The 4-Legged Ones

 agh-yesterday I came down with some sort of sickness/ear infection.

I feel awful w/ ear-ache, bad body aches, and fever.

I swear I caught it from Pamela. This is what I get for thinking I had been feeling pretty darn good lately! 

There is not time for me to be ill-stricken, dammit.


Scooter was sunning himself yesterday morning. I could not help taking his photo out the back door.

The rescue TWH mare is located about an hour away from my home. I am hoping to go see her next weekend. I am worried she may be out of my price range or already adopted. If it is the latter I will be happy for her. Anyhow, wish me luck!

Monday morning I am driving my Father-in-law to his eye surgery, Tuesday morning he has an immediate follow-up appointment back in Tulsa.

Bubba’s final game of his 8th grade season is on Monday. I hope they remain undefeated.

 Then school Fall Break starts…..

Miss Kitty was sunning herself.

Until Marvin saw her and had to go annoy her. Marv is such a bully sometimes.

While Wee One was in school one morning, I was vacuuming like a crazy woman in every corner and under everything.

The cats observed from the the bed, which is off limits unless they lay at the foot where the blankets are. Miss Kitty doesnt seem to have a problem obeying orders.

Yep, Marv is sleeping. He is out cold and not on top of the blanket he is allowed on. He isnt following the house rules.

The hubs isnt too fond of cats but he tolerates ours. He and Marvin do not get along well. Marvin is a huge brat….not unlike me in many ways.

So, where does Marvin plop his ginormous, furry ass? Right next to the hubs pillow!

I am constanly vacuuming, picking up his fur balls despite his 2X a day brushings.

Does anyone want a bratty, furry, huge cat?

Scooter is an angel. He never does anything wrong.

I rode him Thursday afternoon. It was a gorgeous day. It cost me dearly to pay Bubba to babysit his little bro but well worth the cash outta my pocket.

I would have rode in the morning while Wee One was at school but I had other obligations.

Fall Break starts next week. Bubba is going to OKC for Thursday and Friday to the Youth Convention with his church group. He is looking forward to it.

Wee One is out of school 17th-19th too!

I think I need to see my doctor, I am feeling really crappy….

pfffffft instead  I think I’ll take more tylenol, turn on XMradio, grab a book, and make myself a hot-toddy since it is Saturday and Indian Health Services is closed.



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15 responses to “The 4-Legged Ones

  1. As you know, I have one of those angel horses too. I’m glad I don’t have cats in the house; Sadie sheds enough for two cats.

    I notice every time I am out in public shopping or something, I hear somebody coughing and hacking. The cold season is upon us.

  2. Aniin BG, for s second I thought you were asking ‘Does anyone want a bratty, furry, huge hubby?’ 😆

    Hurry up and feel better.

    Diane and I went out to the Olive Garden this afternoon for my birthday and we ate for free. 😀 Gift cards from MyPoints.

    Lazing around this afternoon. Only five more days until we fly to London! You’ll be getting plenty of postcards.

  3. It could be the change in barometric pressures, too! I love these photos!!! They are so fun! My very best to you with the mare!!!!!!

  4. dickiebo

    Get well soon. The animals need you.
    Oh! And hubby does!

  5. donna-Blue is an angel horse! he is just as sweet as Scooter 🙂 a horse worth his weight in gold. You have a Dyson! I am so envious of you over it too.

    Brian-you ate at the Olive Garden? We tried last Saturday at the ONLY one in Tulsa and as usual there was a 30 minute wait-gah! I am glad you had a good dinner 🙂 and I cannot wait for the postcards!


    dickiebo-my animals especially, this morning the hubs can fend for himself, hes a jerk.

  6. Get well soon !!!!! Start taking Airborne at the first sign of illness in your house or within! Or take echinecia with golden seal…. drink lots of water and vitamin C!

    Good luck on the rescue. I like mares. They are often bitchy , moody.. and give you an on your toes ride…that makes me laugh..My one gelding is pouty…and moody… too though… like a man reverting to a little boy child when he doesn’t always get his way… he can be pissy to ride… The other gelding is fine…. needs more riding…I generally prefer mares…

  7. Did you say…fall break?@!! That long weekend sounds pretty good to me!

  8. Get well soon!

    Nice photographs. I’m sorry but I just envy how you have so much land area to be able to have horses…

    As a person living in a one-billion-plus populated country like India in an urban area, I’m so jealous…:-)

    But I’m sure every New Yorker would feel the same…

  9. katie-best friend L prefers mares as well. She has always had mares! Im feeling a tiny bit better, no fever/chills today 🙂

    Brian-yes, the school here have a Fall Break! I guess because we start school in the middle of summer, I meant August.

    mahendrap-we have 30 glorious acres. It is nothing grand but it is my ‘little oasis’ in the crazy world that surrounds me.

  10. I got blogging blahs. Does that count as a sickness?

    You should submit a picture of Marvin to lolsecretz. That site cracks my sheet all up!

  11. jo

    Hey BG…there s some kind of creeping crud going around Mi. too. Hope you feel better soon.
    Love the photos. I’ll keep my fngers/toes and eyes crossed for Bubba to win the game.
    Wee having a great time in school ?

    Good luck with the horse !

  12. oh dear. I had sore throat – but no ear ache. If you still have the ear ache you might try your hair dryer – don’t blow it in your ear… just past it. sometimes the heat helps.

    I’m feeling better. I went with the Zicam — but not the kind up your nose.

  13. OK, I’ve been reading these comments and I got so excited at “Tulsa” I forgot what I was gonna say, instead I wanna know if you’re near Tulsa? Cause, I’m going to Tulsa in Nov for the Arabian Horse Association convention.

    Oh, but I do remember about Marvin. He sounds more and more like my kind of cat!!! LOL

  14. SOunds like a busy week. Hope you are feeling better.

    I have yet another sinus cold I told hubby I hope this is not going to be the trend all winter long.

  15. EWBL-lol, I checked out that site, it’s a funny one!

    jo-Wee loves school, it is the BEST thing ever for him 🙂 I am so happy.

    pamela-the nose spray is painful. My ears still hurt..Ive been up since 4 am with them.

    RGB-Tulsa is only a little over 1 hour SE of me!!!!!!!Really your going to Arab convention? How cool is that. Ill be over to your blog in a few

    kel-gha, busy week indeed. I hope you feel better asap. I think I am killing my poor abused liver w/ all the tylenol Ive been taking….

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