Lost No More

Despite it being Fall, we’ve had some spring-like weather in Oklahoma. Our colors are staying green for the most part.

The Goat Rancher’s guinness hen flock has shrunk to only 2 hens. There used to be about 12 of the hens. 

Wednesday morning I saw 3 large, healthy coyotes out my back door. They were in the pasture and behaving very brave. I had just came indoors from feeding Scooter in the barn and brushing him. I was outside at least 15 minutes. My presence didnt seem to bother them at all.

I suspect this pack was scoping out our neighbor’s goats or maybe a quick guinness snack.

They would have been history if I could have gotten to one of the rifles quick enough. All of our guns are kept unloaded and locked up seperate from the ammo. This is for safety purposes until Wee One gets a lot older. So, those coyotes get to live one more day…..


Wednesday we had spring-like severe weather. The hubs and Wee One went to the storm shelter when this storm hit. Of course, I had to go out to the barn and make sure Scooter was okay. Then instead of seeking shelter, I took some photos.

I am not fond of cellars. But, if the there was an honest to gawd funnel headed at me, I would not hesitate to seek shelter.

We had very strong straight-line winds and several uprooted trees with this storm. Bubba was at church and had to get into the basement, one of the few basements in our area of Oklahoma.

Wee One and I made a Halloween cake last weekend. He has caught my Fall cold/ear ache germ. Poor baby! I made him a doctor’s appointment this afternoon since his fever has been running a bit too high.

The cake frosting, which looked really, really orange on the outside of the container, was more of a light pink in real life.

I found my famous Potato Pancake Recipe! It had been lost with my favorite cookbooks—which now have been found. 

Onion Potato Pancake Recipe

3 cups grated peeled potatoes
3 large eggs
2 heaping Tbs flour
1 1/2 tsps salt

1/8 tsp black coarse pepper
1/2 small grated onion

Drain off excess liquid from taters.

Add ingredients into the bowl of taters, mix well.

heat oil in a non-stick skillet.

place large spoonfuls of potato pancake mixture, flatten spoonfuls of mixture in skillet to resemble pancake form.

cook until crispy.

serve with sourcream, applesauce or catsup.

These are awesome for a brunch type meal on a cold, Fall day.

 Things have been busy, hectic, and just plain crazy around here these days. I need a break from it all!

One last note:

Bubba’s 8th grade football team finished their season UNDEFEATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!






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23 responses to “Lost No More

  1. sometimes those funnel clouds drop straight out of the sky from above you. you wouldn’t have an opportunity to see it then. be careful!!

    the recipe is now in my computer recipe book. I’m a potato girl.

  2. Funnel clouds would send me into the cellar too. The cake looks delicious.

    Happy Weekend :hugs: m

  3. Rebecca

    Way to go Bubba!
    The cake looks yummy. I want a piece. I am not one to bake…I am more than happy to purchase something someone else has baked though.

    Glad you found your book! I hate when I misplace stuff.
    We got some much needed rain this morning. I woke up to rain. I wanted to stay in bed!!!

  4. Lael

    Mmmmm,that ALL looks good,yum!
    I’m glad you’re safe from that storm:)

  5. The recipe sounds delicious!!! Funny…I have a potato recipe posted today, too.

    Is that gray horse one of yours? Beautiful animal.

  6. DaBich

    YAY for Bubba and the team!! Congrats!

    Those potato pancakes look delish!! I just may have to try them.

    I love storms, I’m with you, no shelter till the last minute…though we don’t really have shelters in PA, nor the need for them. I prefer to watch the lightning!

  7. oh, my grannie used to make these, i haven’t thought of them for years, but I’m sure i won’t stop craving them until i whip out the grater… thanks… yum

  8. Congrats to Bubba, that’s awesome.

    We had a big storm here yesterday and it’s being followed by a lessor one today. I was at the barn where Dandy is when a transformer blew across the street. That was very scary. Pictures never came to mind. lol

    Still working on the trip. Seems we’re having trouble finding a room.

  9. Yeaaaa! for Bubba’s team!!!!!

    Your storm clouds looked so much worse than ours. I would have been in the shelter. We don’t have one, so when Iget scared enough, I get in my hallway. LOL

  10. Your storm looks scary!

    The grey is beautiful!

    Wee One so adorable! I hope that he feels better soon! Beautiful cake!

    Congratulations to Bubba and his team!

