The Wind Comes Whipping Down The Plains


Oklahoma has been horribly windy the last few days. The weather-man says it is blowing in a cold front. Chilly temperatures are on our horizon. I am not too thrilled about it getting cold.

I was able to get Wee One in to see the doctor Friday afternoon. He has a sinus/double ear infection. Poor fella. He is already acting better since he started his Z-pak medicine.

Saturday we were supposed to get Wee One’s hair cut at the Barber Shop but we didnt.

Wee One has his first school photos ever on Tuesday. It looks like I’ll be cutting his hair for him, the Barber Shop is closed on Monday.

God help us….

My Marv is a loyal cat.

Whenever I leave the house, he waits for me on the chair by the front door, even though he barely fits onto it.

The other night Marvin was laying on the couch between the hubs and I. I was rubbing Marvin’s belly. The hubs looked down at  Marvin’s rear because it was pointing at him.

The hubs, “Marvin’s butt is sure hairy. I hope you check him for dingleberries.”

Me, ” I shave up his nether regions often so that never happens.”

The hubs gets this look of disbelief over his face, ” Are you serious? You cut the fur around Marvin’s *ss?”

Me, “yep, see?”

I lifted Marvin’s tail and showed the hubs.

Hubs eyebrows shoot up, “omg, he let you?”

Me, “Marvin lets me do anything to him.”

The hubs, “ Wait til I tell the guys at work. We gave Bill a hard time last week because he said his wife trimmed the dingleberries off their terrier dog before she sent him to the groomers!”

Me, “You do that hubs. Now the guys will give you a hard time about Marvin’s dingleberries and leave Bill alone.” Said in a sarcastic way that went right over the hubs head.

Sometimes the male gender puzzles me…..

Scooter was without a salt-block for about 2 weeks. We do not go thru many blocks here so I kept forgetting to get him one at the Feed Store.

I finally remembered Saturday morning (because I wrote it down) and picked one up while I was stocking up on Equine Senior.

Scooter spent about 30 minutes licking it Saturday evening.

His winter coat has come in full force. At least I know Scooter will be warm this winter when he’s not inside the barn.



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25 responses to “The Wind Comes Whipping Down The Plains

  1. Just wrote a whole bunch and lost it! Grrrrrrrrrrr Hate these laptops!

    We are having a great time and the weather is holding so far!

    Loved the conversation with Hubs about Marv’s dingleberries!

    Wee One’s school pictures will be adorable, glad he’s feeling better!

    This is the condenced version! :o)

  2. jo

    Awesome photos !
    Sorry Wee is sick…Z-pak is great tho !

    Been tacky weather week up here, but nice today.
    I head back downstate the end of the week. If you ever discover how to clone yourself, please share the secret !

  3. Oh my, that first picture is incredible!

    Most men just don’t understand our relationships with the dogs and cats.

  4. Rebecca

    First all what an incredible picture of the sunset. I wanted to be there to see it…however since I couldn;t make it…you gave me a fabulous picture to “dream” with…

    I really like th leaf border. Fall is my favorite time of the year.
    1.)I get a few breaks at work
    2.)I get FOOTBALL
    3.) I hope to get cooler weather

    Men are knuckle heards no matter the age or time of day.
    Scooter was pleased mom!

    4.)Usually my electric bill drops and saves me 80 to 100 bucks a month.

    Ok…Cute kitty pics.

  5. Glad Wee One is feeling better. Scooter is just the best! I love his pictures. Such a good natured horse!!

  6. The contessa has yet to have any dingle berries. BUT, or is that BUTT? But, she does get tangles on her belly from going outside and hiding in the bushes.

    She is quite resistant to me and my snippy scissors.

  7. I don’t have any cats with long hair anymore – so don’t have to worry about that!!! (relief).

    Beautiful sunset shot!

  8. dickiebo

    Salt blocks? Blimey. Learn something every day.

  9. I just finished my zpack antibiotics and feel much better. Of course now that the temp this week is going to drop and then come back up we will probably all be sick again.

  10. SailorMoon

    Was real windy here Sat. and Sun. and woke up to 57 degrees, wind and rain. Great. My 2 cats even came back in. Loved the convo between you and hubs. Made me laugh while I’m still waiting on my freaking feet and shoes to dry here at work. My little one had his first school pics taken last Thursday. Can’t wait to see them!! I’ve heard of salt blocks for deer, but not for horses, so I’ve learned something today. Wait, 2 something-1)Scooter likes salt & 2) you shave Marvin’s *ss!!!!

