Fog And Bubbles


This afternoon we go to Wee One’s new school for his ‘intake’. I think this is where they get all the info that is not on the applications.

Wee One is thrilled. In fact, he is beyond thrilled! 

His 1st official day is Monday.

I am wondering how I am going to manage the morning rides to school.

1. Bubba goes to school 15 minutes North of our home.

2. Wee One will be attending school 15 minutes South of our home.

Also, another schedule glitch:

I had given up on Wee One getting into preschool. So, when my inlaws asked me to drive my FIL to and from Tulsa for his eye surgeries and follow up appointments, I gladly said,”yes

Since I have already given them my ‘word‘ and knowing they cannot get someone else to drive FIL to his medical appointments, I am worrying about getting Wee One to/fro his new preschool on those days I will have to take FIL to Tulsa.

Oh well, I will figure something out. I always do!

I love Fall. I also love fog.

Scooter could care less about the fog or it being Fall, he wants his breakfast.


Feeding in the early morning still in my PJ’s and boots has become quite regular this week.

What is wrong with me?

I have been sort of lazy this week. My excuse? I am reserving my energy for our trip to the Tulsa Fair this coming Saturday!

This evening, Wee One and I are going for a ride. I think even Scooter is looking forward to a trail ride!

Bubba’s game is away tonite. The last away game. Thankfully!

They are going to be on the road at 2pm because the school they are playing is about 2 hours away.

Hubs is working in KS today and tomorrow. There is no way I can go to the game…

Wish us luck so we remain undefeated-the team we are playing tonite is down near OKC and very, very good.

But, I’ll be at the next 2 football games!

Marvin has been clinging to me lately. He usually follows me around but does not pester me too much. This last week or so, he has been like velcro.

I wonder if he knows something I dont?



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23 responses to “Fog And Bubbles

  1. In pre-school!? How did i miss that!! Exciting… he is going to grow up so much you won’t believe it. You can work something out.

    So, do you think Marvin is feeling ok? sometimes when my cats weren’t feeling too hot, they would follow me around.

    Happy almost the weekend! :hug:

  2. memsahib-We are leaving in about 5 minutes for our intake-Wee One has been ready since 8am for school. Marvin has been playing and active, hmmm I hope he is okay.

  3. SailorMoon

    Congrats on getting wee-one into preschool!He’ll love it.I haven’t seen my oldest son play football yet, no home games til this Tues.But they’ve only lost 1 game.He’s playing center as well.Seen him in action in soccer though.Kicking butt there as usual.And my little one is doing well in soccer. Although, both my boys are at home very sick right now. Oldest had a temp of 103.4 last night. Had both at dr. at 7:45 this morning. Throat/sinus infections. School called yesterday because my little kindegartner was sick & had to be picked up. Thank goodness for close ex inlaws, I have to say. Welcome back to the world of having a little little one in the school system is all I could say & think to myself. That’s my only word of wisdom to you. Be ready….as much as a germ freak as I am & they wash hands very carefully at his kindergarten too, I was impressed, it will happen. I got home from work yesterday & walked into my little one sitting on my bed with a bowl-saying I threw up & my oldest son with the temp of 103.4. I wanted to turn around & leave!!I could feel the germs just covering me. Ahh, the joys of being a single parent. You’ll do okay on the being in 3 places at once, although it is a challenge, I know very well. Hope they get the win in football!!

  4. SailorMoon

    Geeze, my apologies for taking up your entire blog!! I need to either get my own or post more often, been keeping up with you but just too busy to comment. After seeing the length of this one that’s probably a good thing. Sorry – Chatty Cathy here!

  5. Love those foggy pictures. Scheduling can be such a pain and I don’t even have any children. I hope you can get things worked out!! Wee One is a cutie! I love bubbles!

