Haunted ShayShay

Angels and ministers of grace defend us!
Be thou a spirit of health or goblin damn’d,
Bring with thee airs from heaven or blasts from hell,
Be thy intents wicked or charitable,
Thou comest in such a questionable shape
That I will speak to thee: I’ll call thee Hamlet,
King, father, royal Dane: O, answer me!
Hamlet (1.4.43-9), Hamlet to the Ghost

Just in time for Halloween!

I have a spooky personal experience to share.

You know how I am intrigued by the paranormal and such, I could not resist touring a reputed haunted house about 15 miles from my very own. And, newly purchased by my friend ET’s brother.

One thing I need to make clear:

I am not a psychic nor do I ‘see dead people’ ect. I have learned to listen to my instincts very closely and to listen/be sensitive to what is going on around me. That is about the best I can explain it.

I had tea near boiling on the range, a load of laundry ready for the dryer, a floor in bad need of a scrubbing, and Scooter was tied up and ready to be saddled when she called my cell phone.

ET,” whatcha doin’?”

Me, “Lots. Im trying to get my housework done so I can ride before Wee One needs picked up at noon.”

ET,” Im coming down your way. I am about 1o minutes from you. I want you to go with me to my brother’s new house.”

Me,” New house, where? right now?” I glanced at the wall clock, it was 8:25 am.

ET,” I am coming over the bridge, I’m gonna lose you on my phone. I’ll be at your house in 10″

Hmmm. I hurry and make sweetened iced-tea out of the tea I boiled, and throw the clothes hastily into the dryer all the while trying to ignore the dirty kitchen floor.

Then I threw my boots back on and ran out to the barn and turned Scooter out into the pasture after giving him a couple of baby carrots.

As I was latching the gate I heard tires on the driveway gravel. I saw ET’s white dually Ford coming down the drive. The diesel engine breaking up the silence of the chilly, calm morning.

ET jumped out of her truck all smiles and greetings.

ET, “Scooter looks wonderful! How old is he now?where’s Elvis?”

Me, “He’s 28. Elvis died last winter, didnt I tell you?”

ET got a frown, “oh. No.”

Me, ” Where’s your brothers new house?”

ET,” It’s The Old ShayShay place.” She was waiting to see my reaction, which of course was disbelief.

Me, “omg, you have got to be BS-ing.”

ET, “nope. The house and 200 acres.”

Me, “wow! he must be making the bucks these days.”

The Old ShayShay place was listed at $450,000. It is a grand old estate built almost 100 years ago. It is set in the middle of 500 acres with a long driveway that at times is nearly impassable during bad weather. It has 2 large horsebarns, a guest house, and a tiny seperate house called ‘the foreman’s quarters’.

It has long been rumored the whole ShayShay place is haunted. A couple from the Broken Arrow area had purchased the place back in ’98 and started renovations on the old farmhouse. They were so spooked by activity that they refused to sleep in the house. They finished remodeling the kitchen, then put the place back on the market for sale. I had not heard of the place since that gossip went around.

Back in ’91 when best friend L and I were at the height of our coon-hunting career, we belonged to a hunting w/hounds group. A man and his brother from the ShayShay area told all of us a story about cutting thru the ShayShay land at night behind their dogs running a coon. When the dogs reached the ShayShay Estate’s yard they seemed to have lost the scent of the fleeing coon and were running around is confused circles behaving weird. The hunters caught up their hounds and left in a hurry. The man said he and his brother had a ‘creepy’ feeling. Quite like they were being watched and looked upon as trespassers. The ShayShay land had never been posted for trespassers as far as I know.

I was excited about being able to see the old place, especially excited about it being reportedly ‘haunted’. I grabbed my keys and phone, then hopped into ET’s truck. Scooter whinnied in protest from the spot he was leaning over the fence at, as if to say, “so, you are abandoning me and leaving with her?”

Once inside ET’s cavernous pickup. I looked around. Omg, what a mess it was. Clothing, books, coats, and food wrappers strewn about.

Me, “Are you living in your truck?”

ET grinned,”well, not really but it feels like it.”

Then she went on to tell me about the drama of her personal life. Drama, always drama with ET.

When she finished, I told her she was going to have to drive me to pick up Wee One from school because there was no way I could get back home to my car in time and we would be driving right by his school anyhow.

We drove awhile and talked about the ShayShay place. Only 200 acres was available to sell with the house. ET had no idea what happened to the other 300 acres.

ET, “My brother swears the place is haunted.”

I was quite suprised by her saying that. Her brother is one of those scientist, military type dudes with an IQ off the charts. He does something in aviation and works at the Tulsa International Airport. ET’s brother saying the place was haunted seemed really out of sorts to me.

Me, “really? Why?” I could hear the suprise in my voice.

