wee One for a long, long time Saturday afternoon.

I feared for the little bug’s life but it escaped eventually……lucky for the caterpillar!

Saturday night, Bubba and his best friend Cho were the ‘waterboys‘ for the Osage Man Dancers.

The Osage’s had a big, delicious, dinner and a small gathering Prayer Dance. The boys provided the water for the dancers. It is an honor being asked to participate in the dance ceremony. It was Bubba’s first time to participate and not just watch.

Cho is the Head-Young-Man Dancer at the October’s Red Ribbon Pow Wow. It is a dance against drug abuse. I am looking forward to going.

Late Sunday afternoon, Scooter and I snuck off for a ride.

It was a beautiful day even though it was cloudy and a bit muggy outside. We were gone for over 2 hours.

I left my cell phone at home so I could not be bothered. It felt good to be free!

Here is a photo of how short my hair is. See? I was not fooling when I said it was way above my shoulders!

It is okay, I am used to it now and I like it. One good thing about this shorter hairstyle, it is very low maintenance.

Tonite Bubba has a home football game. Wish us luck, I hope we remain undefeated!

**Update: WE WON! 22-8**

This week is a busy one. Once again I wish I could temporarily clone myself.



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25 responses to “Ahhh, A Small Taste Of Freedom Does Wonders

  1. Aniin BG, LOVE the hair!!! I was right, it is cute and sexy. 😀

    Good luck with the game tonight and I’m happy to see the strong connection to your heritage.

    Glad Scooter was up for a ride with you.

  2. Your hair looks great! Really, very nice.

    As for the poor caterpiller, I’m glad for the bug. My little guy picks up bugs too, and they don’t always make it…

  3. Wow – for some reason I never pictured you with blonde hair. (the earth has tilted slightly for me – split second – and now its back to normal).

  4. Love the hair! Wow, 2 hours of uninterrupted horse time! Yeehaw!!! You scored bigtime! Glad you all had a good weekend!

  5. Wow! Scooter looks fabulous!! Great picture!

    WeeOne is so cute with the little catapiller! Probably the catapiller didn’t think so……..

    Love your hair from the back, how about a shot from the front or are you camera shy??

    Good luck Bubba! I’ll be cheering for you!!!

  6. These photos are really fun. Wee One is always fun to catch up with and Scooter is just a beautiful horse! Glad you had some quality time without the Cell Phone.

  7. Caterpillars are better than Playstations!

    Your haircut looks wonderfully easy 🙂

  8. Lovely hair!

    I wrote a poem .. “Be Good to Yourself”.. thinking of you…

    Don’t forget to breathe this week!

  9. Kat

    I really like your hair..I’m still debating on mine…I have til the 30th to decide..

    You never let me down with the adorable photos!!

    I hope to see some of the dance??

  10. Rach

    Love the photos! I got my hair cut like Nicole Richie’s the other day! It’s so much nicer not to have all that hair to fix and lug around!! Wee One is adorable and congrats to his Bubba on winning!

  11. Rebecca

    WOW. You really did cut your hair. I hope you’re happy with it. I know it has to me cooler and much easier to manage. Congrad!!!

  12. Woo-hoo!! Glad ya’ll won!! That’s definitely good news! I LOVE the new haircut! It’s not too short, which is a good thing. Wee one is just too cute! *hugs*

  13. Congratulations to Bubba and his team for their BIG WIN!

    I love your new hair from the back. It looks good.

    It sounds like you had a well-deserved relaxing and fun weekend, too.

  14. The hair looks good from the back, looks really healthy.

  15. Lael

    I really like that cut!
    So chic…

  16. Wee One is so darned cute! Geesh, does it ever stop? Give a girl a break! LOL

    Glad you & Scooter snuck off together, great therapy for you both.

    I really like your hair short. It will frame your face.

    Congrats on the football win!!!

    Take it easy this week, breathe deep when you find yourself on the edge. You’ll do just fine and we’re here to listen if you don’t!!! LOL

    D 🙂

  17. I can’t believe Wee One didn’t scrunch that caterpillar and turn it into mush. He must have been really enthralled with it!

    You cheated on the pic of your hair. LOL I would do the same. I hate having my picture taken.

    Glad you got to go for a nice rice and that you left your cell phone behind. I swear those darn things are worse than a leash!

  18. Hey there girl 🙂 Thanks for the comment about the pics. I have several more added to that slide, after the pic with my eyes 🙂

  19. brian-Scooter wast ready to end our ride and come home Sunday. Hes been feeling good 🙂

    pavel-lol, you have no idea how much I giggled over your comment!

    karmynR-the wonders of coloring…or in my case bleaching.

    kdwhorses-2 hours of heaven, yep I scored!

    MM-nah, Im not camera shy….

    MManning-sometimes Id like to burn my phone but then Id be lost without it

    momto3cubs-your right about that!

    susan-thnx! Ill be by to check out the new pics

    katie-thnx. And thnx for writing the wonderful poem. I think you were spying on me over the weekend hahaha

    kat-most of the dance will be a religious ceremony, photos arent allowed but Ill try! yikes, the 30th isnt far off….have you decided yet?

    rach-yep it feels good to be a bit lighter

    rebecca-yep, I like it

    jolyanna-thnx, we are still undefeated 🙂


    lael-I thought it was kind of old ladyish…heheheh

    FF-Wee One wasnt so cute yesterday when he took off and got away at the Post Office. grrrr I was ready to thump him good.

    rgb-lol, a LEASH! very well described

  20. DaBich

    The hair is perfect for you! Love it.

    Congrats on the football win.

    A little time alone is good for the soul 🙂

  21. but… long hair can just be pulled back into a tail and forgotten

    short hair has to managed

  22. I wanted to say How wonderful it was that Bubba was a Chosen One. 🙂 I’m going to catch our Pow-Wow back home next year.

    lol@ spying… tis an invisible thread that often connects the web…


  23. Great picture of Scooter and I like your hair. I almost always have a short style. Makes my life so much easier. We love watching the dancing and stick ball at the Choctaw Nation powwow at Tuscahoma.

  24. thenme

    Loving the pics ! Congrats on the game win !
    Just popping in to say hey…I’m worn out and only been chasing the grands for 3 days ….whew !

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