  11. Poor wee one! Hope he gets better real soon. I know how miserable they can feel, and in turn make you feel.

    Love the pics, as always!!! That is one hairy cat!

  12. MM-I ahve trouble w/ the spacebar on my laptop. Glad your weather is holding in FL!

    jo-when I learn the cloning secret, Ill let you know 😉

    donna-you are right on.

    rebecca-yep, Fall is the BEST season ever.

    MM-Scooter was a brat this morning, running and slinging mudd all over me!

    pamela-lol, I would be resistant to your snippy scissors too…heheheh

    karmynR-lucky you! Marv is good about getting trimmed up though.

    dickiebo-yep and he also takes a huge mineral block but he rarely licks that. Scooter loves his salt.

    kelli-yep! this weather is something else. My throat is sore, I hope like heck I am not getting sick again, geesh. Ive taken precaution meds though

    SM-HAHA! its cold/rainy here today, the low in the mid 40’s tonite!

    pavel-he is tons better thanks!

  13. Hilarious! They don’t get it do they? menz baffle me too. Sighs. I don’t mind cold weather. I mind not having someone to snuggle with when its cold. well, besides my kid. but, its not the same.

    Glad Scooter got his salt. :hugs:

  14. hugs to wee one while he heals.

  15. That first picture is gorgeous!!! Poor Scooter…he was missing his salt!

  16. DaBich

    “Said in a sarcastic way that went right over the hubs head.

    Sometimes the male gender puzzles me…..”
    LOL I knew it couldn’t be just mine that was THAT way ::giggle::

    Men kill me!

    Hope the Wee One feels better.

  17. Hooray it’s cold!! Now….where did I put my favorite sweatshirt???

  18. I love that top photo and of course I love Marvin to pieces.
    I think Wee One’s hair looks great the way it is. He’s so darn cute!

  19. That first photo is beautiful. We had an incredibly bright sunset here tonight, bright orange and pink. My middle son tried taking a photo of it, and it looked like the sky was on fire.

    I hope Wee One is looking good for picture day, and keeps feeling better!

    I’m glad my black lab has short hair 😉

  20. melanie-Ive noticed that men are worse gossips than women but blame us all the time for being gossips!

    arkansassongbird-Scooter is spoiled! he also has a mineral block under the big tree that contains salt but he likes the straight stuff better….

    dabich-my son’s physician says the male gender is also stricken with ‘selective hearing’ gene. Dammit

    burg-brrrrrrrr how can it be 88 degrees one day and 40 the next? oops nevermind, were in Oklahoma.

    lael-I cut Wee’s hair and it looks good!

    momto3cubs-colder/stormy weather always brings the good sunsets!

  21. Kat

    The pics are GORGEOUS as usual!!! I loved the Marvin story…too funny!! LOL Wee needs his curls for the first school photo!!!

  22. Great pics! Love the cat! Oh my goodness I am still laughing about shaving his rearend! Cracks me up!! Women thinks about those things before it happens! You go girl!! It is windy and cool here too. We live about 45 mintues from Tyler. I like for it cool off, but not so cold!! School pics what fun! He will look cute no matter what! Well, better get back to it here. Making brownies for football players!

  23. I’m glad to hear that Wee One is starting to feel better.

    I just left my horses. I had the vet out to do the coggins, fall shots, etc…. They were well behaved.
    The 6 mile ride out there on my bike kicked my butt today though. Haven’t ridden since I had my eye problems which is bad enough. But I fell on my bum on Friday – actually I fell on a metal pail that Chris left out… My bruise cover a lot of area! At least it is turning black and starting to heal up.
    I feel the need for a nap before work….

    Tis windy and cooler here as well. For me it is a pleasant change.

    Love the colours in your sky photo!

    Marvin is as beautiful as always!

    Enjoy your week!

  24. Gorgeous photo of the sky! Love all your pictures!
    I sure miss the beautiful sunsets of the Midwest … nothing like them, anywhere! Lucky you!

  25. That sky is so gorgeous!

    I love the dingleberries conversation. I wonder if he did tell the guys at work. lol would serve him right.

    I’ll never get men. I think God did this too us on purpose!

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