This Week’s Reads

 Some Ghost Hunters fan I am! I fell asleep at 8:30 pm on the couch and missed 1/2 of the show.

I would like to join a paranormal group in Oklahoma.

As far as Psychics go, I believe about 1 in every one million of them.

I enjoy Sylvia Browne. Her fingernails are icky but I like to listen to her, especially when she is right about something.

This is the 3rd book of hers I have read. Well, I just started this one… far it is good.

 These are next on the reading agenda after the psychic book is about 2 days or so.

I am planning a trip up to Kansas as soon as I can get away without children tagging along to look at a faded black Tennessee Walking Horse mare. She is a rescue horse who needs a good, safe home. She has been abused and is leary of humans but she is broke to ride and only needs a refresher. I am not thrilled about mares, I much rather prefer geldings but I’ll still go and check out this mare. It sickens me to hear about anyone abusing animals of any kind. Some people do not deserve to walk this Earth….


80’s Trivia Question:

What was the 1st video MTV played?



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21 responses to “This Week’s Reads

  1. jenny

    video killed the radio star

  2. I hope the mare works out for you. As a rescue pony owner I must say that there are challenges but the rewards far outweigh any of them. When I think of what our Skipper came from and where he might be today it sickens me and then I think he is safe in his nice big stall with a big window to put his head out, plenty of fresh shavings on the floor, fresh water that automaticly fills as he drinks, fresh hay, grain and all the love in the world and I am on cloud nine! Good luck, I will be anxious to hear what you decide.

  3. SailorMoon

    Dang…Jenny beat me to it. Oh well.
    I hope you like the horse. I hate to hear of abused/neglected animals as well.

  4. jo

    Video killed the radio star…and civilization as I knew it :-p

    Special needs ( abused) animals are among the greatest gifts. Knowing that you can ease fear, pain and other awful things is a good feeling. I hope it goes well .

    I get to go home for a break Sunday…5 days, no kids…whew ! I am soooo ready.

  5. well – the answer has already been given, but I think the correct phrasing of the question was:

    When MTV USED to play videos…..

  6. barngoddess: This touching post reminded me of the abusers of the elephant in the San Diego Zoo. That elephant is now alive but is owned by a woman and men cannot go near her ever again. My Mother says “It’s bad enough that people do this to each other. But to a defenseless animal!” I hope and pray you can reach the mare with emotional scars. You have tremendous Courage and Love to do this! And you are an expert. Be careful!

  7. imac

    I love the photo of your cats, just see what they are thinking ” ugh, whats that flash all about”.

  8. dickiebo

    Mediumship. Horses. You have got things right.
    PS. Looking at your ‘Interests’, do you really hunt cats?

  9. jenny-you right! The Boggles sang it.

    MM-I am very leary about getting my hopes up. The mare deserves a good home. I hope she is still available when I finally get up to KS.

    SM-some people do not deserve to have animals OR children for that matter..

    ann-okey dokey!

    jo-enjoy your free days 🙂

    celeste-thnx, I need it

    karmynR-I used to watch MTV all the time but not anymore. Your right, they USED to play videos now the channel sucks.

    MM-thnx! your mom sounds like someone I would definitely get along with 😉

    imac-which photo?

    dickiebo-lol, no I like to hunt but I also like my housecats

  10. Videos? They play videos on MTV?

    What was the first iPod song? 😛

    Hope you get a chance to look at the horse soon. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  11. I knew that one!! but I’m a day late again…LOL

  12. brian-yes, dont you remember the good ole days?

    kat-lol, us 80’s peeps know the good stuff.

  13. I think my youngest daughter went to see her in Portland.

    I have no idea which was the first MTV Video.
    I think my eldest would. BUT, we didn’t have it on our Television —
    she probably saw it at someone elses house

  14. Rebecca

    Video killed the Radio star.. I actually watched it. Damn I am old. And to think the kids actually get everything off of YOU TUBE now…. NO one has MTV in tune unless they are a rap fan (which I am NOT)

    I am still glad for you to be getting some free the mornings anyway.

  15. Barngoddess,
    Having had Tennessee Walkers for 30 years, I beg of you, please go rescue that poor mare. They are the most wonderful horses by nature.

    I rescued a mare that nearly killed anybody that came near her. I couldn’t go near her for a very long time. Had to throw the hay and leave.

    However, after just sitting and talking with her for hours everyday, she came to trust me. I never asked anything of her except what she was willing to give.

    It took a very long time, but she became a wonderful horse at home and on the trail.

    However, the vet would hide behind the barn until I had the halter on her. My guess is, some man was pretty cruel to her.

    She lived out her long life at our home with not a harsh word.

    One very important thing will be … patience, patience and more patience.

    She’ll need distance, soft voice, no demands, slow motions, kindness, love and she’ll be your girl before you know it.

    Good luck and I’m staying tuned on this one.

  16. pamela-she came to OKC but Wee One was just born, only days old, no way I could make the trip to OKC…

    rebecca-my ‘free mornings’ havent been so free 😦 I miss the OLD MTV….

    simplymarvelous-the mare I am talking about was abused by a man (most likely) she isnt too fond of males which is fine w/ me. My hubs feeds once in awhile, if I am away from home or checks my horse’s well being other than that, he does not ride ect. My vet is a she 🙂

  17. I have to agree with you about Sylvia’s fingernails, they are really gross.

  18. This is your niece. Will you email me @…..

    I don’t have your email address….


  19. Wow, in reading about Simply Marvelous’ Tennessee Walker, I remember how I used to dream of a horse that just loved me when I was a child. I didn’t know when I was old enough to choose my own horses I would get more cautious.

    I agree with everyone, though.

    Barngoddess, I think you should give that poor horse a chance. Wasn’t Trigger supposed to be a Tennessee Walker?

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