ET shrugged, ” He swears he hears someone say his name when he is there alone. Also, he had PSO turn on the electric. He turns off all the lights when he leaves to go back to his condo in Tulsa for the night. He comes back the next day and a few lights are turned back on. Always different rooms too.”

Me, ” Hmm. It doesnt scare him?”

ET, “No, he said he got over being scared of anything while he was in Kuwait. I believe him.”

After a beat ET added, “You know, he used to not believe in ghosts or anything like that.”

Me, “He doesnt mind living with ghosts? or whatever it is?”

ET, “He said he doesnt mind sharing the place, tons of room.”

Me, ” Why are we going to the house now, this early in the morning?”

ET, “oh, I didnt tell you? I gotta meet the electrician to see about those lights going on by themselves, and some contractors out of Owasso or Tulsa or somewhere are coming for more remodeling work.”

Me, ” You better give me the grand tour when we get there, I heard the house is beautiful.”

I left my camera at home because ET’s brother is a bit strange, not in a creepy, weird way, but he is the type that might freak about me putting photos of his place on the internet. I am respectful of people and their privacy, if he tells me I can come back and take photos-I promise I will!

Anyhow, we came to the driveway. ET got out and punched in a gate code, she swung the gate open and latched it open.

I noticed new gravel had been laid on the drive. It was lined with cedar trees. I also noticed her brother did extensive work on the low-water bridge that crosses the creek in the drive. I doubt anyone would be getting flooded in/out anymore but I still would not live out there without 4-wheel drive.

I looked up at the looming, white and stone house. It was both beautiful and foreboding. I had a strange feeling in my stomach. It was an odd feeling-not negative but not good at the same time.

We got out and ET unlocked the house. I followed her thru the front foyer off the huge wrap-around porch. The house was warm, obviously the heat had been turned on. I followed ET thru a formal dining room, admiring the tall, narrow floor to ceiling windows. ET turned the heat off, we walked into the new kitchen, where she unlocked the back doors for the workmen. I picked up the phone hanging on the wall and heard that it had a dial tone. I noticed the kitchen flooring was gray tile but the rest of the house had wonderful dark, hardwood floors.

ET, ” I love these hardwood floors.” They were nice I had to agree, a bit loud with our boot heels clacking.

ET, “lets go upstairs and Ill show you the bathroom that just got finished.”

I followed her up the stairs at the back of the kitchen. The house had 2 sets of stairs, larger formal stairs directly off the foyer, and these smaller stairs off the kitchen.

We came up to a small landing directly into the hallway. A brown carpet runner protected the wood floors.  I foll0wed her to the 3rd door onto the right. The bathroom was enormous. I was quite impressed. She said her brother knocked out a wall and made the bathroom bigger. There were now 3 bedrooms upstairs instead of 4. He also added a small bathroom off the master bedroom, not as fancy as the hallway bath.

I followed her to the end of the hallway. ET gasped, “why is this door shut?” She pushed it open and all the lights were on in the master suite.

She looked over her shoulder at me. I just shrugged but thought to myself, “yes, I agree with her brother, this place has ghosts.”  I could feel something as soon as I exited the truck . If you were to be in the house alone, you wouldnt feel alone. Whatever it was did not seem evil or mean. Not scary….it is hard to explain. I kept this all to myself because of ET the drama queen and her crazy way of freaking out for no reason. I also thought for a millisecond it could have been my imagination.

ET, “You go in first, I am chicken.”

Me, “fine. I walked into the bedroom and went back into the tiny masterbath and turned out the lights and the fan (which was also turned on). ET turned off the ceiling lights in the bedroom.

ET whispered, ” This is scary. Lets go.”

I was standing near the bedroom door wondering about a possible explanation for the lights and fan to be on in both rooms.

ET whispered, “c’mon, I dont like this.”

Me,”quit being a baby, it is not scary. Why are you whispering? its not like your in church or something”

I was starting to feel uneasy. ET was making it worse with her whining and gawking around like someone was going to sneak up on her. 

As we exited the master bedroom we heard footfalls and a plunking noise from downstairs. We looked at eachother, raised our eyebrows, and assumed or hoped some workmen had showed up.

We went down to the front stairway at the opposite end of the hallway which opens into the front door’s foyer. We stopped to pull the chain switch on a light that was switched on inside a linen closet. We didnt say anything just gave eachother more raised eyebrows.

We were silent, I could not hear ET breathing and she was practically standing on top of me. She was holding her breath. ET and I just looked at each other. When we reached the top of the formal staircase in the foyer, no one was there! ET nearly ran me over getting down the stairway.

We looked out into the driveway for the workmen’s trucks.  ET’s truck was the only vehicle in the drive.

