Finally Friday

 Bubba’s football team is still undefeated!

They smoked last night, winning 32-21. Bubba and his whole team are pumped up. Only 2 more games left in the 8th grade season.

Playoffs, here we come!

Not really, we do not have any playoffs, not until High School.


Wee One’s preschool intake went marvelously well. I kept waiting for something bad to happen (because it usually does) and all went smoothly.

We met Wee’s new teacher and he hung out with her for about 1 hour while I toured, filled out paperwork, and met the staff.

The whole environment of this particular school gave me a good feeling. I am so happy I applied at this school, I nearly did not thinking it was a waste of my time.

After about 10 minutes of playing ‘cats‘ Marvin was bored. Miss Kitty was not having any of it, she ran into my bedroom and observed from there.

Wee One has a big imagination…..he put on his old Halloween costume and entertained himself (and Marv) for a good 2 hours yesterday.

 Wee One was so well behaved, I let him get his very own………………..


He was quite proud of it. Snakes and panthers, he thought it was ‘cool‘.

Wee One went with his dad to his grandparents the other night and Wee One was attacked by the mosquitos at their house. He came home with 5 giant skeeter bites on him.

Poor fella!


Some random stuff I cannot stop thinking about:

1. why did my did my husband go into a 10 minute detailed one-sided conversation with me about the proper way to haul/stack brush and tree limbs on his car trailer?

I am NOT planning on doing any landscaping work in the near future NOR do I plan on hauling any brush off, that’s his department. Heck, I am not even allowed near the riding lawn-mower, I am sure the chainsaw is off limits!

2. Wee One and I were grocery shopping at the local IGA and I stopped the cart near a shelf of canned beans, all kinds of bean. Wee One points at the yellow wax beans and says, “gross! those are nasty beans, move the cart hurry!”

Yellow wax beans are gross but I did not say so.

Wee One refuses to eat veggies with the exception of lettuce soaked in ranch OR raw baby carrots soaked in ranch, I have been making pasta salad made out of spinach noodles and everyone gobbles it up without knowing they are eating spinach-heheheh.

3. Milk is now $4 a gallon. I think I should look into buying a milk cow. Eggs are expensive too. I’d get some chickens but I am not too fond of birds. I did try to buy some Guineafowl hens when Atwoods had them in stock, but when I finally got over to Bartlesville, there were only 2 left and they looked a bit sickly. I would like to buy some already grown ones, I am not too sure how to raise them from babies even though the hubs said he’d do it. Hubs is gone for work too much.

I love this Varva Unicorn photo. I want to follow this Unicorn into the magical forest….

I am a huge fan of Varva, I wish I was as talented as he is at photographing horses! 



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19 responses to “Finally Friday

  1. Aniin BG, I love ranch dressing with a few veggies. 😛

    Congrats on the ongoing winning football team. Hope all goes well the rest of the season.

    Wee One is awesome… when he wants to be. So cute.

    Not much else going on, have a great time at the fair.

  2. I am so glad the preschool thing is happening for him. It’s really important to keep those creative minds challenged….I always say” if you don’t keep THEM busy, they keep YOU busy”, (and not always in a good way.) He looks like he will be a social butterfly. I love that twinkle in his eye, makes me wonder what he will do next 😉

  3. “Move the cart, hurry!” I love it. I wouldn’t be surprised if I see Wee One on a TV commercial! 😀

  4. Congrats to Bubba. Mine wont even eat them in ranch. Going to try the spinach noodles thing. He will eat egg rolls… funny huh?

    I am so happy for you and the wee one. He is ready, and just watch how much he changes. amazing. I was excited yesterday when I saw that piece of info!

    Halloween, ug. I have to get a costume this week. He wants to be Curious George, so… gotta do that.

    Going to look more at the Varva. Have a great weekend!

  5. I LOVE Wee One’s costumer big time!!! He’s adorable!

    As for the gross wax beans, I agree! Move, hurry before they attack.

    I’m with you on the price of milk. Maybe a cow IS cheaper…

  6. Lael

    I believe in Unicorns:)

    My kids went through a no veggies stage too. For the longest time it was no greeen beans but now they love em..freaks!

    Congrats to your boy!

  7. brian-you forgot, it’s FRIDAY! my favorite day of the week 🙂

    hope-yes, he keeps me VERY busy. Too busy!

    MM-oh I wish, we could use the money.

    memsahib-egg rolls? haha to funny. What’d you think of Vavra? awesome isnt he?

    pavel-wax beans, ew I can remember my mother acting like they were something wonderful to eat-bleh! In fact, I am not too fond of canned veggies myself.

    lael-thnx! green beans? they seem to be the favorite of hubs and Bubba but not Wee One, he is hard to please…hes a brat!

