Tulsa Fair

Our trip to the Fair was a fun one.

We arrived early just as everything was opening up in the morning and we left about 5pm when the crowds were getting too thick to maneuver.

All 3 of our kids behaved. Bubba and Roo were able to go off and explore the fair by themselves for 2 hours and do their own thing. We had designated meeting spots. Cell phones are worth their weight in gold, we were able to keep in contact. Wee One rode in his stroller when the crowds became thick, he did not seem to mind.

We watched a draft horse show. L, Wee One, and I were amazed at how beautiful and powerful the draft teams were. We visited with an old gentleman who was showing his team of Percherons. He let Wee One check out his horses in their decorative dress harness, and sit in his cart. Wee One was tickled and kept saying, “Scooter is too small” after he was around those big beauties.

Our first stop was the petting zoo. It was big this year. There was a giraffe, zebra, and a baby bison.

Wee One loved the pigs. It was the first time he ever touched a pig. He was amazed at it’s prickly hair. He said, “it poked me.”

The baby bison.

Best friend L and Wee One shared fries for breakfast/lunch.

BG’s version of bumpercars!

The reptile show was a big hit.

1.5 million dollar Ford concept truck. This truck was better than any limo I’ve ever seen.

Personally, I think spending that kind of $$ on a truck is crazy…..for anyone.

After the Fair we hit On The Border for some real food, we were starving and I was in dire need of a drink, a strong one.

Bubba always make dumb faces when he takes photos, he did that on purpose….why? not sure why but it irritates the hell outta me.

Today I am in recovery from our big Fair trip…..off to make another pot of coffee. 



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15 responses to “Tulsa Fair

  1. BG, Thanks for sharing so much of yourself, your fun with family.. life. I really enjoy seeing your pictures and reading your posts!

  2. Barngoddess: Wee One has the best attitude. I can see him with a gazillion friends! You have a nice family and I can definitely see you as a proud owner of that concept truck! 🙂

  3. jo

    Glad y’all had fun ! Oh..and congrats to Bubba on his game. I am soooo darn happy Wee gets to go to school !
    As for another pot of coffee…I’m on my way upstairs now to do same thing. I need a coffee IV.

    Your pics are just fantastic…oh…we put Tink in a stroller still,in crowds. Cannot be to careful !

  4. Aniin BG, looks like y’all had a great time. You may have said, but who is the girl?

  5. Rebecca

    Glad to know that you enjoyed the fair.

    WOW on that truck. You can deliver it to my house at any time. We can go for a few joy rides on the red dirt roads of Alabama. What do you say?

    The fairs are happening here as well. I need to partake in one eventually. It would be nice if I had a companion…but instead I stay home clean house and attempt to redecorate a bedroom….

  6. I adore small town fairs, looks like it was a great day…. pretty snazzy petting zoo….. are there alot of Zebras roaming around Oklahoma????

  7. I love fairs too.

    I’ve been to state fairs in three states but even those didn’t have baby bisons or giraffes. All the petting zoos at fairs I’ve been to just have ponies, sheep, goats, calves and maybe a donkey.

    Wee One sure looks happy. (especially in the yellow and red car) I bet that is a day he will never forget.

  8. Looks like fun. We had thought about going just couldn’t make it hopefully next year we will be living in Owasso and it wont be a problem to go!
    Love the pics they are cute even the silly faces

  9. What a great time you had!! Makes me feel like I just went to a fair!

    Draft horses, you say?!!

  10. I haven’t gone to our local fair much in recent years. Probably because it’s the same thing over and over…and less people are exhibiting creatures and art and agriculture.

    Maybe I need to go to a fair in another state — just to make it more exciting again.

    my friend has a belgian draft horse that follows her like a dog. he’s a beauty.

  11. Looks like you all had a great time at the fair!!! I would love to have seen the draft horses, they just amaze me with their size and power. Would love to have one but have enough po*op to shovel with what I have. Wee One always looks like he is enjoying life! Is he ever cranky? Don’t be too hard on Bubba, boys just seem to have to make faces when the camera is on them! :o)

  12. DaBich

    Yeah, who is the cute girl?
    I can appreciate Wee One’s liking the pigs, they’re my fav animal at the fair. Hubby laughs at me.
    That snake! Wow, I’d LOVE to have the chance to hold it!
    I know, this is one sick lady eh?

  13. WOW!! Looks like a great time! Wish I had a chance to go to a big fair! Gosh how I miss them. FL is nothing like New England for fairs. Just not the same. Too few and far between. Wrong feeling in the air.

    Glad you all had such fun and as always, Wee One is such a cutie!!!

    Take care, have a great Tuesday!!!

    D 🙂

  14. ahhhhhhh! my AOL is misbehaving!

    The pretty girl is best friend L’s daughter. Shes a beauty isnt she?

  15. Kat

    We wanted to go to the state fair this year but didn’t get to. I always love looking at the animals there!!

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