The Quickie

Have I ever mentioned I love XM radio? It is awesome!

Of course, my lazy family might not like it at 7am. That’s too bad, I’m the one up busting my ass in the kitchen……no sleeping in for moi. Wee One woke me up at 5:45 am. Now he wants breakfast!

I read this book in 2 days. Not because it was that awesome but it was a decent read.

It is written from a woman’s perspective. You can definitely tell it is written by a man who is clueless about women…..but the story made up for those shortcomings. It was full of twists and turns.

I really liked how the ending turned out.

I’ll be starting this book today (hopefully!) I hope it is as good as Kellerman’s others…..

I’ve made 2 trips to Tulsa this week. A medical appointment for myself and a medical appointment for my Father-in-law.

Friday is homecoming. Bubba will be in the parade. Wee One and I will be watching the parade. I’m not sure about attending the game though……

The Tulsa State Fair starts today. The boys want to attend. I would like to go as well. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll be able to go for a day. Our busy schedules and other obstacles may not allow us to get away.

Woot! I finally found some potato salad that tastes almost, just almost, as delicious as my sister J’s.

My sister J makes the best potato salad in the whole world. All others do not even come close to J’s salad but…..I did come across this salad that tasted pretty darn good.

But not nearly as good as J’s salad.

Yesterday evening, the weather was beautiful.

Wee One and I spent most of it outside until nearly dark. We needed to be inside by 8pm because the season premier of “Ghost Hunters” started then.

Can you tell Scooter is waiting for his dinner?



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23 responses to “The Quickie

  1. Thanks for the heads up on the books!

    Scooter looks patient though! 🙂

    I hope that you guys make it to the State Fair BG…
    They are so much fun for everyone!

    Enjoy the parade – Wee One and Bubba will be loving it. Making memories and living life!

    I like my potato salad best…lol… although I do not make it very often. It has evolved throughout the years from my grams, to my mom’s..and me where it took a left to the wild side. Gotta have my colour in my food!

    Have a lovely day !!!

  2. Potato Salad… mmmm what ingredient is it that makes it sooooo tasty?

    And ghost hunters eh? I must check that out. oh wait. I am turning off my cable for a few months… I may be checking out your book suggestions instead.


  3. Kat

    I used to LOVE to read. A friend and I were in a book club and they sent new books every 2 weeks, then we’d send back and get 2 more…I loved Stephen King and Dean Koontz years ago before they both went off the deep end. Here lately when I do read I love anything Patricia Cornwall…shes an easy read too.

    I love my mom’s potato salad…

    Scooter is so darn cute!!

  4. Aniin BG, I hope you do get a chance to go to the fair. Soon enough it will be passe to go. Trying to get geared up for the trip, three weeks from today we will be flying to England.

    I really wanted to get ‘Real Magic’ to you before we leave, but I don’t think that’s likely. 😦

    Scooter’s got a one track mind, that’s for sure. 😆

  5. Cliff thought I was nuts when I ordered XM radio for his shop. Now he’ll be the first to tell you it’s worth every cent.

  6. barngoddess: I LUV Scooter, but during my trip I had XM radio in my rental car. Maybe because of my radio background, I listen with an ultra critical ear. Most people who have left Radio will tell you the same thing. Their constant cross-marketing of other XM stations and commercials drove me nuts and I found myself switching it off and on to stay with the programming. lol!

  7. LOL on Scooter.

    So, won’t J give you her recipe?

    Go to the fair! Busy schedules be damned…Fair, fair, fair!!!

  8. Rebecca

    Scooter is waiting for dinner, from the sounds of it, I am waiting for Breakfast. I am lucky to have a cup of milk or a piece of cheese as I drive down the road to work. I wanna come over if you are cooking…

    Even though I am a souther gal…I hate potato salad. NO matter the way it is fixed. Sorry……I’ll starve rather than eat it.

    I hope you take lots of Homecoming pictures!

  9. Lael

    Scooter is funny!
    That’s a nice photo of him.
    Beans used to paw at her dish,look at us,paw at her dish,look at us and so on and so on. We’d always say-I get the feeling you’re trying to tell us something.. lol. Sometimes she’d trick us into feeding her a second meal with that routine,rotten dog.

    I can always tell when a man is writing a book as a woman too…

  10. You sure can tell Scooter wants his dinner! LOL

    Patterson and Kellerman are great authors. But, I am on a non fiction kick. I just got Shattered Dreams, a true story about a fundamentalist Morman, who shared her husband with 4 sister wives.

    I agree with those who posted you can always tell when a man is writing as a woman.

  11. I hope Bubba enjoys Homecoming!

  12. I love GhostHunters. They are so good at explaining the bumps and lights and they don’t go all ghosty on people. I missed the season premier though. New house issues.

  13. Where did you find it at

  14. I love xm radio in my car! Whatever mood I am in I can always find something I like.

    Loved Scooter’s pic! Buddy will stand there with his food dish IN HIS MOUTH! I’ll have to get a pic but I don’t usually have a camera in the barn as they knocked over my last one and broke it!

  15. katie-I just caught him at a still moment, he is usually foaming at the mouth with his tongue flopped out. hahaha!

    Brian-wow, those 3 wks will fly by. You’d better send me a postcard….in fact I want TWO 🙂

    Donna-I want it in my car now….

    MM-lol, I do not like the 10 minute commercials of our local stations, I know it show they stay in business but damn….10 minutes?

    DHW-her recipe is too complicated for me and besides J’s salad can only taste like J’s salad because she made it. I am trying my hardest to get to the fair 🙂

    rebecca-gasp! you hate potato salad? omg..

    lael-thnx! Beans was a cool dog 🙂

    jolynna-oh, Ive never heard of that book, it sounds good!

    momto3cubs-me too

    WTF-Yes, I LOVE Ghosthunters because they are out there trying to DISPROVE it and not staging ‘ghosts or paranormal’.

    celeste-I found the salad at a tiny family owned grocery in a tiny town not too far from here.

    MM-you HAVE to get a photo of that! I do not usually take my camera on rides because Im afraid it’ll get broken

  16. maybe she needs to market it
    unfortunately the stuff they have to put in it to keep it from spoiling would ruin the taste.

    At least you have a great book to get into once the early morning work is done..

  17. I like Ghosthunters too but forget to watch.

    I’ve been reading like mad lately too. My stack of books has dwindled dramatically. I need to find a good used book store, my reading habit is expensive.

  18. I need to find time to read more. Or at least read more than People magazine. It’s such brain candy and I’m addicted to sugar.

  19. The Quickie looks very interesting! I’ll have to check it out. Cute photo of Scooter. And I love potato salad. I think my mom makes the best I’ve ever tasted.

  20. pamela-oh yeah, when I get spare time, I read……A LOT

    jenny-awww you missed an awesome apparition! it’ll be on next week before the next new episode. Ive been going to the library. I can spend a lot on new books, as much as a drug addict probably spends on dope!

    slackermommy-hey, at least your reading, right?

    arkansassogbird-it was pretty darn good, not the best but definitely different and kept me interested.

  21. thenme

    Scooter looks annoyed ! Does J use a dad of mustard ?
    How was your appt. ?
    I am frazzled watching Tink and Z…
    Hope you get to take in the game and the fair ! Have fun!

  22. jo

    The above is me…don’t know what happened…was trying to set up a new blog thru WP..The NME, but ain’t done it yet. Hate it when I confuse myself. 😦

  23. lol, okay Jo. I am easily confused sometimes too.

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