Frog Encounters Pt2

Wee One has gotten a call from a
preschool in another town, he has
been accepted! We are so happy!
More later.

note to self: when camera batteries are low, auto focus doesn’t work!

Wee One is such a joy to experience things with!

He was fascinated with this little, tiny, frog we caught in the yard Monday afternoon.

Wee One checked the little frog out, he was very gentle and careful not to hurt the little amphibian….pronounced :amppibanannnn by Wee One. 

We turned the little frog loose next to the house in a mossy spot and in the shade, we did not want him to get burnt by the sun.

When we came indoors, Wee One ran off and found all his toy frogs. He was ready for a nap but those never seem to happen anymore…..



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18 responses to “Frog Encounters Pt2

  1. Aniin BG, Wee One would love Florida. Lizards and frogs and snakes oh my!

  2. wee one is a blond tadpole…
    I’m impressed with his gentle care of the little frog. Your doing something right, mom … in spite of your list of questions from the other day, and how you felt.

  3. Adorable, I’d love to hear him say amppibanannnn.

  4. He is a joy to see ! Thank you for sharing your son BG!

  5. Which one of your friends has the chicken blog? I lost her link!


  6. Congrats on the preschool!

  7. Lael

    Aww that’s so sweet!
    He’s going to enjoy pre-school.
    YAY for Wee One,I’m happy for you guys:)

  8. Good news about preschool! How far a drive is it?

    My daughter stopped taking a nap a year ago – much to my sadness. But, if she did fall asleep and I let her sleep longer than 20 minutes, she’d be up until 11pm and that just wasnt’ any good….so I had to choose b/n cranky kid at 7pm or unhappy mom at 11pm.

  9. i just bought a new camera! i am trying to become a good “eye” like you. once i figure out how to post them on my blog i will get some up!

  10. hey BG..I’ve posted a picture of a Quarter horse for sale at my chatty blog..he looks like Scooter. moves well and fast…. go see him! 😉

  11. Aniin BG, Congrats on the preschool. Free at least, you free at last.

  12. jo

    That is wonderful about pre-school !
    Pics are just too cute for words !

  13. Rebecca

    Just wondering if you will have to provide all of the transportation?
    Congrad though!!

    Sorry not much on frogs….good that wee one likes em though! Maybe he is a future Vet and can take care of your Multitude of horses after he starts his private practice!!!!
    Will I get a dicount for my kitties????

  14. Froggies are more fun than Hot Wheels!

    How exciting about preschool!!

  15. brian-yes, he’d love FL! 3-4 hours of freedom for me and Wee One gets his wish, we BOTH win 🙂

    pamela-thnx! parenting is hard, kids should come w/ instruction manuals. They can be so complicated! Horses are so much simplier.

    jenny-lol, he says it too cute! I love Encarta, after we checked out the little frog we came inside and looked it up on the computer.

    katie-thnx 🙂 you are quite welcome, anytime you WANT to babysit, just holler heheheh kidding….Ill leave her link at your blog in a few.


    lael-Im happy for us too 🙂

    karmynR-15 minutes South of our home. Bubba goes 15 minutes North!gah! Buttercup and Wee One are cut from the same mold huh?

    kt-how cool! good luck


    rebecca-sure, Ill make sure you get a discount…heheh. I will have to drive him and pick him up.

    momto3cubs-Im glad Wee One likes the outdoors!

  16. Kat

    Awwwwwww he’s going to love school I bet !! I need to tell you about mini’s frog-quarium and the life saving efforts I preformed on 6 frogs…only losing one….you’ll pee yourself laughing!!

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