  8. Aniin BG, yes it’s Friday but I have to work tomorrow. 😦

    I will be posting a poem sometime during the day tomorrow. I know you’ve missed that.

    The jury in the Louise Ogborn case awarded her 6.1 million this afternoon.

  9. I’m with Wee One on the beans issue! They are gross! So glad he had a good start at preschool. He is really more then ready isn’t he?

    My husband doesn’t even know how to START the lawn mower! ha! I’m the one that mows!! He was going to help me one day with the spare mower and didn’t know how to engage the blades! I thought it was a hoot, big mr. business man can’t even run a lawn mower! heehee!

  10. Wow! Congratulations to Bubba and his team!

    Go Wee One! Cute kitty outfit ( and run man, run as fast as you can! Nasty beans! )

    I’m glad it all went well at the preschool!

    Maybe that was simply your husband’s way of having a conversation with you. I know… but sometimes.. that’s how they see it. Sharing “guy style” .

    What do you mean? You don’t have your own chainsaw???

    I thought milk is $4 a gallon??!!! I realized my soy milk is always $2 something a half gallon and I’ve never really thought about it!!! Jazz was talking about the high cost of milk too.. she has to buy regular ( cow’s ) and soy milk ( or rice milk ) .

    Vavra is Superb!

    Have fun at the fair! I’m going to the wild life expo tomorrow!

  11. Congrats to Bubba and his team! Kids playing football, you can not help but get wrapped up in it!! Our JV has only lost 1 game, tied 1 and won the rest, I can not say the same for our varsiety, they have not won a game yet. JV is so excited about having thoses bragging rights!! Glad WeeOne is enjoying Pre-k, that makes it so much easier on every one else!! Milk and Eggs are highway robbery! I have had chickens in the past and still have a few, the eggs are great. I lost about 7 of them a couple of months ago. We think a fox or coon came in and took them over a couple of days. I know have 3 roosters (like I need that many!!!) and 1 hen. So I am back to buying eggs again, I miss my fresh eggs! I may try again with the chickens after winter.
    Love the horse pic, I have never heard of the photographer before.
    Hope you have a great and blessed weekend!!

  12. Wee one looks pretty proud of his tattoo. I am glad he likes his new school and that you have met with his teacher and like her.

    Congratulations to Bubba on latest win.

  13. Way to go Bubba and his team! That is awesome.

    Do you grow a garden at all? Sometimes, helping plant and seeing where the veges are coming from help my kids eat them better.

  14. congrats to Bubba and team.
    good job on Wee One being a good kid at school
    Way to go Marvin for being such a great cat.

  15. Rebecca

    Well I am bummed about the price of milk too, but it is something I can;t live without…So I guess I’ll just suck it up. (No pun intended)
    I’m glad everyone is happy about Wee Ones school. It makes a world of difference if you are pleased and have a safe feeling….Plus now you get a bit more time for you!!! (SMILE)

    Hope the weekend continues to bring you good news….kiss the kitties for me!

  16. Congrats to Bubba’s team!

    And for that matter for Wee One and a good start for pre school.

    I’ve never tried yellow wax beans, just looking at them is enough for me, I’m with Wee One and that for sure!

    Vavra is one of my favorites as well. I have some of his pics as part of my screensaver. Just can’t get enough of them. lol

    ps. I still think Marvin is a super cat!

  17. love the pic
    all horses have that sort of ‘mythical’ aura about them. One can sometimes imagine they would have much to tell us if they could talk, or we had time for listen.

  18. brian-great news about LO’s case!

    MM- how cool you can do stuff like that better than your hubs.

    katie-sometimes I need silence, just quiet but no one ever realises it. Vavra is SO talented, I lovehis stuff-have for years.

    kdwhorses-aww, thats too bad about your fowl stock. Weve had a gray fox hanging around who thinned out the goat famers guinnes hens that stayed on our place most of the time.

    jolynna-Wee still likes his tattoo.

    KarmynR-just a few tomatoes and pepper plants. But it is a good idea, maybe Ill try it this spring.

    pamela-thnx! I wonder when they’ll all be back to normal….

    rebecca-it’s been a good weekend so far , thnx!

    RGB-Marv is a super cat EXCEPT for the hairballs he can hack up-GROSSS

    Q9-Scooter talks to me, just not in words;)

  19. Kat

    Awwwwwww I want to play cats too!!!!!

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