Attack Of The TreeFrog!

This coming Saturday, the last Saturday of the Tulsa State Fair, we have concrete plans to attend. 

The boys and I are looking forward to going. Best friend L is coming with us too. Hubs is going to deer camp on Saturday to bow hunt for opening day and attend a BBQ.

I told him he could just camp out there with the guys but he said, “why? We live 10 miles from it. I can come home and sleep in my comfy bed.” 

Hubs really needs to have himself a good drunk. I honestly cannot remember the last time he cut loose.

I was hoping he would while out at deer camp but he most likely wont if he is coming home. Dammit.

Can you spot the giant treefrog in the birdhouse?

Best friend L’s birdhouse is inhabitated but not by birds!

A giant treefrog lives in it and the frog doesnt like it when anyone gets near the birdhouse, he comes out acting like he wants to attack.

I have never, ever seen a treefrog this huge. It is indeed a treefrog, it is smoothskinned and has big suction cups on his toes.


This morning, bright and early, Wee One was ready to decorate for Halloween.

Wee informed me he wants to be a ‘scary pumpkin’ for Halloween. Then he mentioned he wanted to be SpongeBob or a Puma again. He was a cat last year, I told him he needs to be something different. Of course, I could always recycle his leopard costume if he insists.

Late evening training session…..big yawn from Hickory!


Mondays are not fun. I am still in my jammies at 8:45 am.

I fed Scooter in my nightshirt, robe, and boots. Scooter looked at me like I was losing my mind.

Hmmm, I may very well be……




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25 responses to “Attack Of The TreeFrog!

  1. Aniin BG,

    I’ll still come here to read and comment faithfully. My posts are going to be sparse until November, after the trip.

    Another new avatar. 🙂

    Hope you have a good week.

  2. Lael

    Your hubby sounds JUST like mine…
    Wee One looks so happy and sweet:)

  3. Seeing Wee One with all of that excitement about starting a new day is so inspiring. First time I’ve seen Scooter looking vocal in that picture! As long as the jammies are comfortable, barngoddess, go with the flow! 😀

  4. love all the pictures! Have a fabulous week!

  5. brian-okay, have a good week too

    lael-why cant they (husbands) ever go away for just a day or two!?!?!

    MM-he wakes like that every morning, usually before sunup. The horse is Hickory, best friend L’s daughters colt.

    katie-thnx, youtoo!

  6. A puma or sponge bob? Cool choices. I bet he made a very adorable cat. Hey, with just a little modifications, the cat outfit may have new life!

  7. Hi!

    Mondays are not fun here either. YUCK! PJ’s is the outfit of choice for Monday’s! LOL What does Scooter know wabout fashion?? LOL

    Wee One’s bright cheerful smile puts a spring in my step! He is such a cutie!

    Glad you’ll be going to the fair. I miss going to the Big E Fair in Mass. Was always fun.

    Hubby won’t camp out with the guys??? Humph – party pooper.

    Hope all goes well for you this week, enjoy yourself.

    D 🙂

  8. Love the pics! The frog is huge. We have one that hangs out at night our my daughter’s trampoline. “Hickory” is so bored with his training! I too have fed in my gown and rubber boots! Thank goodness the neighbors are far away!

  9. Barbara

    Monday was pretty good for me since I didn’t have to work today. I did start to clean out my storage shed though. Thank goodness Tuesday is just around the corner!

  10. Rebecca

    I guess you could slip hubby some alcohol during dinner….maybe help him relax~~~
    The fair sounds like fun. Just the best friend part sounds like it could be *fun*.

    I liked the Yawn personally kinda how I am feeling about now. I have had a long day. Mondays suck!

  11. That frog is something else. It took me a while to see it because I thought it was part of the wood. That is so odd.

    The yawn is too funny!

  12. That looks more like a toad than a tree frog. But, I can’t quite make it out clearly.

  13. DaBich

    What a HUGE frog! YIKES!

    What mind??? ::fleeeeeeeeee:::

  14. pavel-now hes wanting to be a scary Pumpkin! lol, kids…

    FF-I wish I had 1/4 of Wee’s energy.

    kdwhorses-haha, Im glad my neighbors arent close too!

    barbara-ewww, storage shed cleaning…not fun but something that DOES need done on occasion.

    rebecca-nawww, unless I slipped some vodka and kaluha in his milk!

    giveitatry-weird frog huh?

    karmynR-it was smoothskinned and had thoselittle sucition thingys on its feet, it was definitely a frog not a toad. Weird huh?


  15. Very wierd of the frog, I’m glad it’s there and not here. lol

    A scary pumkin, huh! And do we know what he considers scary? lol

    I love the yawn, that’s totally how I’m feeling about now.

    As for feeding in your jammies, the only bad part I can see about that is getting hay inside them! Ouch!

  16. An attack frog! That sucker is huge. It looks like he might be eating any birds who try to get in.

  17. rgb-itchy! but right now Im just feeding Equine Senior 3X a day for about another 2-3 weeks anyhow before I have to feed hay.

    jenny-lol, it acted mean too!

  18. Kat

    I knew a few girls who all got pregnant the week after deer camp…LOL. Maybe its a good thing he isn’t going away for the week?? LOL

    That is one big frog!!! My daughter had a little pool when she was around wee’s age (10′ in diameter 1 1/2 feet deep)..and every night there was a frog orgy. I came home late one night and she had left some floats in the pool and a big frog was sitting on it.. I went over and looked and they were everywhere in the pool!! had to be 100 frogs swimming and lounging in there…toads, bulls, and tree frogs…no two looked alike. And every morning I had to clean out the gazillion frog eggs left behind!! When fall came one year I left the eggs in and let them hatch for Mini me to see…and whenever we went somewhere we always had to take a big fat tad pole with us!!! Those were great times…I miss them!! Wee is sooooooooo adorable!!

  19. the tree frog is hilarious! :giggles:

    sighs… yea. CUT LOOSE! why wont he? wants to sleep in his bed… WHIMP!

    my toddler wants to be curious george… which means I have to put on a yellow suit… oh joy. :blech:

    happy monday sleepy head. *wishes for winning lotto tickets for you*

  20. Wow, what a huge frog!

    I have never seen a tree frog even close to that big before.

    Hickory looks like he just got woke up.

  21. Wee One would make a cute “scary pumpkin”.

  22. that is a HUGE frog. It must be a genetic freak!
    (an outer space frog. ET’s cousin, Yoda’s grandson, or a friend of Jabba the Hut)

  23. Oh my on the frog it is so huge. That would scare me.

  24. Great blog! Love the pictures!

  25. Ann

    Like your blog.
    That frog scares me too. 😉
    Horses yawn because they are anxious, or apprehensive. Sort of like baboons.

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