    Interesting recipe. 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend!

  11. rifle always loaded here now!

  12. I’ve cut waaayyy back on blogging because life has gotten busier here too. But then I feel guilty and I start to miss bloggy people.

    Oh crap, you must have gotten the storm that hit Houston Monday afternoon. It was so bad that our neighborhood flooded at the entrance. That’s never happened in the 11 years we’ve lived here.

  13. Oh good, you HAVE a potato pancake recipe!

    My mother used to make them, but I forgot about them until recently. But, I have been having a craving for them My mom’s didn’t have onions and I think the onions would make the pancakes even better. Just looking at the picture of yours makes me hungry.

    I like your weather pictures. We had a tornado where I live last night with 165 m.p.h. winds. The town where I shop made national news tonight. I didn’t get a picture of the tornado. It was pitch black out. I did get pictures of the damage. A friend of ours had his convenience store flattened. We are helping him this weekend.

    YAY…congratulations to Bubba! Are you seeing the Tennessee Walker this weekend and taking pictures?

  14. That’s a scary looking sky!

    Wee One is too darn cute 🙂

    The recipe looks yummy.

    Congrats to Bubba!!

  15. WEE ONE is doing what I used to do…wait for my Mother to finish making frosting. Then she’d leave out the beaters and the bowl. Back then, it was a special treat. I can see Wee One agrees! Watch those coyotes–dangerous!

  16. dickiebo

    Oh, pleeeease! I’m just about to have a slice of toast for brekkers, and I see this little lot. If you have any to spare, I don’t mind eating in the stable!

  17. dickiebo

    Right. Had me toast, now;
    You mentioning the coyotes has reminded me of something that my former boss told me. He was an upper-class snot from the stockbroker belt in Surrey, and had a right ‘posh’ accent. He was being troubled by a fox causing havoc in his garden. One morning, he came into work looking decidedly ‘down’! Nobody dared ask him why. Eventually, out it came. He had had virtually no sleep, as he had stayed up most of the night waiting, to shoot the fox when it appeared. He had sat outside the house with a blanket draped over his shoulders, rifle in hand, until about 4am. The fox came, he fired – and missed the bloody thing. From about 25 yards!!!
    You just couldn’t make it up.

  18. oh wow that looks like our skys the other day. Oh I love the horse pic,any chance I can use it as my desktop lol

  19. pamela-my poor hubs has a hard time dealing w/ my Northern ways when it comes to bad weather. We LOVE taters here!

    mel-the cake was delicious, long gone….

    rebecca-I was glad I found my cookbooks too, I was having a hard time finding the recipes I like to use online.


    arkansasongbird-lol, I saw your post after I posted this one!

    DaBich-I enjoy a big boomer too just not the tornadic kind…

    hope-they are sooo good and filling!

    RGB-lol, I am a photo freak…eww a transformer? how scary! I bet lodging is all booked in Tulsa. Especially close to the fairgrounds. I hope your able to find something.

    Ancient One-I always think spiders in our cellar-ack! it was a bad storm.

    katie-Wee One got a Z-pack (liquid) and some meds from the MD, poor little guy is sickly

    celeste-cant here until Wee One knows all about guns, he is learning about them fast but still NOT trustworthy….

    EWBL-I know the feeling! I’ll be driving and think I wonder what soandso wrote about on their blog today! I am pathetic! yikes, flooded! floods scare me worse than high winds.

    jolynna-oh no! lost his store? thats awful. poor guy. I am trying to MAYBE go tomorrow to see the TWH mare. Itis my only free day.

    momto3cubs-yep, the sky was threatening that day

    MM-lol, I can remember those days too!

    dickiebo-haha, I wouldnt make you eat in the barns! 25 yards? no way. If Iwere thatguy, I wouldnt be telling anyone what shot I missed, lol.

    anne-you bet!

  20. Congrats BUBBA!!!!!

    oh – and in my house – coyote = evil. (I am a horrible mother and told my daughter that she couldn’t be outside by herself or without a dog because we don’t have fences and there are coyotes around…..and well, now, coyotes are the most horrible things in the world and they might “GET YOU!”)

  21. I hope Wee One is feeling better! Kids get so sick so quickly!

    I did my 8 me me on my chatter blog 🙂

  22. Beautiful photos of the threatening sky. Makes me think of home.

    The grey horse photo is … spectacular!

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