The Big Experiment

Not only am I addicted to Lysol disposable cleaning wipes, I am now highly addicted to Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers.

These white sponges can remove anything from anywhere.

I was having an especially hard time removing scuff marks off the doors of my home. It seems my family needs to open/shut doors with their feet. The Erasers worked wonders on those stubborn marks.

The Magic Erasers are a bit pricey but not so bad if you use coupons.

I wont get myself started on coupons, but let me say this: I use coupons and I save a lot of money by doing so!


The Experiment

A little over a week ago I decided to do a little experiment at my house.

One day inside Bubba’s shower I noticed not one but two sopping wet, obviously used washcloths on the floor of his bathtub.

I wondered how long Bubba or his Father would take to pick up the washcloths and put them in the laundry.

Hubs occasionally takes his showers in Bubba’s hallway bathroom, he keeps some of his things in there. Sometimes he has to leave for work in the early hours like 4 am or he might get in late from work. This way he doesnt disturb me by using my bathroom. Altho, hubs does use my more luxurious and roomy shower often….

Anyhow, I figured eventually either Bubba or hubs would see to it the 2 used and dirty washcloths made it into the laundry.

Nope, after 1 week and 3 days of me cleaning around it, I had to put it in the laundry myself.

The Results

My family is a bunch of dirty slobs.



When I read about the Illinois Sex Offender Tries to Castrate Himself story, I could not help but jump for joy.

This creep felt the over-powering urge to rape more little innocent children so he used a carving knife and cut off one of his testicles, then he flushed it down the toilet. Next he mutilated his remaining testicle.

Good for him!

Now, if we can just get this creep to give self-testicle mutilation seminars to the rest of the sex offenders that are over-running our country we’ll be in great shape.



Marvin had a superior look on his face because he knew Kitty was up to no good.

Kitty somehow got her claws on Wee One’s coveted redbird that he treasures and she was playing with it.

I quickly removed redbird from Kitty’s clutches and returned redbird to Wee One’s room.

Redbird is off limits.

Wee One keeps redbird seperate and in a special place for his most favorite of all his toys.


The childing autumn, angry winter, change
Their wonted liveries, and the mazed world,
By their increase, now knows not which is which.
(A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 2.1.116-118)

We’ve had some gloriously beautiful Fall weather out in my part of Oklahoma.

Unfortunately we have not been able to enjoy it to the fullest the last 2 days. Wee One has taken ill once again and missed 2 days of school, one day was the Hay Ride, Fall Festival, and trip to the Pumpkin Patch.

Wednesday evening, Wee One woke up at 10pm with a high fever and crying about his left ear. He finished his Z-pack antibiotics on Tuesday morning. Wee One acted fine until Wednesday, now we are starting all over with a new ear infection in a new ear.

I called Indian Health Clinic Thursday and got Wee into see my physician. You have no idea how happy I was about this! Dr. C is the best ever Indian Health doctor but is always booked solid.

Dr. C examined Wee One, gave me some instructions, gave Wee One some new medicines, and then he wrote Wee One for a referral back to the Ear, Nose, And Throat Clinic of Tulsa.

Getting a referral is nearly impossible from Indian Health Service’s other physicians. Dr. C said my Wee One needs to be seen asap by a specialist and he was not going to waste time.

Now we are waiting for the call from Contract Health Services to let us know when Wee One’s appointment is.

If you have private health insurance be very thankful that you have it!



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24 responses to “The Big Experiment

  1. I love the Mr. Clean erasers too – but they don’t remove pencil marks from the wall.

  2. jo

    Aww BG…hope Wee is better soon. Nothing sadder than watching your child suffer.
    My midkid likes those Mr Clean things too. I just use elbow grease, tho at this age I’m about out.

    Marvin looks thrilled about the SO performing self surgery :-p

  3. So sorry that WeeOne is having problems. It’s so hard to have our children (or grandchildren) not feeling well. I’d rather be sick myself then see one of my little ones sick. I hope they get him right in asap.

    I should go to bed seeings as I have to be up at 3 am. That stinks doesn’t it? Oh how I love the airlines changing their schedules!!!!! I just started a new book about a cowboy from Montana. I may read till it’s time to get up………ahem…….

    Good idea the SO had. Wish I could do that to all of them!

    Marvin looks like the cat that ate the canary! heehee!

    My men are slobs too. I warned my DIL that she was getting a slob before she married him!lol! I guess he has improved some and even does ironing!!! Clunk…….I just fainted dead away!!!

    Take care my friend! xox

  4. Magic Erasers rock! I too love them!
    Sorry to hear about Wee One, will be praying for him!
    Love marvin, he has that look, I didn’t do it!
    Well better get back to it here!

  5. I’ve tried that experiment here (waiting to see how long it would take before someone else would pick something up). I, too, finally gave in.

    I hope Wee One is better soon! My youngest had ear infections quite often, but outgrew them at age 4.

    I haven’t tried the Magic Erasers. They could be well used around here!

  6. First off, I have to have again, I love Marvin. He is definitely my kind of cat.

    I’m sorry that Wee One is sick again. Those darn ear infections are giving him such a hard time. Hopefully the ENT doc will be the answer.

    Also sorry that your guys failed the experiment. Mine would too, so you’re not alone.

    As for the sex offender, unfortunately it’s not really about sex, it’s about power. Castration does not guarantee that they will not reoffend. Sad but true. But I sure appreciate your thought.