Me, “I know I heard someone down here. Maybe they are out back”

ET looked at me with her big blue eyes, she was freaked out. She said, “I am scared.”

Me, “you already told me that.”

ET rolled her eyes, “Lets go outside instead of walking thru the kitchen. I want to be outside. Right now”

I couldnt argue. I followed her out to the porch and into the bright morning sunshine. I looked around me, it was a gorgeous place to live…even if it did come with houseguests.

We walked around to the back of the house to the kitchen doors. Nope, no one but us was there. We climbed off the porch and walked to the North side of the house where there was a single door. ET produced a key and unlocked it. I remembered her saying her brother was putting in double french doors off the living room area.

We stood around for a few minutes listening. We heard nothing more.

I glanced out to the barns. I told ET I wanted to see them. We walked down the lane to the barns. I marveled at how beautiful the ShayShay place was even though no family had resided here in about 10 years. Someone had been keeping it up. The house and the grounds. I asked ET about this but she did not know who used to do the maintenance before her brother bought it.

We entered the first barn. It was big with 4 stalls on each side of the row and a small lock out for tack with a built in bench near the wall. A barn I would have loved to have! Huge, heavy, wooden carved stall doors, rubber mats in the spacious stalls.

We were chattering about the luxurious barn and imagining us riding our horses out here when ET’s brother finally got settled in. Somehow, we’d both forgotten about the strange things we experience in the house when our minds were on our shared passion of horses.

Suddenly, we both heard a noise at the barn door we had entered in and jumped like scardy cats. There stood the Electrician dude.

He is called Electrician dude because he looked high and he talked like he was stoned. If I were a betting woman, I’d bet the electrician dude was already toking it up pretty early.

Dude,” I knew someone was here. I went on into the house because I heard people talking but didnt see anyone inside the house. Then I saw your tracks in the dew on the grass.”

We were suprised he didnt think it was weird about voices and no one around but we didnt mention it. We exited the barn, I waited for ET to shut the door securely behind us. We turned to leave and I heard the word Scott come from inside the barn as plain as day. ET and I looked at each other, this time both our eyes were big as saucers, I am sure. What could have said that? The hinges didnt squeak, there was not any sort of echo….

Scott is her brother’s name. ET’s brother, the one who bought the ShayShay place.

Dude, “what? I didnt catch that.”

Me,” oh nothing.”

ET grabbed my arm, hard and gave me a look. I wanted to jerk her loose. I think she left finger marks on me.

ET and I followed the electrician dude up the lane to the house. ET kept her death-grip on the arm of my sweatshirt all the way up to the house where I freed myself from her.

Just as we reached the house, 2 more worktrucks rumbled into the driveway. It was going to be a busy day at the ShayShay place.

We hung around to make sure the workmen were going to be okay then went and picked up Wee One from school shortly before noon.

When she dropped us off at home I offered to go back out to the ShayShay place with her if she had to lock up when the workmen finished. ET was thankful of my offer but not needed, her brother was going to be at the house by 2pm to deal with his workers.


ET is still freaked out about what happened.

She has called me twice since yesterday to reassure herself I experienced those strange things too. ET may be crazy, like moody, unbalanced type stuff  but she is not the imagining/delusional  type of crazy.

ET’s mother says ET is over-reacting and making a big deal out of nothing, her brother was just saying that haunted stuff to scare her, he IS her big brother afterall.

I have to disagree with ET’s mother. I heard the voice say her brother’s name loud and very clear on the other side of the barn door. I also heard footsteps and a noise when no one was there. I know what I felt….of course, it could have all been my imagination as well. Somehow I doubted it.

On the drive home, I asked ET if her brother planned on living there when the place was finished. It was a huge place, too big for just her brother to be living in all by himself with his gorgeous 2 AQHA palominos. ET said he was planning on it but keeping his condo in Tulsa for work purposes. ET stated Scott had a new girlfriend with 2 kids who might be living with him in the future.

Happy Halloween!




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26 responses to “Haunted ShayShay

  1. Spooky, spooky, spooky! I’ll bet that girlfriend and kids don’t stick around long. Maybe we’ll even see them on that Discovery Channel show, Hauntings 🙂 Darling loves that show…we laugh at half of them, but sometimes they do get the hair to stand up on the back of your neck…

    Hope he lets you take pictures, I’d love to see the place!

  2. great time (Halloween) for that post.

  3. Fascinating! I have to send the link to this to an AOL journal buddy who loves this sort of tale.

  4. Kat

    Oh wow!! I had chills reading this…I love Halloween and stories like this…I was so disappointed to not see pictures of the house…I really hope he lets you take some..it sounds gorgeous!! That full moon pic was to die for!!!

  5. Great post!

    I know that feeling.

