Scoping Out A Blind


The weekend was warm and windy.

Sunday evening we had a cold front blow through Oklahoma with cold winds and rain all day Monday.

Today the weather is sunny and absolutely beautiful. I am sneaking off to ride Scooter minutes after I post this.

Sunday afternoon we decided to load up and fix our deer blinds…or at least get some spots picked out.

I do not like to hunt from tree-stands. Neither does the hubs but he did during bow season.

Wee One was banished to the truck because of his sinus/ear infection. Bubba watched him while the hubs and I walked to mark our blinds. It was a nice walk in the woods, we saw a lot of wildlife.

When we returned to the truck 30 minutes later, Bubba was yakking on the phone with some girl and Wee One had unrolled our orange marking tape. grrrrrr

My hunting blind is down this fence line and up the hill. I have the best spot, I think.

I have to cross this little creek. It runs clear and a bit fast, not often do the creeks look this nice in Oklahoma.

All three of us will also get doe tags.

I am hoping for a freezer full of venison this winter.

Last year we only took 2 deer. We butchered them ourselves and we did get quite a bit of meat but it was gone by January.

Wee One’s hair turned out fine-much to my relief! I am not so great with the scissors.

We have a hay-ride to go to at a Pumpkin Patch with the preschool coming up this Friday, 3 Fall Festivals to attend, and 2 Halloween Parties also.

Bubba has started his wrestling season this week. He decided to go back to wrestling instead of another season of basketball. I was disappointed but he is a good wrestler so I am hoping he has a good season.

I love Fall!




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14 responses to “Scoping Out A Blind

  1. Your stream picture looks so serene. The scenery where you live this time of year is beautiful. It looks like you picked a good day to be out in the woods looking for a blind.

    I hope Bubba’s wrestling season goes as well as his football season did.

  2. Kat

    You would love my back yard…LOL (deer Xing!!)
    I’m not big on deer meat, I’m more into watching them enjoy themselves in the yard…I know I’m a party pooper, hubs already told me!!

    I posted a video link I found of the ambulance bridge day procession from last year if you want a look. Its under the last of the photos.

  3. Rebecca

    I want to come and live at your house! My god do I love the scenary! I am sooooooooooooooooooooo freaking jealous. I would KILL for views like that…not for hunting purposes but for relaxation and realizing God’s blessing purposes.

    Sorry, not a deer meat fan either…I loved Bambi growing up!

  4. The creek looks so peaceful. Wee One looks like he really enjoyed that marking tape. lol

    I hope Bubba does well at wrestling too. He’s quite the athlete. That’s good, give them something to do and hopefully keeps them out of trouble. I’m glad I don’t have teenagers at home anymore.

    Still working on the plans for Tulsa. But it looks like we’re going to be coming in on the 14th, probably on a red eye. Will have that day only to do something. Will email when I have specifics.

  5. I just couldn’t kill anything with such pretty soft eyes. But, I know that it’s all part of the process.

    The hubby used to hunt birds. But, now his passion is his bike. I fit in there somewhere, I think. (:

  6. dickiebo

    Rebecca (above) says it all!

  7. Sounds like Fall is starting out great.

  8. let me know when the venison chili is ready. I will bring some cornbread.

  9. Our neighbors got a deer last weekend.
    I glanced outside just in time to see them carry it into their backyard.
    The dad goes hunting for other people too,and gives them the meat all cut up.
    I think that’s nice of him:)

  10. Love the creek picture and the fence line up the hill to your hunting blind picture. Deer picture is very nice, too!

  11. jo

    Wow…BG…those pics remind me of the hunting grounds around Grayling…so serene.

    The Wee Imp just tickles me with that grin.
    My brother wrestled in high school..state champ, but his knee was messed up so bad that when drafted during Nam, they sent him right back home to Mama. I think it is much safer these days.

    Hope you get your freezer full ! I’m mainly a veggie lover, but everyone up here loooooves their venison.

  12. jolynna-it is beautiful out where we hunt. On a few rare occasions Ive been able to ride Scooter out there, relaxing.

    kat-have you recovered from Bridge Day? I hope so!

    rebecca- we still like Bambi around here too…..the movie and in the skillet!~

    RGB-the creek is peaceful, one this clear is special where I live. Okay! email when you know more 🙂 ewww the RedEye….no fun.

    pamela-cows have big brown eyes too….

    dickiebo-you have even better scenery in the UK


    memsahib-okay-will you be baking it in a cast iron skillet?

    lael-when the hubs and I were very young and bubba was a baby, we ate a lot of venison because it was affordable for us. Nice of the guy to share his kills.

    arkansassongbird-the walk up the hill is kinda tough…..just joking

    jo-The Pigeon River Forest I covered many, many miles on horseback. Once we went to that Pine state park near Grayling(forgot the name) and rode our horses. The DNR was waiting for us when we got back at dark, we didnt know horses werent allowed!

  13. Ah, Fall. What a fabulous season! It’s turned cool here and I am loving it. The crisp bite of wind on my face, the rosy cheeks and the leaves, well it’s just grand all around.

    Hope you are well and I’m trying to get caught back up with everyone! HUGS and smiles!!

  14. DaBich

    MmMmm…venison. I love it! Wee One looks absolutely devilish LOL! Way to go Bubba!

    I love Fall, if only winter didn’t follow :/

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