So Far So Good

 So far so good with everything but my internet! My AOL software has been giving me fits for 2 days on the desktop.

Bubba has been using the laptop for a MathCounts presentation this week at school so I am down to one computer-gah!


I took this photo of Wee One yesterday before we left for our drive to his new school.

He had a good time and never cried once during his first real day of school. I was a bit worried he might because of all the other cry-babies clinging to their parents.

This is a picture of Bubba playing offense. He is to the right of the QB.

Bubba’s 8th grade team is still undefeated!

They won last night’s home game.

Hubs went because I had to be at the Parent’s Meeting at Wee One’s new school. I am glad I went. Wow-there is a lot going on at Wee’s new school!

I was disappointed that I missed Bubba’s game. It seems this year, I have missed many. The next and last game is on Monday, I am going to be at that one for sure!

Marvin has still been following me around much more lately. He has been acting weird when I leave the house….almost like seperation anxiety or something. Not sure why, he has never acted this way before. Kitty is acting like her usual self.

Now that Wee One is attending school in the mornings. I have a couple of hours to spend in the saddle!

Scooter is turning rapidly into a wooly mammoth. His winter coat is coming in fast. I’ll get a photo of him soon.

Not today though.

I have some barn chores I have been neglecting that need to be accomplished before it gets cold here in Oklahoma.

So, I am off to get myself dirty…………


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15 responses to “So Far So Good

  1. Kat

    I’m glad Wee is enjoying school!! Way to go Bubba!!!

  2. SailorMoon

    Wow, a few hours to yourself, what to do? I have to take a day off soon, now that all my kids are in school. Wee One looks so cute and excited. And tell me about the crybabies, we had one in my little one’s class that became so hysterical she upset the others. Our school district has had uniforms for a few years and the little pre-k and k look so cute. Our first home jr. high game is tonight, finally. Finally I get to see my son play. Congrats on the undefeated. The seasons go by fast don’t they? Enjoy a morning alone for me.

  3. Time to yourself eh? I love preschool too. Except i have a job, outside of my mommy one.

    Enjoy every min! wee one is such a happy guy huh?

  4. Wonderful news all around BG! I’m happy to hear that you will be getting a tad bit of wee time for yourself ( even if is to the tune of doing chores the first week – so much easier without a shadow ) .I’m going for a ride tomorrow myself…


  5. Aniin BG, hope the chores went well. I think Wee One is much older in his outlook than the other kids his age. Every time I see his smile, I get a connection.

  6. Rebecca

    I know you are enjoying your few hours to spend with Scooter…but just to have a few hours alone quiet time has to be refreshing…am I right?

    I liked Wee One’s tye dye shirt!

    I am glad school went well for him! See you have raised and independent young man! Wahoooo

  7. Lael

    Aww,he looks so proud,going off to school…

  8. I love the pic of Wee One with his awesome smile!

    It’s great that school is going well for everyone, and it’s very great that you get some saddle time. Good for you!

    Love that last pic!

  9. I think it’s great that you’re going to get some saddle time. Too bad it’s with a wooly mamouth instead of a horse. lol My beautiful horses are rapidly disappearing too under that coat of camflouge they call winter hair.

    Maybe Marvin is missing Wee One. Animals can sense some amazing things, maybe he could feel the empty nest coming. Poor Marvin. I’d just like to ruffle that cat’s fur! lol

  10. Wow! Busy at your house!

    Very glad Wee One is settling in and enjoying school. he is one very well adjusted little man. No separation anxiety here!

    Bubba’s team is undefeated! That is a great record. I know they willl do well on their last game – which you will be attending! Enjoy the game!

    Glad that school time equals saddle time for you. Scooter will LOVE it, bet he misses you.

    Marvin is apparently very atttached to you. Misses you when you’re not around. He’ll be alright, just a phase.

    Hope your chores were quick and clean! Whoever heard of a dirty horse woman??!! LOL

    Take care! D 🙂

  11. kat-:)

    SM-glad there werent any more hysterics this week!

    memsahib-yep,Wee One is happy

    katie-I am really enjoying the mornings…but not getting up and being somewhere 15 minutes from home at 8am though.


    rebecca-Im glad he is not worried about school. He really likes it!

    lael-he is proud, he says “im just like bubba!”

    pavel-Scooter is happy too!

    RGB-lol, Scooter is so hairy already…

    FF-I think Marv isnt used to me being gone so much, I hope thats all it is.

  12. He got into school after all?!!? I guess I missed that.

    It was 100 percent humidity yesterday. Winter can’t come fast enough for me.

  13. SailorMoon

    PS-is that NO hair on Marvins tummy? One of my cats does that. That would be the cat that WASN’T on the roof of the house today. My other one was……

  14. my cat has been acting much more friendly and lovey. It’s almost like it has taken two years for her to realize that I’m hers, or something.

  15. lourows


    VIAGRA, CIALIS, PHENTERMINE, SOMA… and other pills!

    Welcome please:


    Welcome please:


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