Not Spiderman…

Sunday afternoon I saw this shadow in the sun.

I peeked thru the kitchen window blinds and saw this terrifying arachnid!

Not wanting the spider to hang around my back door, I sprayed some hornet/wasp spray (the only kind onhand) in the spider’s general direction. It left quickly. It didnt kill it because the spider has been back every day this week in the afternoon.

I do not like spiders.




Random thoughts below


Angelina Jolie’s lips scare me.

Wee One peed outside at preschool because ‘he had to go!’ I hope he doesnt do it again. I was mortified.

I have been in the saddle once since Wee One started preschool.

Who is the snotty girl that keeps calling Bubba?

D is mad at me and I could give a sh*t less. I am a bad friend.

I need another horse! dammit……

There are 6 cans of tunafish in my cabinet. I need to make a tuna casserole. I hate tuna casserole. Anyone have a good recipe for the cooking impaired person?

Why does the hubs watch the Home/Garden channel all the time now?

Tonite TAPS (GhostHunters) is on! Yippeeeee.




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19 responses to “Not Spiderman…

  1. ha ha! I see he finally made it over to your space ( the spider! )

    You need another horse because? Scooter is not always ridable? and you could alternate ? Or Wee One could go with? Or another friend?

    I rode today… this is the second time in two weeks.. I used a saddle.. I was wearing my skateboard shorts…lol… thankfully, I canna see me!

    Go Wee One! Too funny! He’ll be okay by and by.

    I hate tuna… feed it to Marvin.

    D.. is he still sulking over the music? Nah, you’re still a good friend.. you’ve learned to ride the moods out… lol..

    Maybe hubby wants to garden? Ask him!

    Ask Bubba! or ask her next time you answer! Mum’s need to know! lol…

    I’m working tonight… blah! I am so short timer… and since they’ve never managed to get organized I’m twice as happy to be leaving!

    Enjoy your night! 🙂

  2. SailorMoon

    We have spiders by the millions at our new house. Big ones, not the wood spiders or the big furry black ones, & not even the huge butt yellow & black ones that we always had at the old house. More than that. I leave them alone though. ((Bad you!!)) My little one is the same way if he has to pee, it took him a while, Wee One will get it!One of my perks when we moved was us getting..FINALLY…satellite tv.I have watched Ghost Hunters, but have missed it or I’m just dumber than a doorknob about what the frek does TAPS stand for. PLEASE….tell me…its been one of those things that’s driving me nuts. Our 8th graders (both teams) won last night..we are undefeated still as well. My N’s team did real well, 24-6 & my N is center & has the danged ball so far in front of him to snap that I told him surely he’ll need back surgery. He just looked at me like I was stupid. I know your N used to be center, did he do the same???? ((scratching head over here at a lot of things))

  3. SailorMoon

    p.s. Angelina Jolie scares me period. We were watching old footage of her and her brother making out and her with Billy Bob on E! or something and she’s just freaky. Her brother looks too much like her and looks like a model, a real pretty boy.

  4. omg, i loved you random thoughts. and angelina’s lips are weird to me too. they look ginormous

  5. I have tons of spiders hanging out at my house, too. Must just be the time of year. I don’t like them either!!

    I love your random thoughts. They remind me of my own!!

  6. Aniin BG, I’m still here. I got nothing to say right now. At this rate I’ll stop blogging completely by the end of the year.

    I agree, you do need another horse.

  7. katie-Scooter was a bit sore this morning, so I decided not to ride 😦 ack! the spider needs to moved BACK to your house

    SM-omg, I remember AJ and her scary eyed bro making out!!!!!!!how sick is that?!?! gross. TAPS= transatlantic paranormal society.

    kt-definitely un-natural…….

    brian-aww. I hate to hear that you may stop all together. Being stingy w/ your talents.

    arkansasongbird-great minds think alike

  8. those spiders are big and scary of the garden variety and they make some huge heavy duty webs don’t they? My apartment is infested with little spiders. Harmless, but still.

    Angeli Jolie’s lips scare me too. She looks like she should have gills, if you know what I mean.

    Peed outside!? At least he pee’s! My son took two weeks to pee in the potty at pre-school. I mean two weeks before he went a week without an accident. Be happy.

    I do not look forward to the day snotty girls call my house I will promptly hang up on them and remind them if they are snotty again, they will get hung up on immediately. without a message conveyed… boys are dumb aren’t they?

  9. I think Angelina is totally weird, not just her lips. I like your random thoughts. Hey when you gotta go you gotta go, don’t be too hard on Wee One. I like spiders as long as they aren’t in the house. Angelina’s brother looks like one of those wax museum figures.

  10. Rebecca

    I am cooking impared. I like quick things…maybe 5 times a year I really wanna cook. This inspiration happens if I want to entertain friends or if I want to TRY to impress a guy.

    No single guys for me.

    Sorry about the spier. I don’t like creepy crawlies of ANY kind. I would have sent Bubba to kill it.

  11. How about some great tuna salad on toast? I have spiders all in my house and I hate it!!! BTW Those bathroom scrubbing bubbles…they kill lots of stuff!!!

  12. I think I am definitely in the minority, I love tuna casseroles and not the fancy ones either. I like the ones with cheese and mushroom soup and noodles with potato chips on top.

    There are all kinds of easy casserole recipes on the campbell’s soup site.

    Kat womanx2’s suggestion of tuna salad on toast sounds good too.

  13. I don’t like the spiders either. Especially those huge ones…yikes.

    Glad wee one is enjoying preschool!

  14. Hey thanks for visiting my blog, what part of Oklahoma do you hail from? I am from the Tulsa, Muskogee area.

  15. Sorry to hear about Scooter!

    Listen, I know this may sound strange but why not post on Craig’s list that you’d like to adopt a horse ( as in rescue ) ? You have the talent to retrain.. and there are lots of horses out there that need a new home. Or adopt a mustang! I love mine!

  16. memsahib-lol, GILLS you are so right. If they ever doa movie w/ Aquaman, she can be Aquawoman….remember them from SUPERFRIENDS?

    rebecca-Bubba doesnt like spiders anymore than I do. Hed just maim it and it would come back and bite me.

    kat-haha scrubbing bubbles?!? I never imagined but hey, I am open to it. you are too funny 🙂

    jolynna-I dislike tuna but I may have to check out the campbells soup site and force my family to eat a casserole heheheh I AM feeling kinda evil today……

    kel-those big ones with the fat butts, scary!

    missy-hey us Okies gotta hang together

    katie-oh dear, I havent the time for a full time training job..unless I was getting paid of course! I did put one on Craigslist, everyone wants 1,000 or more. They are crazy.

  17. jo

    Hey…where did my comment go ?

  18. jo

    I was just teasing ya…

  19. Angelina Jolie’s lips scare me.
    but lisa rinna is worse
    Who is the snotty girl that keeps calling Bubba?
    typical teenager – get used to it
    There are 6 cans of tunafish in my cabinet.

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