  6. I absolutely love the fog pictures 🙂 I also love fall and fog!!! Maybe Marvin was feeling a tad bit on the ill side, or maybe a storm is brewing and he can feel it? I know when Katie or Jade feel not so good, they are very very clingy to me. Or in Jade’s Case a storm is fixing to start. She hates storms…she is such a big weenie!!!!

    Take care, and I hope everything goes great at the intake with WeeOne. He’s so stinking adorable!

  7. Good Luck! I know school is going to do him well.

    I have a request of you. Pass this website on to your horse friends. Someone is neglecting an Arabian in their care, and this person is trying to find assistance.


  8. jo

    Oh let us know how intake went !
    Tell Bubba good luck , tho he is such a good player he probably won’t need luck.

    Cats are highly intuitive…if you are stressing and still acting “normal”, cats can tell. It’s spooky.
    An example would be waiting on med test…cat doesn’t know that, but somehow knows you need the phone to ring or mail to come.

  9. Nothing any cuter then a little boy blowing bubbles!! :o) When did he get into pre school????? I guess I have missed a few things while on my blogging restrictions!!!! I’m so glad he got in and that he is excited about it!!!!

  10. Aniin BG, when it rains it pours, or something like that. I am sure it will all work out in the end.

  11. I love the fog pictures. I think you are right about Scooter not appreciating the beauty of the morning and just wanting to get right to eating…lol…my horses could care less about scenery when it is time to eat.

    Congrats on resolving wee one’s school dilemna.

    I like your blogs near header and your new “barngoddess pic” that shows with your name.

  12. …I meant *new* header instead of *near* header.

  13. Aniin again. I forgot to tell you to have a great time at the fair.

  14. I love the fog, too. And fall. Fall is my favorite time of the year… nice post. 🙂 Little guy is adorable!!

  15. As a side-note: Scooter looks pretty darned good for his age.

  16. SM-oh no! I hope yours get better asap. I think Ill stock up on GERMX….

    arkansasongbird-thnx for the compliment. I think Ive got the appts and rides covered (I think!)

    susan-fog and fall, who could ask for more?

    memsahib-I emailed the head of the Horse Rescues that I stay in contact with…thnx for the heads up, that story made me sick, I still want to vomit after reading how that poor horse is being mistreated. People SUCK.

    jo-intake went better than expected! Hmmm, not sure what Marv’s deal is, right now hes trying and not succeeding on jumping onto my desk….

    MM-missed ya! Wee One loves his bubbles

    brian-yep, it’ll work out, I am sure of it. The Fair is going to be fun 😛

    jolyanna-ahh it’s fall, time for a change, no?
    Our horses are hogs!

    Amanda-Fall rocks! thnx for coming by 🙂

    donna-thanks! He is coming 29yo 3/08….

  17. just catching up….
    yahoo…. you got into preschool…. I’m sure you’ll figure out the transport, what are you going to do with the child free time???? I feel a Dance of Joy coming on!!!!

  18. That’s one crazy schedule you have there, but I’m sure you’ll pull through! I love watching little people play and smile and wee one is no exception. He looks like he’s enjoying himself to no end making those bubbles.

    Have fun!

  19. I like that idea of working in pajamas.

  20. Maybe Marvin is just reacting to the weather cooling down. I know my cats are clingy right now too.

    I bet Wee One will love pre-school. That juggling the schedule thing is one of those things that makes me crazy. I just haven’t figured out how to be in two places at once. When you figure it out, let me know. lol

  21. hope-oh yes, I am still dancing with joy! The Geebawug (spirits) have certainly helped me out with this whole thing, long story, but I believe it all came together for some reason.

    pavel-lol, those little ones are so cute and funny!Sometimes some of the stuff they say makes me laugh myself silly…

    pamela-me too! it’s quite comfy 🙂

    rgb-too bad ew cannot clone ourselves for a couple of hours…..when I find out how, Ill holler at ya!

  22. Think he knows about school?

  23. Kat

    Have you been sick or upset about something? Marvin could be cluing in on Wee going to school too and that may have him a bit out of sorts for the moment…

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