Wanted: Groomer, Must Be Multi-Talented


This is what I am reading this week.

Sylvia Browne’s “The Nature Of Good And Evil


Soul’s Perfection

I would not go so far to say that I am a ‘spiritual/soulful’ person but I do enjoy Browne’s writing. I find her books ‘calming’. Everyone knows I cannot get enough of that in my life.

Another book I picked up but have not started to read yet is “Sundowners” by Lesley Lokko. I’ll let you know how this one is when I get to reading it in a few days.

I was very disappointed with James Patterson’s book “The Lake House“. I finished it but it was a chore….

Wednesday morning, I was coming up the drive and caught Scooter gawking at the trashmen picking up our trash.

As soon as the garbage truck starts it’s beep beep beep backing up sound at the end of our driveway, Scooter races up to the gate to watch the trashmen empty our dumpsters.

Crazy Horse!

Scooter’s winter hair is so thick already!

When people find out how old he is (coming 29 years old soon!) they always inform me to put a winter blanket on him.

Fellow horsepeople: Don’t you just love unsolicited advice from people who know nothing about horses? especially your horse?

Scooter has never worn a blanket, not even a shipping sheet. He does not like them and he does not need a blanket during the winter. When the temperatures drop to very dangerous levels, I put him inside the barn in a stall with bedding and all the creature comforts.

Otherwise, Scooter has an outdoor run-in shed/shelter he can go in/out as he pleases.

Poor Scooter is looking rather ungroomed. I have only been giving him quick grooming sessions in the morning. He is in dire need of a 45+ minute workover.

And, I also noticed the hubs was looking rather wooley when I snapped this photo of him one night after working late. I suppose he’s growing his winter coat as well.

The hubs is in need of a grooming or a redneck makeover.

Hubs keeps stating that he’s headed for a trip to the Barber Shop in the near future. I am pretty certain he’ll go because his mother’s birthday is in early November.

Nope, hubs isint drunk. He is just fatigued after a 14 hour work day. But he does look a little silly.



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16 responses to “Wanted: Groomer, Must Be Multi-Talented

  1. Aniin BG,

    Greetings from London and we’ve having a great time. Off to see ‘Les Mis’ tonight. 🙂

  2. Forgot to mention that I posted a new poem for you. 😉

  3. Kat

    I watch Sylvia Browne on Montel all the time…she is wonderful!! Almost scary at times!! LOL

  4. Brian-Les Miserables?!?! I am so jealous. Glad your having a wonderful time 🙂 missed ya

    kat-I missed it yesterday darn it. I like Browne but her fingernails are icky..

  5. I was going to tell you on making the Ritz cracker spiders if there are kids in preschool with nut allergies you can use cream cheese (not as good in my opinion) but it does work and isn’t bad.

  6. hee hee – yup, your husband would fit right in with Boston now!

    I wonder what it is about the garbage man…my dogs just bark.

  7. They should offer horse groomer beauticians so your man and your horse can get clipped and cleaned up at the same time.

  8. Handsome Husband!

    I love that Scooter races down to see what the beeps are,lol

  9. I watch Sylvia too but have never read any of her books. I find her intriging (hope I spelled that right but you get my drift) but don’t understand the whole concept. I too find her nails icky! lol! I’d like to give her a trim.

    Yes it annoys me when I get advice from people that don’t have a clue what they are talking about. They will go on a long story about their first cousins brothers nieces sisters pony 87 years ago!

    Hey Hubs looks good, send him to Maine we like happy rednecks! :o)

    I think Scooter looks great! how cold does it get where you live? It gets -20* here sometimes and we don’t blanket unless they are sick or something. Of course they are in the barn with all the other horses and it’s much warmer in there but they still like to go outside for a while during the day. Only keep them in if it’s storming. Once last winter they were in for 7 days straight!

  10. Ann

    I need a book to read. I’ll have to see if I can find one of these to read. Nice photos of your horse and your men.

  11. Seems like I’ve said this here before about agreeing about Sylvia’s nails being icky. lol

    If you come across any extra grooms, send them my way. I’ve definitely got a bunch of witches knots brewing here.

  12. Scooter is a funny horse! I guess maybe he thought the garbage man had a snack or something *L*

    The pic wee-one is just too cute- I can’t believe how much he’s growing! :0)

  13. I don’t know anything about horses.
    Down our street are two pastures that are leased (is that the right term) – and there were five horses during the summer. I walked down and fed apple slices two of them (3 were wary)

    The owner was there one day and I told her about the apples. She said her horse didn’t like apples.
    I guess the horse was just trying not to hurt my feelings.

  14. I have to laugh in winter when the two horses that are boarded here get blankets put on them as soon as the temperature hits below freezing; my horses don’t own a blanket, and they do just fine. But I’m sure the boarders think it’s awful that I let my horses go like that.

  15. dickiebo

    You just leave hubby alone. Looks OK to me, as does the young ‘un. Oh yes, and Scooter!

  16. kelli-thnx for the recipe, Im going to be making them for wednesday

    karmynR-this morning I would have loved to send hubs crabby ass to Boston!

    EWBL-why arent services like that offered dammit!

    lael-thnx. Scooter thinks he is king of his pasture.

    MM- “Yes it annoys me when I get advice from people that don’t have a clue what they are talking about. They will go on a long story about their first cousins brothers nieces sisters pony 87 years ago!” HAHA you are so VERY right on. It gets below zero here with below zero windchills. So it does get cold butit doesnt stay that dangerously cold for too long.

    Ann-thnx. I just started “Sundowners” and so far its good!

    RGB-you bet! Ill send them your way. “witches knots brewing” lol, that was cute. Your right about Brownes nails, weve discussed them before….more than once I think

    christy-Scooter has been known to dig in the trash if he could get to it!

    pamela-I have yet to meet a horse that did NOT like apples. I have met PLENTY of horses who did not know how to eat apples because they were never given them as treats.

    donna-sometimes blankets do much more harm than good. Since Scooter is outside more than he is inside, if he wore a blanket constantly and it got wet (even the waterproof ones can manage to get soaked thru) he could catch his death. Then I would perish for sure!

    dickiebo-ha, easy for you to say, you dont have to live with them. Of course, Scooter is a perfect angel at all times and never does anything wrong. However, the hubs is a bit cranky today and I am already tired of him.

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