  6. What a great story. Where is the Ghost Whisperer when ya need her? I wonder if John Edwards could help any… That is so freaky..I have felt that feeling you spoke of before…it is hard to explain.

  7. Great story! I too would like to see some pictures of the place if he ever gives you the green light to take some. Maybe something would show up in the pictures………….ya never know!

    Happy Halloween!!!

  8. Great Story. Like the others I could feel the hair stand up on my neck… ha ha… No such feelings in the old house I pictured on my blog… LOL

    If you do get to photo this place, please give me a head’s up when you post it!!

  9. Oooooh I love spoooky stories!
    Happy Halloween!

  10. Aniin BG. Thanks for the great tale, you sure know how to spin them. 😉

    Sorry that Wee One is feeling lousy again. Me too. Caught a cold over there. 😦

  11. super cool!!! they are already expecting scott…

    can’t wait to hear more of what happens in the future with this place.

    happy halloween!

  12. DHW-I like hauntings too but some of it seems farfetched???? I bet the prissy GF and her brood wont like the move from busy T-town to out in the boonedocks either!

    Pamela-I know it 🙂 it just so happened the timing was right on. And here I was wondering what kind of Halloween Post to do tomorrow-now I dont have to wonder anymore

    donna-thanks! 🙂

    kat-my hair was standing up when I was inside the house for sure, then when we heard ‘Scott’ from inside the barn. It was a bit unsettling for sure. If I can get photos, I shall, I promise.

    giveitatry-it is indeed a feeling much different from any other feeling, isnt it?

    kaytabug-really where is JE when I need him? or Sylvia Browne for petes sake! The ‘feeling’ is very hard to describe, its a bit like nausea but all over???? somewhat….

    MM-I was thinking the same thing about taking photos. Id like to research and see if someone else who lived there was named Scott too.

    AO-right on! I will holler should I get photos.

    lael-me too! I like them all year round.

    Brian-thanks. Sorry about the cold 😦 I LOVED the postcard!!!! get rested.

    memsahib-I was thinking maybe a Scott lived there years ago???

  13. jo

    I’ve always believed in spirits/hauntings, and know the discomfort and glee that can come when you realize there is “something” else around.
    I hate being scared !

    How is Wee doing ?
    Looking forward to photos if you get them !

  14. Rebecca

    Thanks for the web site! Hope you and your family Especially Wee One have a happy and safe Halloween!

  15. Geez, I was thinking it would make a great bed and breakfast. I’ll bet being haunted would be a great draw.

  16. A cool story. I’d rather be without the extra house guests, though.

  17. dickiebo

    Great story, pal. When I was a trainee medium, my tutor used to go out ‘ghostbusting’ as she put it, as requested. It is absolutely fascinating what these people come up with, though usually, it is simply a matter of a former occupant not wanting to leave. By your description of the house and grounds, I’m not surprised someone doesn’t want to ‘go’.
    PS. Bet you didn’t spot my reference to you in my blog on Memes. Bah! (lived as I would have liked to).

  18. First things first, I love the moon shot.
    Secondly Freaky freaky!!!

  19. That was quite spooky indeed! I love ghost stories, but I wouldn’t want to be the one moving into that house!

    I’m here via Beckie at Give It A Try today.

    Happy Halloween!

  20. SailorMoon

    Wow- what a great read! Thanks so much for sharing!! And how freaking awesome you went!! Are you going back soon? LIKE TONIGHT??!! ZOMG, how awesome would that be.Well, please go back soon. And update us. I want to go….WAAAAHHH. Okay, so what is Wee One dressing up as? I was happy, my little one walked in WalMart, saw a skeleton costume & wanted it. All for only $12.95!!It’s a tad small (4-6) but workable. No complaints. Happy Halloween!!

  21. Creepy!!!

    Your pictures, as always, are beautiful.

  22. jo-I do not like to be scared either. I did get the sh*t scared out of me once and that was enough!

    rebecca-you are very welcome!

    RGB-the Stone Lion Inn in OKLA is reputedly haunted, I want to stay there….

    MM-ya, me too. I wouldnt care too much for someone always hanging around…

    dickiebo-thank you so much-you are kind 🙂 I liked your MeMe. I want to join a paranormal group but there arent any in my area….sniff sniff

    anne-thnx! yeah, a bit weird

    karina-thnx for coming by! I love a good ghost story too.

    SM-I want to go back. I would love to take some photos. I mentioned it to ET I hope she asks Scott. Way to go on the costume! we are done TOTing, much to my relief.

    arkansassongbird-thank you 🙂 yep, spooky but in a GOOD way!

  23. wow! that was a spooky story! I’m sending a link to my friend in England who loves this kind of thing.

    “You go in first, I am chicken.”

    That would have been me!!!

  24. DaBich

    OooOhh Baby, I have goosebumps!!!!

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