  7. dickiebo

    We tried a similar experiment on our boyo, Nick. He not only failed miserably, but it left Barbara (the wife) so damn mad, that I determined that in future, I shall clear up after him. Does keep the peace until……..yea, you’ve guessed. I also failed !!!

  8. I am addicted to the magic erasers as well. Dollar General sells them too a little cheaper and you can use coupons there (or at least you can at ours I assume you can everywhere).
    Laughing at your experiment.

  9. karmynR-pencil off the wall? yikes! it did remove crayons from my counter top tho 🙂

    jo-hes doing better but still I hate that hes sick!

    MM-DIL must be good for your son 🙂 what book are you reading? One of the BEST books Ive ever read was “The Loop” by Nicholas Evans

    KDW-thank you!

    momto3cubs-why is the male gender soooo messy/dirty?!?!

    RGB-I am hoping the ENT helps him out again. I know all too well that it is about power and the actual abuse act itself with SO’s BUT still I LOVE it that the SO castrated himself…

    dickiebo-lol, poor barbara! tell her if she ever needs a sympathetic ear to give me a holler 😉

    kelli-I stay away from our DG because the checkers are slow nonsosmart and the place is chaotic. Now, I do go to the new Family Dollar because it is very orderly, clean and neat… OCD clicking in I suppose..

  10. I’ve been wanting to try those Magic Erasers, but I’ve hesitated because I didn’t know if they would work.. Now I’m going to put them on my list.

    I agree with you about the guy in Illinois.. People who would hurt children in that manner should be candidates for retroactive abortion.

  11. I’ve tried the erasure on a few things – and it didn’t work. trying to remember what it was.

    regarding the sex=offender. Unfortunately, cutting off his male parts doesn’t cure his messed up brain.
    Some of them will continue to abuse even when chemically castrated (an option for some in some states.)

    I remember the wet towels and wash cloths. It was quite an issue and head butting event in my house….but with daughters. The hubby always picks up after himself. And, if I’m busy – he picks up after me and I get in one of those hands on hip modes

  12. I hope Wee One feels better soon! This is sad to hear.

    I kick the door open at work.. I would think it was a sign of aggression except we all do ’cause our hands are full. 🙂 Plus , since it swings both ways.. lol. one would not want to use a hip. However, we do have a brass panel on the bottom.

  13. My mom swears by those magic erasers. I haven’t really used one enough to fall in love with it, but it did do wonders on my microwave

  14. Rebecca

    I love that picture of Marvin. Such a handsome kitty!

    Sorry about your boys being not so tidy house keepers. You see you are to be comended on the pride you take in having a CLEAN–fresh home…with or without the men folks help.

    People any gender that hurt kids should die a s-l-o-w PAINFUL death.

  15. Ann

    I hope wee one is feeling better. Love the pictures of the cats. Marvin sure does have that look. Hope Kitty didn’t get in to much trouble.

  16. burg-they are a lot cheaper at the Dollar Store!

    pamela-I know its only a 50/50 chance but castrating ALL sex offenders is a good idea. YOU have a hubs that cleans? I am JEALOUS

    katie-my family either has their hands full or are lazy!

    anne-I use them on doors, counters, and you are right about the micro

    rebecca-why are males so dirty?

    ann-thnx! Wee is a lot better today.

  17. About the magic erasers, I have wondered about their effectiveness. If they were indeed all they are hyped to be on the ads. Maybe I should give it ago.
    As far as the wet towels on the floor, everything would be on the floor here if I waited for someone other than me to care. My son is perfectly happy to climb the mountain to get to his bed. My daughter has an excuse, shes to young, and my husband, well, he seems to think its everyone but him-I know better.
    The sex offender- good for him, can we give the bastard a job and he can apply the same tricks to other offenders. Maybe he might get some sort of pleasure out of castrating his fellow slime bags.
    We do not have insurance here either. My children have what is callled “healthy kids” in fla. Not sure if it is available in other states or not. Its an HMO but government involved. I am really not sure of the whole system. What I do know is my kids can go to a doctor for a fairly reasonable price. Us adults are just not allowed to get sick or hurt, its that simple. Rioght.
    Hope your baby feels better soon.
    much respect~d

  18. Oh, I like your experiment, but I wouldn’t even attempt to run it in my house. I know what the results would be, and they’d be the same as yours.

    One day there were a few ants in the kitchen and the Girlie girl saw them and complained about it. I said, “I don’t have ants usually until you guys leave food on the counters.”

    Not a word.

    Love the pics, especially the beautiful horse pic!

    I’m sorry about your health insurance woes. I’ve been there and know it’s hard.

  19. Lu

    Hope wee one is better…you will be too once you visit ENT!! Good Luck!!
    I have private health insurance in a manner of speaking, but it is not free..and you may go to ER and be fully covered if need be…not me!

  20. I’m so sorry your wee one is having so many ear problems. Bless his little heart. Having to miss all that fun stuff made the pain all that much worse I will bet.

  21. ok have to try the erasers… YIKES on the castration, hallelujah for the referral.

    happy monday. hug

  22. i too loooooove the magic erasers! and the lysol and clorox wipes..

  23. the illinois sex offender just disgusts me. i just watched gone baby gone and it was too much. any sort of child abuse, esp. sexual is unthinkable and unforgivable!

  24. i am a member of the no insurance group. 😦 I hope Wee one fels better soon.

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